swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-6


hii guys.I know i promised you to give two episodes yesterday.but I couldn’t post another one yesterday because of sudden guests in the house.I am so sorry.
let’s start
ragini was driving her car.they were just
talking causally.suddenly rags stopped the car.
swara-what happened ragu.
ragini showed her something by her eyes.
swara nodded at her. they both got out from the car and went near a uncle and aunty who were trying to cross the
road.then swaragini helped them to cross
the road.the couple blessed them.
swaragini then went near their car and

were about to get in when a car hit their car
from behind.swaragini looked at the other car in shock.then a boy got down from the other car.rags looked at him in shock and
then she went near him and screamed
“YOUUUUUUU . ………what are you doing
here “rags shouted so loud that the boy who was looking at the car damage looked
towards her.
he saw her and said -I should ask you that.
do you have a habit of bumping with others.
“oh hello Mr maheshwari, it was your car who hit my car it was not my fault.”saying this she pointed towards his car.

yes he is sanskar.
she saw his car.”oh so that was you I should have known this”rags said glaring at him with angry eyes.
“whatt it was just an accident.”sanskar said
“and….. for ………..that….I ……I……..am….. sorry…”
“you have hit my car and you are just saying sorry”she shouted at him she turned towards swara and said”di you know he is the one who parked his car in front of our Scooty in the garden.”rags was fuming with anger.
“it was not…..” San was saying when lak interrupted him as he came out of the car
“what happened sanky”
“wo bhai ….”he was saying when rags interrupted him “I will tell you.your brother hit my car.you know what in the garden also he parked the car in the wrong way.we had to struggle so much to get our Scooty out….today i will not leave him.”she turned towards sanky”don’t you know how to drive you idiot. ..if don’t know to drive then keep a driver na and ….”she was giving him a long lecture while sanky was just staring her while laksh was staring swara who was looking at rags tensedly.

they were disturbed when rags shouted “hello answer me Mr maheshwari ” and she waved a hand in front of him.
“enough of this now ms gadodia what’s your problem haa don’t you have any other work than scolding me. see I said sorry to you but you…”sanskar said irritated by her lecture.
“listen you…”rags was going to give him a befitting reply when swa said “leave him na lado we are getting late come on let’s go .”
“but di. ….”she was saying when swa said
“laddoooo come ”
“fine “rags said disappointed then she towards San and said look Mr I am leaving you because my di said or else….”
“ladddo come” swara called her.and then rags went and sat in the car and drove away from there.
sanky saw them going and murmured to himself”crazy girl”he turned towards lucky and then said “come on bhai let’s go “they also left from there.

precap -ragsan in lift.

how was it guys please tell me guys .plz comment .and Thankyou for your comments in my previous episode.sorry for typos .see you soon bye.

Credit to: pari

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  5. Thankyou sindhi di,Rakhi di, Poonam di,dhara di,venni and fira.I have submitted the next episode. let’s see when tellyupdates post it.
    Thankyou again for your comments.they mean a lot for me.

  6. Thankyou saujanya and lovely.and ragsan love story will start soon.but they will not realize their love very easily. and sorry it is sindhu di .typo mistake .sorry.

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