Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 8 By Aditi Ayansh

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Recap: Swara talks about Ragini to SanLak
Laksh: u told her tht uโ€™ll find Ragini but how?
Sanskar: tht even i dont knw laksh..but iโ€™ll find her..someway
Laksh: Thank u so much
Sanskar: now u started to thank me huh..
Laksh: acha baba ok..
They smiles.
Swara is sitting in her room holding Raginiโ€™s photo
Swara cares it.
Swara: Ragu ..now i knw u will b with me..Sanskar will find u and will bring u back
Next day
Sanskar leaves to find Ragini.
At some place
Sanskar stops his bike and take out a picture of Ragini which was given to him by Swara
He looks at it
Sanskar: where ever u are i am going to find u and bring u back Ragini.
Parvathy: Shona today we r going for shopping
Swara: y so early dadi.
Parvathy: becoz i want everything perfect for my grand daughterโ€™s wedding
Swara smiles weakly
They goes for shopping.
Maheshwaries also reach there.
They all select a beautiful red gold mix lahenga for Swara and a sharwani for Laksh.
They busy shopping dress for other members of the family
Swara moves around and sees a blue saree
Laksh comes to her.
Laksh: do u like it
Swara simply smiles.
Laksh: pls pack this.
Swara: do u laksh Ragini hated wearing sarees
FB Starts
Ragini struggling to wear saree over her jeans
Swara: Ragini wat r u doing?
Ragini: oh Shona di..se it is not coming in the right way
Swara: it is not coming in the right way becoz u r doing it in the wrong way
Ragini removes it
Ragini: i am not wearing this thing in my entire life
Swara: so wat will u wear on my wedding
Ragini: there are a number of other dresses…
Swara: yh u can wear any of thoses number of dresses for all other functions but on my wedding uโ€™ll b saree
Ragini: now uโ€™ll saree iโ€™ll be in pink aree…
Swara: no colour is ur choice Ragu
Ragini: in tht case iโ€™ll go for blue.
Swara: so its finalised u r going to wear a blue saree on my wedding.
Ragini: TADA !!!
Laksh: dnt worry Swara we will soon find her..Sanskar is on his way.
Swara: yh..
Another place
A person is shown is shown is white saree..she is seen praying
Itโ€™s Swaraโ€™s Mehandi today
GM is decorated very beautifully
Everyone apply mehandi on Swaraโ€™s hands.
Sharmishta: i know Shona u r missing her..see we all are missing her but
Parvathy hears this
Parvathy: today is a good day can we all stop talking about her
Swaraโ€™s face fell.
Sharmishta: pls dont be like this beta..pls b happy.
Swara: then pls tell me what u all were talking tht day.
Sharmishta: ur papa have already talked to u about tht na..when the right time comes we will let u knw about it.
The mehandi fn is over
Now sangeeth fn is going on
All are happily dancing
Swara: Laksh did u call Sanskar?
Laksh: yh he said he will be here soon.
Sujatha: where is this Sanskar..
AP: Dont wry he will here on tym
After sometym Sanskar reaches
All are happy to see Sanskar
(except SwaLak rest of the people dont know Sanskar was on the way to find Ragini..he all told them tht he went back as there was an emergency )
Sanskar takes everyoneโ€™s blessing
He comes to Swara
Swara: Sanskar i knw..but its ok..
Sanskar: i tried very hard to find her but..
Swara: its ok Sanskar..i thankful to u as u tried thts enough
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar: but i have something to tell u bhabhi
Swara: what is it Sanskar
Sanskar: ur sister is alive
Swara is happy
Laksh: how did u get know this.
Sanskar:my friends in army helped me..and soon her location will also b traced..and iโ€™ll bring her back to u bhabhi.
Swara holds Sanskarโ€™s hands
Swara: thank u so much Sanskar..it means a lot to me
Sanskar and Laksh smiles..

Precap: SwaLak marriage

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