swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-2


hii everyone sorry i am not that good at writing so pls guys forgive me for that.
swaragini were walking in the park.ragini noticed that swara was lost in her thoughts.ragini then shook her while
saying-di are you thinking about my
jiju.don’t worry he would handsome and cool.swara gave her an angry look.while ragini was just giving her a teasing look.
“oh I am so sorry di I meant to say don’t think so much about your dream boy.”ragini added quickly.swara was now very angry at her and was giving her dead looks while ragini tried hard to maintain the mischievous smile on her face.she knew what was going to happen next .she saw swara once and started to run managing to atleast scream “I am sorry di”while swara chased her.
after a long time they both got tired and sat down on the ground to take some rest.they looked at each other then started to laugh at the foolishness they just committed.
it took some more minutes to control their laugh .when they had stopped laughing ragini looked at her di and asked-I know you are upset with what mom said last night.
the last night their mom had asked swara to think about marriage as she was that old enough to get married.ragini just didn’t understand why all these parents are worried for children’s marriage .do they only have that work inthe whole world to do.to just look about marriage proposals for their children .why can’t they just wait until their children are ready for it.she had that only complain to do about her mother to God .

“no I am not upset. it’s just that I don’t want to Marry so early .you know na I am waiting for my dream boy to come and make me fall for him. I want to experience the beautiful feeling called love.and you were right I was just imagining about my dream boy about how he will be.how he will come and take me in his world. “swara said expressing her feelings with a hope to feel relieved by talking to her sister cum best friend lado .she had stopped to take a deep breathe again she continued-last night when mom asked me to think about marriage I think I just fell in a river of thoughts about what to do,whether agree to mom and dad and marry with a boy of their choice or wait for my dream boy to come
“then what did you decide”ragini asked her softly while a curiosity aroused in her voice.
“I have not decided yet I am still in a fix ,plz tell me lado what should I do”
ragini was now confused about what to do

to console her di or to advice her best friend.then she decided something and said confidently with a matured voice which only came out when she was really serious and when she wanted to sound mature and perfect.”di don’t worry .ok I have a idea.you tell me what type of boy you want I will tell maa papa to find that type of boy for you and you can tell me I will not tell anyone.I am your sister cum best friend right.so feel free to tell me.don’t hesitate. ”
swara-why will I not tell you my lado you know I share my every secret with you.ok I will tell you then.lado I have always dreamt of a mature boy,
then screen shows a boy who looks quite mature
here swara says someone who understands me ,someone who understands my feelings seeing face just like you do ,
again the boy is shown ,now his face is shown in close-up
the screen splits in two ,on one side swaragini are seen while on the other side the boy is shown
swara-someone who respects me, who respects my likes dislikes ,who respects my feelings ,who is like me,who likes to do whatever I do ,who loves me very much and yes last but not the least he should be handsome .

on the other side it is shown that the boy is studying And the screen ends up on their split faces.
Thankyou for reading it guys sorry but sanlak will be introduced in the next chapter.and the pairs will also be revealed in the next chapter. do comment guys. plz it’s a request.as I said earlier suggestions are welcomed.this chapter focused on swara the next will focus on ragini. Nye see you soon.

Credit to: pari

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