swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-14


Hello guys.i know i am very late but plz forgive me for that actually i was on a trip with my family.there i tried posting the episode but because of network problems it didnt get post.i came back yesterday but as it was my result i was busy.good news is that i got 94.4%in ssc exams .all thanks to your good wishes .thanks.and i promise today that from today i will post regularly.

Lets start

The boy who was conducting the game his name was maddy.
Maddy-so guys the girls name is ragini gadodia and the lucky boy is ….
Other. Boy standing there….-heyy tell fast .we all are very excited to know who is he …
Ragini blushed at what he said
Maddy-he is sanskar maheshwari.
Sanskar and ragini both looked on shocked without saying a word they walked towards the stage.
A girl brought up the bowl which had chits in which tasks are written.
Both put their hand forward to pick a chit.
Ragsan-take your hand back i will pick a chit for us.
Rags-i will pick the chit.
San-no i will.
Rags-see i am more lucky than you so i will pick a good chit for us.
San-no see even maddy called me lucky while announcing my name.so i am more lucky.
Rags-he called you lucky becoz you were paired with me.
San-whatever it is i will pick the chit.
Rags-no i will.
San-i will
Maddy-guys guys chill you both can pick a chit and then do what you want.ok
Then both picked a chit.
In rags chit singing was written whereas in san chit dancing was written.
Ragsan-ok so we will sing/dance.
(Rag said sing and san ssid dance,)
Ragsan-what the… Why cant you say after i do……dont copy me …..uffffff.
Rag-we will sing.
San-no dance..
Maddy-guys stop fighting yaar ….
Rag-but i want to sing
San-and i want to dance.
Maddy-mmm let me think….. You can do both dance and sing as well.
And they both gave hifi to. Eachother.

Precap-ragsan dance.

Sorry this is a short. Update but will post another one today only.
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Credit to: pari

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