swaragini (the inner feeling) ch-1


let’s start

at gm
in swaragini room
a girl is sleeping peacefully with a cute smile on her face.just then her silky hair
fall on her face and disturb her sleep.she
puts them aside with her soft fingers.she turns to the other side.then the Sunrays fall on her innocent face and disturb her sleep.she gets a bit irritated and pulls her
Barbie blanket on her face which was under her legs just a moment ago.just then a beautiful girl enters from the
washroom.she was dressed in a yellow
coloured Kurta and same coloured leggings.she took a glance of the girl sleeping and went towards the dressing
table .she brushed her hair and tied them in a pony.then she turned towards the girl who is sleeping and says -wake up lado it’s 7:30.she pulled her blanket down saying
this.the girl who was sleeping is our
beautiful ragini.
ragini-oh god in this house no one let’s me sleep peacefully my hair ,Suraj devta and
even my own swara di everyone just wants
to disturb my sleep.when will you end this atyachar on me .when will you let me sleep peacefully.
she said this in full dramatic way
the other girl is swara.
swara-lado don’t start your drama this early.now wake up or else I will call dadimaa.
ragini -no see I am up di please don’t call dadimaa you know na she will start scolding me for getting up late .
she said this getting up from bed and moving towards the washroom .
swara-ok ok now go and get fresh fast.remember your promise.
ragini-yaa I remember I will have to come with you till our college starts.
she said this and went inside the washroom cursing herself for making that promise.there in the room swara was standing besides the Window enjoying the fresh air.

after some time ragini came out of the washroom wearing a pink colour trackpants and black sleeveless t shirt.she came out while swara just stared her.
ragini looked at her giving her a questioning look .swara was still staring her. ragini went near her and shook her and asked her -what are you staring at di??
swara came back to her senses and said-you are looking really hot lado .she said this taking a glance of ragini.
ragini -oh I know that di by the way Thankyou.she said this moving towards the dressing table.
swara grabbed her phone and said -common lado let’s go .
ragini-should I go like this di.
she pointed towards her hair .then she got a idea
swara-ok ok common tie your hair and come down i am waiting for you.saying this she started to leave but stopped as ragini called her.she looked towards her and screamed – aaah who are you where is my lado .
ragini had turned herself into a ghost.
the next moment she laughed aloud and said-di it’s me your lado.you got scared.
aģain she was laughing .
swara-lado what is this I am not going to talk to you.
ragini then stopped laughing and went near swara and held her ears and made a cute innocent face and said -I am sorry di will you not forgive your lado.
seeing this swara got melted and hugged ragini .swaragini plays in the background.
ragini break the hug and said -kya di subah subah emotional kar diya aapne .saying this she acted as if she was wiping her tears.
swara -chal dramebaaz much of your nautanki .get ready and come fast.
she goes down.

ragini comes down after tying her hair in a high pony.
down Dadi saw her and said -sarmishtha pinch me .am I dreaming .our lado got up so early today.
sharmistha -maa aap bhi na.
ragini -dadimaa go I will not talk to you.and then she turned away from her.
dadi-I was joking lado.plz talk to me na you know na I don’t eat my breakfast until you hug me.I am sorry she said this making a cute puppy face.then ragini turned towards her and hugged her and said -it’s ok paro.
she calls her paro by love.
then swara coughed a bit and said-I am also here
then ragini pulled her towards them and the trio hugged.they breaker hug after a minute.
swara-rago let’s go.
dadi-where are you two going.
ragini-for a walk dadi
dadi -ok but come home early ok.
swaragini-ok paro tension not just chill yat
they laughed a bit and left for the park

that enough for today

precap-sanlak entry.ragsan fight
see you again .please comment guys it’s my first time I am writing a ff.I am sorry for the typos.if you don’t like then please tell me I will make it better .every suggestion is welcomed. Thankyou for reading it

Credit to: pari

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