swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-7


hii guys i am back.
let’s start,

swaragini reached the mall and they did some shopping for themselves.they both selected some dresses for them.same with
after shopping,
ragini-di I am hungry.if I don’t eat now then I will faint.
she acted as if she is going to faint.
swa-oye dramebaaz apna drama band kar.come let’s go and eat.
and they left for the food court which was
on the 2nd floor while swaragini were on
the fourth floor.
at sanlak side,
san-Bhai come let’s eat something.
lak-ok let’s go
and they both go towards the lift.
swaragini also went towards the lift.in the way swara notices that she left her phone
in the shop only she tells ragini to wait for her in food court.she agrees and goes towards the lift.
laksh notices swara going somewhere and
decides to go after her.
lak-sanky you go and wait for me in the food court I will be back in a minute.

and he goes towards the lift ragsan get In
the lift but they do not see each other as both of them were busy in their phones.
here swa goes in the shop and takes her
phone and was about to leave when lak stopped her.
lak-hello swara.
swa-hello laksh.
lak-wo I wanted to ask you something.
swa-then ask me.
lak-vo vo …wil you become my friend.
he said first stammering and then closing his eyes in a go.
swa was adoring his cute face when he closed his eyes which brought an unknown
smile to her face.
he opened his eyes and saw swa smiling.
lak -should I consider it a yes.????
suddenly lights go off ….

swa-oh no ladoooo…
saying this she rushed towards rags.
lak went behind her confused.
in the lift
lights went off and lift stopped.
ragsan-ohhhhh noooooo.
both of them said at same time.

they looked at eo in shock
again they said at same time.
ragsan-ohhh god
again they said at same time
ragsan-not again…
again they said at same time.
again they said it together.
then they both looked away from each other.
screen freezes on scared face of swara, confused face of laksh and annoyed faces of ragsan.

precap-rags unconscious.

how was it guys.plz comment.I think you are not liking my ff if it is like that then pls tell me.pls comment.silent readers also comment plzzzzzz….

Credit to: pari

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  1. Superb update
    If it’s possible could u plz give longer update ?
    Hope ragini would be fine
    Seems it’ll take time to start ragsan love story
    On the other hand swalak are smitten about each other
    Looking forward the next part dear

  2. Wow….wonderful epi…I have no words to express my feelings after reading ur ff ….pls make it long ….eagerly waiting for ragsan moments …..pls update soon ….

  3. nice one…

  4. nice, i love the fight between ragsan.

  5. Thankyou Sonya,dhara, lovely,fira, akshata, anu4875.Thankyou for your comments.and I will update next part sooner and longer.

  6. nice………

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