Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 39 By Aditi Ayansh

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โ€œThe happinest man on the earth would look into the mirror and see only himselfโ€


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Recap: Viren Raizada


Mukku; Kavitha..yaar where were u?

Kavitha: I was here only where were u?

Chandrakala: Sanskar beta how is Laksh and Swara?

Sanskar: they are fine dadi.

Sanskar,Mukta and Kavitha talks

Riku comes

Kavitha: hi Rithwik.

Riku: hi Kavitha how r u?

Kavitha: I am good.

Riku looks around

Riku: dadi where is Ragu?

Sanskar looks on

Chandrakala: she called beta she said she will be lil late.

Sanskar(in mind): where is this girl?

After some time

Rathore and Janki also comes back

Mukta introduces Kavitha to them

Rathore; now comes everyone lets have dinner

Mukta: papa where is Ragu?

Rathore: she will be here now ..Mukku beta. U sit down

They all sits down

Riku gets a call

Riku: Ragu is here. Ill go and get her.

Sanskar: Iโ€™ll also come

They goes out.

Ragini comes in with Viren

Sanskar is shocked to see her with someone else.

Ragini; bhaiyu meet Viren.

Viren: Hi..Ragu had told lot about u

Riku; yh..u have told me about u too..come in

Viren looks at Sanskar

Ragini: he is Swara diโ€™s brother in law

Viren: oh ok..hi I am Viren

Sanskar: Sanskar

They shake hands

Ragini; come fastโ€ฆIโ€™ll introduce to my family..come inโ€ฆfast

Ragini drags Viren along with her

Sanskar looks on.

Ragini; dadu meet Viren..i told u about him na

Rathore: haan of course princess Thank u Viren beta ..if u were not there..

Viren; cโ€™mon uncle it was my duty.

Janki hugs him

Janki: still thank u beta.

Viren: Raguโ€™s mother?

Janki nodes her head in yes

Viren; I can see that.

Ragini; this is my dadi.

Chandrakala; Ragu always talk about u.

Viren smiles.

Dadi; come lets have dinner

Ragini; this is my Bhabhi..

Kavitha looks at Viren.

Viren ignores her

After dinner.

Sanskar sees Ragini with Viren.

Sanskar; ok then we will leave now.

Muku ; ok

Kavitha hugs Mukku.

Kavitha: bye Mukku see u soon

Mukku: yh.

They goes.


Sanskar: Kavitha r u alright?

Kavitha; haan

Sanskar: no u are not Tell me what happened?

Kavitha: Sanskarโ€ฆ

Kavitha starts to cry

Sanskar: what happened?

Kavitha; its him Sanskar

Sanskar; who?

Kavitha; Viren

Sanskar; do u know him?

Kavitha; yes..i do..more than anybody else


Ragini: bye Viren

Viren hugs Ragini.

Viren: good night dear

Ragini; good night


Sanskar: who is he Kavitha?

Kavitha: he was my fiancรฉ Sanskar..

Sanskar; what?

Kavitha: I loved him a lot..and he also loved me..we met each other 2 years before. We were working in the same firm and we fall in love. And after 1year we decided to marry each other..but then..

Sanskar: then what?

Kavitha: u know my sister was also staying with me..and she thought Viren loved herโ€ฆshe was crazy in his love..and I had to sacrifice my love for him.

Sanskar: what

Kavitha: yh ..i rejected him..i made him marry my sister..i was being selfish..Sanskar..i was being selfish

Sanskar: calm down Kavitha..

Kavitha; and after 2 months she divorced him. Becoz she came to know that he never loved her instead he was in love with me. And after that he broke all relation with me..

Sanskar: u didnโ€™t try to meet him after that?

Kavitha: I did Sanskar..i went to his new office..but he refused to see me..but I didnโ€™t give up..i went there again. But only after 1 month I came to know that he resigned from there. And from that day I searched for him..after 2 months I got his letter saying never to trouble him. I tried to move on but

Kavitha breaks down

Sanskar calms her down

Sanskar: its ok..Kavitha..

Kavitha: I know Sanskar u loved me right

Sanskar: donโ€™t talk about it

He drives to MM


Next day


Sanskar; Iโ€™ll have to tell Ragini about all these..ok Iโ€™ll call herโ€ฆno no..iโ€™ll meet him and tell her



Sanskar comes to Raginiโ€™s college

He sees Ragini coming out

Sanskar looks on

She smiles.

Ragini runs happily..

Sanskar looks on

Ragini goes and hugs a person.

Sanskar looks on

Sanskar: Viren

Sanskar was feeling very angry seeing this

Sanskar goes to them

Viren; ho hi Sanskar what r u doing here.

Ragini looks on

Sanskar; Ragini I need to talk to u

Ragini: talk I am standing here only na

Sanskar; alone..

Ragini; no u want to talk to me then talk here..

Sanskar; Ragini..

Ragini; pls stop creating a ย scene Sanskar

Viren: Ragu lets go

Ragini: bye Sanskar

Ragini goes with Viren

Sanskar feels angry


Precap; Jealousy Track

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