swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-12

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In swaragini room.

Swaragini were getting ready.suddenly ragu turned towards swa and asked”di its a freshers party so why are you coming. You are not a fresher..”
Swa-ragu your freshers party is arranged by all the third year students of all courses.
Rags-oh is that so….then lucky will also come there.right.
Swa became happy listening his name and excitedly said yes.
Rags-thats great if he is coming then i will surely not get bored.you know what di he is so cool and so handsome as well as dashing….
She was praising lak and swa was fuming listening to her
Swa-enough now get ready fast i dont think you want to get late for your freshers party.i am going down you come fast.
She said and left from there angrily.
Ragini smiled and said -step 1 complete.

Fb is shown
Ragsan in the mall selecting dresses for san.

Rag-hey sanky i want to talk to you.
San-omg ms ragini gadodia wants to talk to me.am i dreaming or what can you pinch me.i think its. My dream or some illusion….
He was saying this in full dramatic way.
Rags pinched him hard
San-ouch are you mad or what.what are you doing
He said rubbing his hand where rag pinched.
Rag-shut up you idiot i want to talk something imp and you are busy with your stupid drama.
San-how dare you call me idiot.???
Rag-because you are an I.D.I.O.T.
She said pointing towards him and stressing on the word idiot.
He was about to say something when rags kept a finger on his lips and said -we can fight afterwards but for now i want to talk something imp.
San-but ..
Rag-no buts just listen quitely.ok
She said interrupting him.
He said as an obedient boy.
Rags-so listen.lucky and di love each other..
San-what swara and bhai love each other.
But bhai didnt tell me about this .how can he do that.no i will talk to him just now
He was saying interrupting rags.

He was about to go but rags stopped him.and he was trying to free his hand and in this attempt he lost his balance and fell on ragini and both of them fell on the floor with sanskar on top of ragini.

Both of them were lost in eo eyes.they were sharing a cute and intense eyelock.
Zehnaseeb plays in the bg.
They were disturbed by the surroundings.
They came to their senses.ragsan tried to get up but again fell down and again they shared an eyelock.then they came into their senses.and then san got up and helped rags to get up.

Both were embrassed and were looking everywhere else but not at each other.then san slowly said-sorry woh…
Rag then looked towards him shocked and said-what did you say.
San-i said i am sorry.
He said a bit louder.

There was silence for sometime before rags started again-will you listen to me now.
San-yas sure.
Rag-ok so i told you that lucky and di love each other but they dont realise that
San-how are you sure about that
Rags-i know that yaar.i am expert in all these things.i have united many couples.
She said proudly.
San-i dont believe in all this.love and all.
Rag-you dont believe it but its real.if they dont love eo then why did lucky act like flirting with me to make di jealous.and why did di get jealous when lucky was flirting with me.tell me why.
San-ok as you say but what should we do now.
Rags-you should first talk to your bhai and side by side i will try to make di realize her love.ok
Rags-ok so mission swalak starts from now.

Fb ended

Rags blushed a bit unknowingly remembering her and san closeness.
She then got ready and went down and they left from there.

At mm

In sanlak room

Sanlak were getting ready.
San-bhai i want to talk something with you
La-ya sanky tell me.
San-do you love swara???
Lak-no what are you talking sanky.its nothing like that..
He turned away.
San turned him towards him and said-bhai you can tell me.i swear i will not tell anyone and will also help you in getting my bhabhi.
Lak looked at san shocked at what he said and then confessed-yes i love swara.i do love her.
San-oh my god bhai i am so so happy for you.you should have told me before na.
He hugged him tightly
Lak-thats okay but sanky how did you come to know about this.
San told him his conversation with ragini.
Lak -i should thank ragini
He called ragini.
She picked up the phone.
Rags-yes tell me jiju
Lak-jiju no ragini i am laksh.
Rag-i know that but after you marry di then you will be my jiju na thats why i said jiju
Lak-oh okay.i must say you are really fast haan.
Both of them giggled a bit.
Lak-btw thanks a lot.
Rag-oh its okay jiju.ok now keep the phone on speaker.
Lak does that.ragsanlak discuss their plan which is muted.

Precap-freshers party.
How was it guys and i want to thankyou all for your comments.this episode is for all who wanted more ragsan scenes.sorry no swalak scenes today but will try to give some in the next episodes.i have introduced ardhika and nesam just for some fun.i love mmz as well.they will be their just for a few episodes.i hope you dont have any problem with it.if you have any problem then plz tell me i will show their exit in the next two or three episodes only.but anyways plz comment guys.in the last few episodes i am getting very few comments.plz comment guys.if you like it or not plz comment.as i said from starting suggestions are welcomed.btw i specially want to thank sanjana for her comment.i was really touched by her comment.thanks sanjana thanks a lot.ok bye guys sorry if i have hurt someone or if i bored you .thankyou for reading my update.bye

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