swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-5


hello guys.sorry for late update but it was a weekend so we went out for some shopping.once again sorry.I will write two episodes today.and if possible three.Thankyou all for your lovely comments.
let’s start.
in garden parking.
ragini was waiting for swara outside the garden.swara came and then both of them went in the parking area.ragini went near her scooty but she was not able to get it out because of a car.she cursed the car driver for parking his car their.then somehow both the sisters managed to take their scooty out.
“If I get the owner of that car then I am surely not going to leave him.I will give him tips for parking the car.I don’t understand when these rich people don’t know how to drive then why do they do that……..”ragini was murmuring while wearing her helmet.
“leave it na lado we will go home comeon”
swara said sitting on the backseat.
“fine”exclaimed rag still anger on her face. they went home.rags went directly in her room while dadi and maa just stared her and asked shona by signalling her that what happened.she signalled them that rags was damn angry.she then signalled them something.
then she also went in her room and saw that rags was already in the washroom for a shower.she waited for her to come out.after some time she came out wearing a pink coloured long skirt and navy blue sleeveless top which had silver work on it.
before swara could say something “do can you please get freshen up fast I am really hungry.”rag said moving towards the dressing table. she started making her hair.
“sure “swara said and went inside the washroom with a dull face.
rags made a puff of her front hair and left the other hair open. she then grabbed her earphones from the side table and sat on the hanging swing which was brought by her dad on her insistence.she always used to sit there and listen music when she was angry .she sat there and began to listen songs till swara came out.actually they always used to go down for break fast together.
swara came out and went near the dressing table.she was wearing a blue coloured anarkali. she then tied her hair in a choti and then she went near rags who was listening music closing her eyes. she was looking very cute.swara kissed her on her forehead lovingly.ragini came to her senses she put down her earphones on her lap and hugged her .swaragini plays in bg.
then they broke the hug and went down.
they sat down on the dining table where shekhar,dadaji and dadiji were sitting and Sumi was serving.swara signalled her something and she came near rags and served her a pizza.
“wow “she exclaimed. she loved to eat pizza very much.
“you Did this na”said rags turning towards swara.swara nodded .she hugged swa and said “you are the best di.” said rag and “you know how to cheer me up.”
“and what about me after all I made this”said Sumi she remembers swara signalling her to make a pizza when she was going upstairs.
rag hugged Sumi and said-you’re also the best maa.
you forgot us shek ,dadaji and dadi exclaimed and made faces.
“awwww how can I forget my dear papa dadaji and dadimaa.”
then she went near them and they four had a group hug.
“ok ok now rago eat your breakfast and the we will go for shopping “said swara.
“shoppppinggg……..yehhhhh”rags said and started jumping.she then hugged swara and said ” Thankyou di .Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. …you are really the best”
“woh to mein hoo “swara said
they finished their breakfast.and left in their car because shekhar Insisted them to take the car.

here sanlak had reached home and they were getting ready.they were going for shopping because their college were starting and they need to buy some dresses for that.sanky was wearing a blue coloured jeans and red t shirt which had cool dude written on it.while laksh was wearing a black jeans blue t shirt. they left for the same mall where swaragini were going.
sorry guys i know it was boring but please forgive me for that next episode will have some swalak and ragsan scenes.plz comment guys.and sorry for typos.

Credit to: pari

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