swaragini~ Independence Day special os


Hiii frnds I m fizo currently writing ff heal my wounds but on independence day I thought to write one shot on…..I m a Pakistani but I want to give tribute to all people who helps us in freedom neither they r Indian or Pakistani as we all knw the war of two countries are from years but many less people tried to remove it all country have their own value we r not any one to judge in other countries we all have diffrnt religion diffrnt faith but why we peoples force others to believe that….we all have are own faith on ours religion we both countries got freedom for our own hardwork not others I just want we just all believe in ourslf as we all knw in pak vs India match both countries such peoples bash each other n make other ones low I just hate that if our country men’s will do that I just hate them I just want that the fight n hatred btwn these two nations stopd but what can we do in our educating systems they tell us the history but we people take them to others side ssooo today I just wrote a is on swaragini and sanlak but difrnt charactrs n religion I just hope u all get my point n don’t hate me n sorry if I hurt anyone…..

ragini as zoya Muslim girl indian

swara as helly Christan and Indian

laksh as rahul Indian

sanskar as varun Indian

these four characters are mature and don’t judge people by religion but by heart helly ,varun,raj trio studies in same colg n always wants to do something for their country

@mumbai exel collg

hhelly enters the collage n sees everyboday is gossiping about something she directly goes to sanlak

helly: hiii varul (rahul and varun)

varul:hiii shona (they call helly as shona)

helly:why r everybody is gossiping about something did something happens

varun: don’t ask

helly:tell na

rahul: an Muslim girl comes here to study u knw na what all thinks

varun:yeah everybody is teasing her she runs ssomewhre

helly:what??? comeon find her let’s go

rahul: I m nt coming

helly:shut up u fool she needs are help come

varun:yes rahul come n he dragd him

they trio reach to the corridor n sees two boys n girl are making fun of her

boy1:hey u did u come here to kill us haan

girl1:nop she must b come here to plan to do blast right u BL**y girl

The girl starts crying

boy:look at her she start crying

girl:such a coward

one boy tries to hold her hand but someone stops his hand yes helly stop it

helly:heyy u leave her y r u troubling her

boy: don’t intfre shes muslim

helly:soo what

girl:they are here to trap evrybody

helly: did u knw her

boy nods no

varun:so how can u say that she is here for some purpose

girl:bcz she didn’t belongs to us

helly: ok then I m also dnt belongs to u bcz I m Christian do u think same about me

boy:of course not bcz we knw u yr

rahul:exactly so how can u judge her by her religion give her some time u all will knew her n now leave

(guyz I m ssoo sorry if I hurt anyboday but its the many peoples judge others by their religion I will not say that in my country people don’t do that ofcouese they do in our skol students also does the same n I hate them that’s y I m writing this to tell u all)

helly consoles girl n says:what’s ur namr


(zoya as ragini)

helly:hi zoya will u b my frnd n wipes her tears

zoya:really u want b my frnd

helly:yyesss not only me but these two also


zoya smiles: don’t u think like others

varun:not at all we should judge people by their nnature not their belongings

rahul:yes n u seems to b nice that y we three wants to b ur frnd

helly:ssoo will u

zoya smiles: yes of course n shakes hands with all

All smiles n talk for sometime in canteen

zoya: u knw u all are my first frnda nobody does frndship with me n becomes sad

all notice this

varun: yes bcz they know that soon u becomes frnd of mine that’s y they don’t do bcz I do frndship with special persons n winks

all laughs

helly:don’t praise too much

rahul: u leave him zoya he has some mental prblm

zoya laughs And varun glare

helly:leave them lado tell me how much u score in ur skool

zovarul: laado who’s this

helly: u bhuddu I want to ggive that name to my sister u also like my sister that’s y I ggave it to u

zoya eyes becomes moist n she tightly hugs helly: thank u ssoo much helly for ggiving me so much value

helly:dnt call me helly call me shona its my pet name kept by these idiots

zoya:ok shona

varul(pouts): u nver gives us pet name

helly:bcz u r already pets na n I call u by that only

varul(confused): MATLAB??

zoya: I think her means is monkey n donkey right shona

helly:yeah exactly

both laughs n hi-fi

varul makes angry face

varul: ooo great she comes in ur life just an hour before n we r frnds from years but now we becomes monkey n donkey right we r going

zoya huriedly holds both hands n says i m soorry bcz of u me u both become angry sorry shona i cant be ur frnd i dnt want to become a wall in ur frndship i m sorry u r right she said almost crying

varul brust out into laughtr zoya becomes confused she looks at shona

helly: dnt take them seriously they can never becom serious they r juat teasing u

varul hi-fi n zoya eyes him n beat them playfully

in short time thwy becoms good frnds almost after 2 weeks heya n varul becoms best frnds n share a gud bond but all others studnts still make fun of zoya n tease her n many of them mis behave also n all studnts broke frndship with helly n varul too bcz they always supprt zoya


heya n varun are chating

rahul:hey guyz did u hear collg students wwre planning to do program on independence day

helly: but what we can do nobody iis ready to take our help n we can’t participate on it

trio becomes sad

zoya: I m sorry

helly:for what lado

zoya:bcz of me u have to face many thing I think u should broke frndship with me

varulhel(shouts): noooo

helly: y r u blaming yrslf this is not ur fault this is fault of our thinking we are new generation we have to end this but nobody will understood that unity is power

varun: yes u knw we always wants to do something for this but what can we do old thinking n if we can than we can give speech in clg only

zoya:actually i always want to do but nobodyngives me a chance

rahul: so tell me what u wants to do

zoya: i always want to do small programs in small areas of city n want to helps those peoples who can do but nobody gives them a chanc in our country well educated peopls do wrng things n many of girls dnt get education the country is distributed in many culture n religions nobody though that our mother land is same our values is same but thinking is difrnt i also want to help in cleaning dirt from streets
tats it…..

varun:omg u have sooo much inside u yrr (almst shokd)

helly: yes yrr we always wants to do the same

rahul: yes but waht we get

zoya:freedom a real freedom did u really thing we got independent


zoya: today u all just obsevr ur surrounding for few days u all get ur answers

soo as zzoya says trio observe evrything n got theor ansrs

at phne conversation

zoya: what happnd y u all call me at this tym

helly:we want to say as u say we obsrve evryone

zoya:soo what u get

varun:oue answrs

rahul:yes n we want to do something

zoya: ok soo i will tell u at colg what to do

all says ok n bids byr n gn to each othe



zoya tells helvarul something

hell: is it wrk


all nods ok

helly talks to principal n makes all colg gathrd at coridor she makes an anocmnt

helly: gud morning everyone i kne many of yewh will not listen to me but for ur country sakes u have too i n varul wants to do something i wnat u all to supprt ua

one of stdnt: we will not bcz u supprt that muslim

all gossipng

hell:stop it from now we will not just tell me that u want to do something for ur aountry or not

after many effrts thwy all agree for it

helly: soo guyz we will make three groups in 3 parts
one will do public awarnss programs at small places for education and rights
scnd will do cleaning of all small places n big places n throes all trash to a trash place
third will hhelps all those peoples who are needy like helps in donation n many others thing for all those poor peoples who don’t have knowledge or money food….we have to spread at every end of our city this is our gift for our country

All sstudnts claps but one is hiding and crying silntlu that’s our zoya who is very happy

next day all starts at their mission “azadi”

bands matram songs play in BG

All students goes at very big n small places n do program

Girls should have their rights they should b educated that should b do the responsibility of sons

bbande matram plays

All students do donation n hepls needy gives them food money n knowldgr n heols children who is doing labour n gives them education by themselves

BG song plays

All students are doing sweeping n cleaning roads along with helvarul n zoya who hide her face but doing everything helping labours in work

in one week they all get famous evryboday proud of them all country n their fathers collg are very proud of them bcz of their mission azadi

On the day of independence day live broadcasting of their program of going after some tribute and tablos n songs at the end of the show everybody wants ylisten the vvoice of that person who made this plan

principal: please welcome on stage ms helly the main leader of group

All cclaps for her n wnts to knw her

helly: hii evryone “azadi mubarak” u all are eager to knw that how can i thibk thid much n today i will getting the aeard of ‘true indian” but i m sorry i cant take it bcz i m not capable of it the rally n plans are not mine the mind is someone else soo plz put ur hands togethr for zoya khan

zoya eyes becoms moist but varul assurs him n take her to stag

few peoples are just clapping

studnt: u said that u are not talking to her than whats this….this is all her plan it means she come to destey everybody

helly: today i will not give u the answr she will gives

stud: we ask u not this trerist

helvarul are fuming n zoya is silent

helly hold her n says: today evrybody is watching u just say what inside urs this is ur opportuninty dnt losse it

all makes her confindent she nods

zoya: salam evryone my name is zoya khan and i am not from this country but from few years this is my country whre i live…..i m not a hindu but i m a muslim n now i m indian…..i knw many of u dnt like me n hatss me bcz of my culture but this is not a reason to dislike anybody if one religion peoples of othr religion do wrng with each othrrs that doesnt mean thr rest of all our wrong when i come here i observe everything n got to knw that only rich peoples are going ahead but middle class n poor peoples are becoming more poor day by day girls are not having education bcz of old thibking n bcz of dirtnss many germs n illness are spreading day by day n poor peoples are getting affcting soo what i did not born in this country so what my cultural n values are diffrnt the fact is we all our humans cant we judg eachother by our naturs n heart n our values we all want one thing n that is bright future of our country soo y cant we think positive and considrr each n evryone sames in every religion all mens are same so y dnt we follow it i knw i m muslim but i m human like u all n i just want stop war n i m very blessful to have frnda like helly n varun n rahul unity is strengh bcz of u all we all can do this much for our country thank u n happy independence day n jai hind 🙂 (guyz i dnt knw what u exactly say)

helly varul claps but after few scnds all claps whole heartdly

zohel n varul are having teard of hapns n hugs each other

they four end the show on dancing on india wale…..

all exptd zoya in colg n becms frnd with her all having proud of their childrn

varun: u did it lado

zoya: no we did it

all smiles n hold eavh other hands n says “Togthr forevr”

helly pov: finally all exept zoya she is very kind hertd n she is just like my sister i love her to the core

zoya pov: finally i got hapins i got my soul mate sister n undrstanding frnds n cool colg now no will make me outsider like i m always live here n grow up like i m just like them love u all

varun pov: finally we can do someyhing for our land now in evry week our colg do wlfare soon i will do charity

rahul pov: i just love my country n my buddies in these weeks many things changs i think i live in a new city of great peoplws

story end on pov

“happy independence day”

guyz i m sorry if i hurt anyone with my story i just want to stop the hatrd btwn our countres when many countries attack theu blame pakistanis mostly muslimd n whrn pak got attavk they blame othrs trirism have no religion they have just hatrd among countrkss y cant peopl undrstnd this y putting blames on neigbouring counties we all are humans n no religion will thought to hate other…..n plzzzzxxx i m really sorry if i hurt anybody emotions i juat want to tell something through this plzz dnt mind n this is tribute to m ghandi g n quaid azam n late army officrs of indian n pakistan n sorry again…..forgive me for my mistake n be happy love ur country

Allah hafiz take car 🙂

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  1. Tamanna

    Nice….. I really appreciate your thinking.. Infact I also don’t like these things….

    1. Silent_writer

      thank u solo much 🙂

  2. Vyshu10

    Kudos to u….We all r humans first and afterwards comes nationality, religion, etc.

    1. Silent_writer

      sorry I don’t understand

      1. Vyshu10

        I meant well said….humanity should come first

  3. Masha allah…..awesome epi…. well said???

    1. Silent_writer

      thank u 🙂

  4. Hattsss off dear….u jst nailed it…superbbbbbb….happy independence day!!!proud to b an indian…

  5. Really good attempt…..very NYC of you….
    I accept with you…yes we all r humans first….next comes to our nation……
    belated HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY dear..
    N HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all Indians…..love you all

  6. It’s just awesome dear….. Thanks To u for writing this beautiful OS……Thank u

  7. Ragz_teju


  8. Mashaa Allah…super episode…..you are such a great writer….and super….happy independence day….

  9. I accept that this is not right we must never judge any one with their cover (religion, culture) n u wrote a very gud os on our country .

  10. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome dear …. u had potrayed ragini ‘s chatracter so beutifully …. and u r right we are not muslims or hindu we are indians ..

  11. Awesome dear love it. Superb os yaar. Love ragini, swara and varul . ???????????????

  12. Sss

    wow so awesome and emotional story love it to the core..I am not from Pakistan or India but I understand how much a man has to go through just because of religion and I don’t like it as first we all are human then other thighs..love the way you showed ragini also helly so amazing..

  13. Thank you ? thank you ? thank you ?…..Fizo…… I really love ❤ you and your thinking….
    I have friend Sana Samreen. She is just like Zoya. Even she face this type of problem when she first entered into our college. I was the one who made friendship with her when I saw her first… After making friendship with her my friends stop talking to me… But I never mind it… But when they started bad mouthing about her I couldn’t take it… So I beat one boy … Sorry I forgot to tell I am black belt in karate…. Then it was big drama in college principle call my parents and all but my parents supported me cause they taught me to respect every religion… Then they make principle realize that I was right…. Then he made every student realize their mistake and now every one is treating Sana friendly… No difference, no doubt and no hatred… Only Love ❤ and respect for every one… Sana had her Schooling from Urdu school so she could only speak Hindi not our language… But now every one is trying to learn Hindi perfectly.. And Sana is teaching them and I really love ❤ this…. And when I read your ff I really wanted to say Thanks…. And Happy Independence day…. Love ❤..
    This country is not only of Hindu but every religion people.. India is country of every one… Don’t judge people on religion… Love ❤ their hearts…. Love country…..

  14. Akshata

    belated happy independence day you too , sorry i didnt know that you are from pakistan otherwise i would have been wish you yesterday only 😀 , but its better late than never.
    yes i appreciate your thinking. you have written it beautifully, the way you have explained everything is commendable. loved it. 😀

  15. Divyanshri

    Thank u soooo much for such a beautiful message.. ? ? ?
    hats off

  16. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Outstanding dear. Loved it. It’s so heart touching.Welltouching.Well, I am not from India and Pakistan but I can understand your feelings.I liked your thoughts.I also don’t like all these. We are humans first, then religion n all. Thanks for writing such a beautiful os.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

  17. Diva

    Lovely os dear….loved your concept…. Happy Independence Day…love you

  18. Guys my best friend is a muslim
    But shes a human
    And that thought u have applied here
    Happy independence day
    To all my brothers and sisters
    Proud to be an indian

  19. Sumeeta

    awsum.i really appricate ur thinking.religions custom are no bar to become a friend. our overpossesiveness to religion superstition are main enemy to our society.
    we can not forget before partition there was one country.nd both country follow same history of freedom

  20. Mica

    unity in diversity..
    luv it so much

  21. Sreevijayan

    Awesome one shot…v havent faced much issues in my place..hats off to u for such a gud thot..nd proud of u….

  22. Nice os….ur thinking is awesome…..we all should be like this and love all people…..that is the day when ee people can enjoy the real freedom

  23. Silent_writer

    thankkkk uuuu soooooo muccchhhhhhhh I did not expt this much from u all love u sooosooo .much n Sam we r proud of you…u did a great love u hats off n proud of u all who thinks in this way thank u soon much n love u n happy indpndnce day 🙂 🙂 always b happy

  24. I loved you’re thinking I’m also from Pakistan but i live in Switzerland I also want to end this fight we all are humans and i salute to those who risk there life for us ❤️ I also have Friends who are Hindus I don’t care all I know is they are also human belated Happy Independence Day Fizo and Happy Independene Day to all of you❤️

  25. Asmaara

    Nice story I am also from Pakistan I am appreciate you thinking I am also suppose that yai war ab friendship mai badal jani chahea happy independence day all my friends

  26. Superb & happy independence day. Hats of you dear for giving a great msg to all

  27. Haatts off Dear…..we respect your pov…..so dont say sorry….you did right thing ur POV is juz awesome… nd m happy that u expressed and shared it with us….lovely dear awesome…..

    Vande Mataram
    Jai Hind?

  28. Saanvi

    Good message Fiza…Nice OS ???

  29. AMkideewani

    Awesome love it

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