swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-13

Hi guys i am back after a long time .i know i am very late but forgive me for that.actually i was a bit busy with my classes.so sorry for that.
Lets start.
Sanlakneilarjun had reached the venue and were waiting for the girls to come.
Suddenly a cold breeze blew from the door and the four girls entered.
All the boys present in the hall were mesmerised to see them.specially our sanlaknearj.all the girls were feeling jealous of swaraginiradsam.
Swaragini and radsam moved towards sanlaknearj who were standing in a corner.
Rags-hey boys what happened why are you staring us like you are seeing us the first time.
She said shaking a hand infront of them and almost shouting in their ears.
San-o hello ms loudspeaker why are you shouting in my ears.
He said rubbing his ears and still staring at rags who was looking beautiful in her baby pink coloured gown with her hair tied in a high bun and her ears adorned with long silver earrings with a bit of kohl in her eyes and a silver coloured watch tied in one hand and the other hand had a beautiful silver bracelet.
San was noticing her every detail.
Her neckline her hair and everything.
Rags then shook him hard and gave a what expression.
Here swalak and ardhika were busy staring eo.
Swalak were just lost in eo eyes .lak was mesmerised to see swara in a one piece.it was the first time she had worn a onepiece.
She was dressed in a purple gown which was lined with silver thin wires.
She was wearing a silver neckpiece with matching earrings.
She had also worn a short jacket over her gown.
Swara was getting attracted towards lak who was lookung hot in a white pant purple shirt and white blazer over it.his shirts colour matched with the colour of swaras gown.

On the other side
Ardhika were complementing eo.nesam and ragsan were as usual were fighting.suddenly ragini noticed swalak.
They were lost in eo thoughts.
Ragini showed it to the others.ragini signed them to leave swalak alone.
The six of them tiptoed to another place.
Rad-ragu do they ..
Rag-yes chasni they love eo.but
Arj-but what.
Rags-di has not realized it but thank god lucky is aware of his feelings
Neil-so we should make swara realize her love for lucky.
Sam-but how.
Rags-i have a plan.
Rags tells them something which is muted.
All of them-mission swalak start.

They were just chitchatting when some third year students who were the organizers of the party came on the stage.
The teachers and proff were not present in the party becoz they wanted to let the students enjoy in their own way.
One of the student.-heyy guys attention please.first of all welcome to our college.now let me introduce myself i am a third year student in the mba course.as you all know we third year students of every course are assigned the work of managing this party.so i am incharge of the entertainment section.so now we are going to play a game.we have three bowls here.one has the names of all the boys while
Another has the names of girls.and the last one has some tasks to do.ok so we will chose a chit from the boys and girls bowl.so a pair of two will be formed so the pair will have to chose a task from the last bowl and they will have to perform accordingly.have you understood the game guys.
The boy on the stage-lets start then.are. you ready guys.
Precap-ragsan dancing and singing as well.
So how was it guys.i know this is a short and boring update but i am really sorry for that .i will try to post the next episode today itself.guys its my ssc result tommorow .pls pray for me that i get good marks and plz comment .i am not getting enough comments and one more question i asked in the last epi also are you liking the atdhika and nesam part or should i end it appropriately.plz tell me guys.i will be waiting for your answer.dont forget to comment and plz pray for my results. Thankyou very much for all of your comments in the last updaye and thankyou for reading this one.thanks silent readers as well.bye

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