Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 38 By Aditi Ayansh

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“What you fear most of all is fear”


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Recap: Kavita’s entry

Ragini cries ..

She drives to RM

She goes to her room..

Ragini: Sanskar loves Kavitha….

Her heart: he is ur husband Ragini

Her mind: that was a forced marriage. And I don’t think he even remember all this

Ragini closes her eyes.

Ragini: no Ragini..u’ll not cry for him….u have suffered so much in ur life but not anymore. U are not weak.



Sanskar and Kavitha are talking

AP; Pari beta tell them to go and sleep now..see its very late. And Swara beta show Kavitha her room ok.

Swara and Pari goes.

Pari; Sanskar Kavitha ..leave some talk for tomorrow also

Kavitha: oh my god its late..

Sanskar: yh once we start talking ..then we go on talking

Sanskar and Kavitha starts laughing

Swara; Kavitha come I’ll show u your room come

Kavitha; good night Sanskar

Sanskar: good night

Kavitha goes with Swara

Pari looks at Sanskar and smiles

Sanskar: what Bhabhi..she is justa friend

Pari: what I just smiled..

Sanskar: yh I see that coming. Good night Bhabhi

Pari: good night

Pari goes.

Sanskar; what a pretty day

Sanskar lye on his bed.

And suddenly something strikes him

He gets up with a jerk

Sanskar: oh god Ragini…how can I forget this…

Sanskar takes his phone which he kept for charging.

He calls Ragini

Ragini sees his call but do not answers it

Sanskar: maybe she is asleep…anyway she wanted to meet me for ice cream only



Ragini; u never cared about me Sanskar.


Next day


Ragini; Ragibi today is a new day..now there is no more Sanskar in ur life..he loves someone else..and u will not waste ur love on him. U have a beautiful family out there ..thats what u always wanted and nothing else..

Ragini closes her eyes..

Ragini; breathe…that’s it I am ok

Ragini comes down

Janki: breakfast time everyone.

Muku smiles at Ragu

Ragini: I’ll help u Bhabhi

She goes to Mukku

Mukku; what happened Ragu is everything alright?

Ragini; Bhabhi..Sanskar is not my man

Mukku; what? what happened?

Ragini; there is nothing like love between us..

Muku; what made u think like that

Ragini: everything Bhabhi

Mukku; are u sure..and what about him?

Ragini: everything is sorted between us Bhabhi..it was nothing but affection

Mukku cares Ragini

Mukku; u’ll get someone better.

Ragini hugs her

They have breakfast.

She goes to college



Kavitha: when will u take me to meet Mukku yaar?

Sanskar: how about today evening..

Kavitha; cool



Ragini comes to her car.

Ragini’s friend; heya where are u going to go?

Ragini; ice cream..

Ragini’s friend: when will u change?

Ragini; not anytime sooner

Ragini’s friend; see you then

Ragini’s goes to an ice cream parlour..

He haves ice cream

Ragini: I don’t believe this.

Voice; what do u not believe that u ate so many ice creams or ur car wheels are flat?

Ragini looks on.

Voice: heya …

Ragini smiles ..

Voice; dot give that killer smile of urs..

Ragini: I don’t understand from where did u pop up infront of me just like that?

Person: I am spiderman u see..

Ragini starts laughing.

Person: Diya come on..

Ragini: well its not Diya..u know that right

Person; what u r going with Ragini again?

Ragini; what u mean by again…that’s my name

Person: yh yh..but I like Diya..

Ragini smiles.

Ragini: u just dissappered.

Person: family..personal..problems were everywhere around me

Ragini: Viren…

The person is revealed as Viren Raizada played by Parth Samthan

Ragini: Viren u helped me a lot..

Viren ; yh..so can I ask u for  something

Ragini: go on…becoz of u I got my family back…2 years back only u were there to help me. U were the only one who understood my pain..u stood by me..

Viren: and then I disappeared right

Ragini: yh exactly..where were u all this time

Viren: we will talk about it later

Ragini; I am so happy to see u

Viren: why do I feel like u are in a sad state?

Ragini looks on

Viren: so many ice creams….hey now..

Ragini: we are friends right..ur pain my pain

Viren: ur happiness is my happiness..

Ragini; that’s it..

Viren : lot to tell u, but first lets meet ur family

Ragini; ok..

Viren: we will go by my car…

They goes.



Kavitha and Sanskar comes in

Kavitha sees Mukku and hugs her tight


Precap: Budding friendship or jealousy?

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