swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-3


hii guys i am back with another episode.
read this carefully maybe you will get to know the pairs.
let’s start.
the boy who was shown studying is now
waking up another boy who is sleeping on
– the bed with his one leg under the blanket and the other one hanging down from the the bed .his mouth was a little bit open.his
one hand was near his left ear and the
other one was on his pillow.now the boy who was studying till now was shaking him and trying to wake him up-hey sanky get up yaar don’t you want to go for a walk today.
we are getting late.get up you kumbhkaran.
he now pulled his hands to get him up.
yes the boy who was sleeping is our cute
sanky-hey lucky bhaiyya pls let me sleep
for some more time we will go after that.
okay.you go study till that time.
yay you guessed it right the other boy is
our handsome hunk laksh.
laksh was now thinking about what to do.
suddenly he got an idea .he went towards
the side table and splash !!!!!!he had poured
the whole hug of water over sanskar’s face.
“what the hell”screamed sanskar.and got
up by a sudden jerk.”what is this bhai can’t
you let me sleep peacefully for some time ”
said sanskar wiping his face with a hand towel.
“no I can’t ,see the time it’s 8:30 we should
have been in the park by now.”laksh replied him trying his best to sound calm.
then sanskar gave him an okay look and
rushed in the washroom clutching his
towel more tight .
after a few minutes sanskar came out of the washroom wearing a red trackpant and
black t-shirt.
he found laksh waiting there for him
impatiently.”hurry up sanky”ordered laksh.
laksh wasn’t interested in the walk but he
wanted to see that girl again whom he had
seen a week before and was just going
there for admiring her beauty.he liked the sweetness in her voice which had never
spoken to him but he just loved to listen it
when she spoke with her friends or
someone else.he was impressed by the calmness which was spread over face.her
face had the feeling of satisfaction.but he
wondered why he was thinking about her
so much.was he in love with a girl who he hasn’t even been introduced.no of course
not said his mind.it is just that he was
attracted towards her beautiful face her
attractive personality. this feeling cannot be named love.but then why is he worrying
today so much for just not being able to
see her to experience her presence
his thoughts were disturbed by sankys voice”chill bhai ,it’s not that early.anyway
we have holidays.so it will not matter if we
come home late”sanky said trying to
assure him that they are on time.but he didn’t knew laksh’s fear of missing to see
the girls face who doesn’t even know him.
he wished he could have been a friend to
that girl.
sanky-come on bhai let’s go.
and both of them stormed out of the room.
they stepped down the stairs only to find their elders sitting in the dining area having tea.they tried to escape from there as they
wanted to ignore the lectures of drive safe
come home early by their mother’s again. and thankfully they succeded in doing so.
both the brothers let out a sigh of relief
when they had successfully left the house.
laksh drived the car to sanskar where he was waiting for him and they came some distance away from their house.
there was total silence in the car before sanskar spoke-itna sannata kyu hai bhai.
he said this in a full dramatic way.
“oh stop your drama sanky.I am not in a
mood of bearing your drama”lucky said
trying to concentrate on driving.but he couldn’t do so.he was just stuck in that girls thoughts.why was he so desperate to
see her asked her inner voice.b coz…his
mind wasn’t able to give the answer of this.
“Bhai why are you so serious today”said sanskar disturbing lucky’s thoughts.
“is this because of that marriage thing”he added.
“yaa actually it is that only.you know na I believe in love and I am waiting for my true
love to enter my life”lucky replied trying to
cover the actual fact.he was unaware about the fact that his true love has entered his life already.
here the screen shifts to where swaragini wher sitting .swara was still telling about her dream boy to rags.
“how about me”came voice from behind.
they turned to find a drunkard there.rags
was about to slap him but swara signalled her no and asked her walk from there.
she was about to argue about this but swara gave her an stern look and so they walked away quietly .but that drunkard again came and started to trouble them.
now ragini was damnangry and before swara could say or do something she gave that drunkard a tight slap.”you bastard …” she frowned at him she gave him a punch in his stomach and pushed his shoulder with her elbow.there swara realized what was happening and she stopped ragini by saying-stop it ragu just leave this drunkard. I don’t want to invite trouble for us.
now the drunkard who had fallen down by ragini’s punch stood up and said “you will regret for this”he warned them .
“just get off my sight or else i will not leave you”screamed ragini.
that drunkard left from there not before warning them again”you will pay for this”.
“we will see”said ragini confidently.
swara tried to calm ragini.
screen split on the faces of sanlak and swaragini.
how was it guys.plz comment guys did you like it or not.will post next part soon.

Credit to: pari

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