swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-11


hoi guys .today I am posting three four episodes because I will not get time for some days.sorry for that.
let’s start
all of them reach the mall.
swaragsamrad are selecting dresses for them and the boys are selecting dresses for them.the girls finished their shopping.and went towards the boys.
rags-we girls finished our shopping and
you all are still not done.oh God.will you finish it today or not.
lak-no na ragu see i am not able to select a
dress for myself will you pls help me.
he said in a flirty tone.looking towards swara who was jealous seeing lak flirt with rags.
rags-sure lucky.
san looked on shocked.
swa-rago I will help him you go and help
she said anger filling her voice.
rags -but di. .she resisted.
swa-no buts rago go
rags-ok she said and went .
then she went to help san rad helped arjun while sam helped Neil.
on swalak side
swa was selecting dresses for lak silently she was not talking to lak.lak tried to talk to her but she was ignoring him. lak was happy that she was jealous.
then she gave him some dresses and said
to try them.
@ragsan side
rags was selecting dresses but san was rejecting all of them.
then she selected a suit and San also liked it he went to try it.
@ardhika side
radhika was seeing dresses but she didn’t
like any of them.
arjun was just staring her.
radhika turned towards arjun and looked at her.they had an cute eyelock.
the man came and said-have a look onn this one mam.
“wrong timing”arjun murmured. radhika gave him a shy smile and turned towards the man.
she then took a suit and gave it to arjun.
@nesam side
sam was continuously talking while selecting dresses while Neil was bored of her badbad
neil -hello ms.bakbak will you stop your bakbak and choose a dress.
sam-what did you say if I am me.bakbak then you are Mr.rude.how rude you are.go select an dress for yourself. I am going.
neil-no wait pls help me na.
sam-first ask forgiveness.
neil-no I am not going to ask forgiveness.
sam-then I am going.
neil-that’s not fair.
sam-I don’t know that you are asking or not.
neil-fine I am sorry.
sam-I didn’t hear that
neil-I am sorry…
he shouted in her ear.
sam-ok jaa maaf kiya
then all of them selected dresses and went home .
so how was it guys ..plz tell me.now I will update only after few days.Becos my cousins are coMing and I am going to busy with them I will try to update asap.sorry.plz comment guys .Thankyou for reading it.

Credit to: pari

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