swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-16

Hi guys I am back with another episode here we go.
Next day.
Ragsan ardhika and nesam were sitting in the canteen
Radhika-how is your hand now ragu????
Rag-it is fine chasni just a little bit pain.
.then a teacher comes from behind and starts to announce something.
Teacher-attention here students.i want to inform you about a test which is going to be conducted today @2;30 pm .the details are on the notice board you can see it.all the best to all appearing for the exam.
Ragsan-ohh no test.
Both look at eo and give a fake smile.
Rag-what yaar again a test no I have not studied anything.i don’t wanna give this test.
San-me too.
Sam-atleast lets see what it is .
Rag-I am not coming you go and see and tell me.
San-I am also not coming
Arjun-sam do one thing you go and check and tell us what it is .
Sam-ok I will be back
Sam went they were just chitchatting.

Sam came back.
Sam-(happily)hey guys there is a good news.
Neil-what good news.
Rags-how can exam be a good news.
Radhika-atleast listen to her.
Sam-the test is not compulsory….
Rag-woww.really…….thank god……
San-yess ….yipeeeee
Radhika-whats the test about.some scholarship or what or some Olympiad.
Sam-it’s a kind of scholarship
Arjun-kind of means
Sam-the students who will be in top 25 will get a chance to study for free in the main official branch of the college in delhi.
Neil-I m gonna give the test
Sam-me too
Rags-what realyy you are going to give that stupid test for admission in delhi.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ardhika and nesam-yessss.
The four of them looked at eo in amazement.
Radhika-I think you should also give the test.
Rags-no ways I am not going to give the test.
San-same here,anyways all the best for the test.
Rags-yaa all the best.
Sam-thanks guys but I think we should leave for preparing for the test.

Ardhika and nesam-bye..
Ardhika and nesam left from there leaving ragsan alone
There was total silence for 5minutes.then finally rags spoke up.
Rags-dance plan failed because of that jhoomar.
Rags-wo thodi der baad nahi gir sakta tha kya…
She said childishly.
Sanky smiled at her childish ness.
Rags-what are you smiling at..????
He covered up.
Rags turned behind for a second and looked if anyone was there.
San-what happened
Rags-nothing I just felt as if someone is staring us .
San-no one is there relax..
Rags-yess…..we have to do something to bring di and lucky closer and make di realize her feelings .
Behind a pillar a man is seen.he has a camera in his hand. He has covered his face with a scarf.
He is clicking pictures of ragini.
San-but what should we do.
Rags-let me think..
san-would like to have something.??i am going to get a coffee for me.
Rags-ummm.a cold cofeee..
And he went…

While going he passed through the man but missed seeing him.
Here on the table rags was waiting for her cold coffee to come .
The man was still clicking pictures for rags.
San was coming and he saw that man.
He went near him and asked.-who are you and what are you doing here.
The man-voo vo…I am a photographer and I am clicking pictures for the new prospectus of the college..
San—oo is that so but then whyare wearing a mask.
The man-to hide my identity..he blurted
San-hide your identity but why ????
The man-principal sir said me to do so..
The man-I have to leave ..he said cutting his words and he left as fast as possible.
San-something is wrong.
Someone tapped his shoulder from behind he turned to see who it is .it was rags.
Rags-what took you so long ..and why are you standing here…
Rags-anyways give me my cold coffee
She cut his words and took her coffee and went towards her table and sat sipping her coffee with the straw.
San came and sat down beside her.
San pov-what should I do .should I tell her about that mysterious man or should I not.i think I should tell her.no let it be I will solve the mustery myself..
Rags pov-wow this what I wanted this coffee is awesome.what rags you are concentrating on this coffee .you should think about uniting swalak .think some plan.think.think.think.yesss.
Rags-heyy sanky I have to tell you about our next step.
San-next step….of what…
Rags-of our mission idiot….
San-ohh yess tell me.
Rags-listen carefully.
She tells him something which is muted..
San-that’s a superb idea yaar ..how do you think of such plans ..
Rags-I am a genius you know.. you should learn something from me..
She said with attitude.

San-agar itna dimag padhai me lagaya hota to pure district me top karti.(he said in mind)
Rags-pure state mein…
She gave him a fake smile..while he was wondering how did she know about what he was thinking..
San-how do come to know..
Rags-I know you very well mister.i know when you will think of doing what..
Saying this she smirked at him.

I know this one is boring but the next one will be good and that’s a promise…
Next two episodes and nesam and ardhika part will end.
Do comment guys,,,silent readers plz comment….so that I can get to know if you are liking it or not.

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