swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-4


hii guys are you not liking my ff.if it is so please tell me.I will try my level best to entertain you.
let’s start.

in sanlak’s car
laksh was telling about his worry to sanskar but sanky interrupts him.
sanky:bhai this love and all its nothing.it’s just a waste of time .you should not believe
in all this .
lucky :sanky you don’t believe in love but I do. and I know that you will also believe some day .when you will meet your
soulmate then you will understand what is
sanky:and that is never gonna happen.
he said this again interrupting lucky and
making a I don’t care face.
lucky :leave this why are talking about this now.see we reached the park.you go I will come by parking the car.ok.
sanky goes and lucky went to park his car .
laksh pov
God why I am feeling so restless today.is something big gonna happen in my life.I
don’t know why but I feel like I am going to meet someone special today. why I feel like this.
suddenly something flashed in his mind
“oh no how can I forget that.I will have to rush or else she would leave.”he muttered to himself .he pulled on the car keys and
rushed out of there as if he was gonna
miss a train.
here on swaragini side.

(swaragini and sanlak are in the same
swara tried to control ragini who was very very angry because of that drunkard.
they were walking slowly.
swa-calm down rago he has gone now.
rag-how can I calm down di he was trying to misbehave with you.if he once again comes in front of me na then I will break all his bones.
swa-leave it now.
rags-no di like this only we all leave such disgusting people and the only they get the
courage to commit crimes such as rape.
you know we should just punish these people even for trying to misbehave.then only they will fear to commit such crimes.
they were walking and ragini was not looking forward she was looking at swara same with swara as well .
from the opposite side sanskar was
coming .he was listening music in his
earphones and was totally lost in it.
then suddenly ragsan bump into each other because of which ragini loses her
balance and was about to fall down but
sanky caught her.rags had closed her eyes in fear.sanky was just staring her innocent and cute face. then rags opened her one
eye and then the other one.and finally let
down a sigh of relief then she looked at sankys face who was just staring at her and smiling unknowingly .rags then looked onto his eyes.and they they had a cute
eyelock .they were still in the same position.after a few seconds rags came to the reality.he looked at sanskar who was
still staring at her.she then shook him .
“hello mister how dare you touch me”rags called him out showing fake anger.she didn’t understand why she did not feel
angry at his touch .but to add more to her
surprise she felt good by being so close to the man she just bumped into.

San came into his senses and said”I saved
you from falling and instead of thanking
me you are getting angry at me.”
“I would not have died if I would have fallen so I don’t need to thank you.”rags replied
him with attitude in her voice.
“oh …is that so …”sans asked her.
“yes Mr. ….”replied rags .
“sanskar maheshwari is the name… ms”
“ragini gadodia…”
what wait a minute why did she tell her her name to stranger.why
her thoughts were disturbed by san’s words-so you are not going to thank me.
they were still in the same position San holding rags.
san-so in that case..I’m sorry miss gadodia
rags-for what ???
san- for this
he said and dropped her down.by this time
swara was just staring both of them.
“ouch “ragini screamed as she felt some pain in her back.swara came towards her and asked her whether she is fine.by this time laksh had also arrived there and was
just trying to understand what had happened.he saw swara and felt really happy seeing her.his heart skipped a beat.
rags-nothing.I am fine let’s go swara di.

she said and they started to leave not before rags turned back and commented san”you are so mean Mr maheshwari”
saying this she left with swara.
now lucky had mixed emotions. he was happy and sad as well.happy because he
came to know his lady love’s name swara.
wait what did he just said ladt love we.was he in love with her.he thought for some more time and that time he decided that he
loved swara.now his face turned sad by the realization that swara had left.
wait but why did that girl called San mean.
he asked her and San told him everything except his staring and their eyelock.
lak-it was your fault sanky you should walk carefully.
san -“she could have also done that so”.he said irritated.”i am going “he said and left.
there near swaragini
rag-I have had enough of it now.I think today my day is bad.I am going home are you coming or not.
swa-of course I am coming.oh rags wait a minute I think I dropped my hanky there only I will be back in a min
before she could say something swa had left.here swara came near laksh.he was standing there only thinking about the recent happenings.suddenly he saw swa coming near her. he got excited but didn’t show it.
lak-you here.
swa-yaa actually I am sorry on behalf of my sister actually she was already angry and then…
lak-cutting her -that’s okay it was sanky mistake as well .I am sorry too.
swa-that’s okay.
lak-btw I am laksh maheshwari sankys I mean sanskar ‘s elder brother.
swa-I am swara gadodia.ragini’s elder sister.
lak-oh okay l.nice to meet you.
swa-same here.I think I must leave rago will be waiting for me.
lak -yah sure.bye
swa -bye.
swara didn’t know why but she felt a bit happy.
screen ends on irritated face of ragsan and smiling face of swalak.

precap-one more ragsan fight.

how was it guys plz comment.tell me if it is good or not.will give more ragsan scenes in next episode. bye see you soon.

Credit to: pari

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