Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 37 By Aditi Ayansh

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“The consequences of our actions are so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed.”

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Recap: Ragini’s feelings for Sanskar.
Ragini gets ready.
Ragini : i cant wait…
Ragini calls Sanskar
Ragini: good morning
Sanskar: Very good morning
Ragini: what are u doing?
Sanskar: nothing much..why do u want to meet me and talk?
Ragini: how do u know that
Sanskar: i know u can do anything to have ice cream
Ragini smiles
Sanskar: Ragini..
Ragini: acha fine..haan i am doing this for having ice cream only
Sanskar: ok tell me what happened?
Ragini: i want to tell u something very important and its not a joke
Sanskar: u mean something serious?
Ragini: haan..
Sanskar: whats so serious?
Ragini: will tell u today.
Sanskar: ok where ..ice cream parlour?
Ragini: no..come to xyz park ok
Sanskar: ok
Ragini: at 4 ok
Sanskar: cool i’ll be there
Ragini: its important ok
Sanskar: ok …
Sanskar disconnects the call
Ragini is smiling..
Ragini: Sanskar finally
Ragini: one more hour to go..after that i’ll tell u how much u mean to me Sanskar
Sanskar: i know Ragini again u want to meet me for having ice cream. This girl will never change
Sanskar sits down
Sanskar: i think i am thinking more about us..actually there is no us..even though we married each other..that was a forced one. It is true that i love her. But that doesn’t mean she loves me..she recently got her family back maybe she is considering me just like a good friend. Maybe i should stop all this..she will never love me..No Sanskar..u cant do this..u cannot put her into anymore mess..
Sanskar closes his eyes
Sanskar: u will have to forget her..
Sanskar goes to his table. He takes the magalsutra which he tied across Ragini’s neck
He cares it
He remembers how he met Ragini in the ashram …about their marriage. Ragini and his friendship. Their cute fights..
Sanskar: no..
Sujatha: Sanskar beta come here.
Sanskar: yes mom
Sanskar keeps the magalsutra near the window and goes.
Sanskar: yh mom what happened?
Sujatha: there is a call for u
Sanskar: call for me?
Sujatha: haan
Sanskar: hello
Voice: u donkey
Sanskar: i am not a donkey but haan u r a monkey
Voice: what i am monkey? U are phattu
Sanskar: i am not phattu but u are darpok
Voice: what? U idiot
Sanskar: u stupid.
Voice: u monkey face
Sanskar; u donkey face
Voice: shut up
Sanskar: u shut up
Both of them burst out laughing
Voice: u lost to me..
Sanskar: no never..u lost to me
Voice: copy cat.
Sanskar: u copy cat.
Voice: really haan
Sanskar: where are u?
Voice: i thought u’ll not recogonise me
Sanskar: what yaar..how can i forget u..where are u?
Voice: airport
Sanskar: air port which airport?
Voice: will u come and pick me or should i call a taxi..
Sanskar: what r u here..acha wait there i’ll come
Voice: yh come fast..
Sanskar: ok darling..come
Sanskar disconnects the call
Sujatha: what happened?
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar: woh mom Kavitha is here
AP : Suji have u heard this..
Sujatha smiles
Sujatha: haan jiji Kavithais here
Sanskar: mom badi maa pls..
AP: ok baba ..go and get her..run
Sanskar: yh..
Sanskar goes.
Swara: who is Kavitha chachi
Sujatha: Kavitha..well she is Sanskar’s classmate..and his crush..
AP and Sujatha laughs..
Swara also smiles.
Ragini reaches the park.
Ragini waits for Sanskar.
Ragini looks at her watch
Ragini: its 4:45 where is this Sanskar?
Ragini calls Sanskar
Sanskar reaches airport.
He takes out his phone.
Sanskar: phone dead
Sanskar goes into the airport
Ragini: switched off…
Ragini becomes sad.
A girl comes and taps on Sanskar’s shoulder
Sanskar: Kavitha.
Sanskar hugs her.
Kavitha smiles.
Sanskar: long time..
Kavitha: yh…lets go
Sanskar: yh..come
Ragini: how can he do this to me..
Ragini calls Swara
Swara: Ragu..
Ragini: hi Shona di..how are u?
Swara: i am good bacha..how about u?
Ragini: i am fine di..woh is Sanskar there?
Swara: no..he went out
Ragini smiles
Swara: to airport
Ragini’s smile fades
Ragini: airport?
Swara: haan woh his crush is coming..
Swara smiles.
Ragini feels her heart breaking into million pieces
Ragini control her tears from falling.
Swara: what happened?
Ragini; nothing..woh nothing i just asked..di i’ll call u back
Swara: acha..ho Sanskar is here..bye Ragu
Swara disconnects the call
Ragini: Sanskar..
Ragini wipes her tears..
Ragini drives to MM
Everyone welcomes Kavitha..
AP: Take Kavitha to ur room..i’ll bring tea for u both
Kavitha goes to Sanckar’s room
Kavitha: just like that..no change.
Sanskar smiles.
Kavitha: any idea where Mukku is?
Sanskar: yup…she married Riku.
Kavitha: really..thats cool..where is she?
Sanskar: we will meet her..but before that tell me how are u?
Kavitha: after seeing u i am good.
Sanskar and Kavitha smiles.
Kavitha moves towards the window and the magalsutra falls down..
Kavitha and Sanskar keeps on talking
Ragini reaches MM
She walk in..
She keeps her foot on something..and is about to slip..
But she balances herself and looks on
Ragini bends down
Ragini: magalsutra.
She takes it.
Ragini: this is the same one which Sanskar made me wear.
Her eyes turn moist
She looks up..she sees Kavitha and Sanskar standing close to each other and talking
Tears comes from her eyes.
She goes back from there
Precap: Kavitha at RM

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