swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-17

Hi guys I am back with another episode here we go.
Ragsan were sitting on the table.
Ragini-you understood the plan na..
Rags-no buts tell it to lucky and your family..
Sanky-don’t we have any other option.
Rags-no..we have to do this only…aur phir kabhi na kabhi to family ko pata chal;ega hi na….
San-haa …parr…
Rags-are maine kaha na koi par var nahi …aaj hi ham plan start kar denge..
San-I was saying that are you sure this plan will work ..i mean will swara confess her feelings…
San-you don’t take tension I will handle everything…
San-ok now come its time for class..
Rags-yess comeon lets go..
They were moving towards their class..when ragini got a call from swara..
Rags-its dis call you go I will come in a minute…
San pov
What is this ylaar why am I feeling bad its just a drama… I don’t know why but I don’t want to execute this plan..what is happening to me…have I fallen for ragini….no no there is nothing like love….i think I am thinking tooo much …. Maybe its just because I am unsure that this plan will work…yaa I think this is reason..rags has not come yet …I should check for her…
Pov ends.
Rags is walking in the corridor talking to swara..
‘di you take the scooty sanky will drop me…I would have come with you ….but I have a lecture..i will come back by 4:00 pm……yaa okay drive safe ….bubyeeee…’
She cut the call and turned and saw 4 men who looked like gundas standing before her..she turned around and tried to escape but two men stopped her..
Rags-pls leave me….let me go plssss…what do you want.if you want money…take it but pls let me go..
She pleaded while the gundas smirked…
Suddenly she started laughing..”ye hi socha na tumne ki mein tumse dar jaungi …are khud ki taraf dekha hai kabhi aine mein…tum jaise tattttooon se kaun darega….gali ke kutte lagte ho…idhar kya karne aaye ho…ye college hai college…areee par tum logo ko to pata hi nahi hoga college kya hai…..”she was saying dramatically.
One man-heyyy girl keep quiet otherwise..
Rags-otherwise what haaa…by the way I didn’t know that you speak English as well well that’s good….no.no very good,…
Second man-teri to…
He was going to punch her but she shouted in his ear so loudly that stopped and went back and started rubbing his ear..
The gundas looked at her in shock and then tightened their grip on their weapons…
Rags-let me take a selfie with you all…
And saying so she went near all the gundas clicked pictures…
The gundas were totally confused and were looking at eo..
Then a man came from behind and said-what are you all doing…clicking pictures with this girl…hold her and drag her to the car..comeon what are waiting for now….do as I say..
He was the same man who sanky met in the canteen..rags silently clicked his pictures as well..
No one man was about to hold her hand but again she shouted..-rukkkkoooo…
Second man-ab kya hai..
Rags-let me put my phone in my pocket …pure 50000 ka hai bahar rakhungi to tut jayega na…
She kept her phone in her pocket and said-ab karo jo karnaaaaaaa hai..
The third held her arm…
Rags-bas isi ka intezaar tha….
She gave a kick in his stomach…and a strong punch on the man stnding beside her that his tooth fell down..another man came with a axe in his hand and tried to harm her but she moved aside again he tried but again she moved aside..now she took hold of his axe and grabbd it and hit his head with the axe..she gave a backkick to the fourth man standing beside her…
She came towards the man who ordered them…and said-who are you and what do you want from me.. I am sure you don’t want my jewelry or money becoz for that you wouldn’t have come inside the college….tell me who are you..
The man was standing there quietly ..rags was speaking ..but one of the four men hit her with the axe from behind..
Blood oozed out she held her head tight the pain was irresistible for her…all the men got up and started laughing…the man who had covered his face now took raginis phone from her pocket and broke it and said-so you were asking me who am I right…but why do I tell you that haa..
He laughed out..sanky came there he saw them..and shouted-raginiiiiii..
The gundas saw him and ran from there..
Sanky ran towards ragini..she was losing her consciousness she was unable to see what was going on all around…she was about to fall but sanky caught her…
He tried to wake her up but she didn’t get up..he took her in his arms and ran out.
Out of the college
Swara was standing near her scooty thinking what to do..lucky came just then and saw her.
Lak-what happened swara all okay??
Swara-voo my scooty..its stuck …
Lak saw the scooty ..it was really stuck badly between the vehicles..lak thought this is a nice chance to win her heart and said-no problem I will help you…
He somehow got the scooty out but he got a small scratch on his arm..
Lak-here is your scooty..
She saw the scratch and took his hand .
Swa-oh my god you have got a scratch on your arm blood is coming…
She took out her scarf and tied it to his arm while lak was just staring her she looked up at him and they had an eyelock.
It was disturbed by a push the same gundas who hurt ragini were running and accidentally they pushed lucky.
Lak-relax buddy why are you running.
The man said sorry and ran away.
Lak(in mind)-ye thodi der baad nahi aa sakta tha..
And he was going when swara said from behind-thankyou ,sorry and byee.
Lak-friends me no sorry no thankyou aur tumne to done bol diye jau main tumse baat nahi karunga..
Swara looked worried.
Lak saw that.
Lak-its ok for today.but remember I am forgiving you becoz this is your first time but next time..
Swa-ok okkthankyou..no..no..no thankyou.
Lak smiled seeing at her childishness and the progress.
And they both left.
Screen end on sanky carrying ragini and swalak.
So guys how was it.dont forget to comment and tell me if you like it or not…
sorry for the delay but i am busy becoz my college is going to start soon…thanks for reading my episode thanks..plz comment..silent readers also comment so that i can know how i am going.

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