Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 32 By Aditi Ayansh

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“Its our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities ”

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Recap: Ragsan meets

Ragini; Hi bhaiyu..

Riku: Ragu..come we will have ice cream today..u love them don’t u?

Ragini: yh bhaiyu

Ragini and Riku reaches ice cream parlour

Riku and Ragini are having ice cream.

Riku: Ragu I’ll just come

Riku goes

Ragini is finishing her ice cream

After some time

Someone comes and sits in the opposite table.

Ragini looks on

He covers his face using the menu card

Only his eyes can be seen

Ragini looks on

Ragini(in mind): no this cant be Sanskar..Ragini stop thinking about him

That person winks at her

Ragini lookson

The person removes menu card from his face.

Ragini is shocked to see that person

Ragini; Sanskar?

Sanskar smiles sheepishly

Ragini ask him what is he doing here through actions

To which Sanskar just smiles.

Riku comes back

Riku: so lets go

Sanskar hides his face behind the menu card.

Ragini: haan bhaiyu

Waiter brings bill

Riku searches his pockets..

Ragini; bhaiyu what happened?

Riku: I cant find my wallet.

Ragini: it will b with u only bhaiyu look one more time.

Riku tries but fails.

Ragini looks at Sanskar who is playing with Riku’s wallet.

Ragini is surprised to see this.

Sanskar smiles sheepishly at Ragini


FB Starts

Riku comes to wash room

Sanskar bumbs on him and get his wallet.

FB ends


Ragini gives him a stern look

Riku: I have no idea where I kept it..

Sanskar comes to them

Riku: Sanskar? U here

Sanskar: haan what happened?

Riku: I lost my wallet yaar.

Sanskar: oh ..maybe u left it at home

Riku: yh maybe.

Sanskar: and don’t worry I’ll settle the bill.

Riku: thank u so much yaar

Sanskar gives Riku’s wallet back to Ragini without Riku seeing it.

Riku; come then lts leave

Sanskar:I told u na

Ragini: stop being an idiot Mr Maheshwari.

Sanskar: really?

Ragini: now what can u do?

Sanskar: opps what will I do now u r going to go back with ur bhaiyu right

He makes a puppy face

Ragini: yh..and poor Mr Maheshwari will sit and cry…

Ragini acts like crying.

Sanskar smiles

Sanskar: u r messing with the wrong person Mis Rathore

Ragini: attitude …

Riku: Ragu come..

Ragini; bye Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar; hope not to see me soon

Ragini goes to Riku

Riku: oh man

Ragini: what happened bhaiyu.

Riku: flat tire.

Ragini looks at Sanskar

Who is coming to them

He is whistling


FB Starts

Sanskar follows Riku’s car and reaches the parlour and once Ragini and Riku goes in he punctures Riku’s car wheel

FB Ends


Ragini looks at him angrily.

Sanskar puts on his innocent face

Sanskar: Riku yaar what happened?

Ragini: Flat tires Sanskar

Sanskar: oh is it..i feel so sorry for u guys.

Riku; I think everything is going low with me today.
Sanskar smirks

Sanskar; Riku don’t worry I’ll drop u at home.

Riku: oh really thank u buddy

Sanskar: come on yaar..

Sanskar brings his car.

Riku sits in the front seat and Ragini sits in the back seat

Sanskar looks at Ragini though the mirror

Ragini glares him angrily

They reach RM

Riku: thankx for the ride buddy

Sanskar: come on yaar..we are friends..

Ragini; thank u

Sanskar: u r welcome

Riku: hey anyway u r here..come inside na

Sanskar: oh no its ok Riku

Riku; hey buddy u helped me a lot today now come in

Sanskar: ok ok if u insist then I’ll come

Riku goes in

Sanskar: oh Mis Rathore u were here. Sorry I didn’t see u

Ragini: better u put on glasses Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar smirks

Sanskar; so u lost

Ragini; I don’t care

Sanskar; now who is showing attitude huh?

Ragini: u played ur part well Mr Maheshwari now its my turn

Sanskar; who cant do anything

Ragini: lets see

Ragini smirks

Sanskar goes in

Later Ragini also comes in

Chandrakala: Sanskar..come in.

Sanskar; namaste dadi.

Chandrakala; sit beta what would like to have?

Sanskar: nothing dadi I am fine

Riku tells how Sanskar helped him today

Chandrakala:U are becoming very careless now a days..thank u Sanskar beta for helping him

Sanskar: dadi He is my friend..i can do atleast this much for him

Chandrakala sees Ragini coming

Chandrakala: Laado u r here come with me

Dadi takes Ragini along with her

Riku: u know after getting her back Dadi have not left her alone. We all love her a lot

Sanskar smiles


Precap; Ragini in MM

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