Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 31 By Aditi Ayansh

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“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”

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Recap: Ragini in Rathore Mansion

Next day

Rathore and Janki drop her at the college.

Ragini looks at her phone.

Ragini: Sanskar didn’t call me…ok I’ll only call him.



Sanskar is frustrated

Sanskar: where is my phone?

Sujatha: what is his problem? Why is he shouting for one thing or the other.

AP; Suji let him be..

Sujatha; what jiji? Why is he behaving like this?

Pari: May be ..

Sujatha: Pari Swara u both don’t say a word..i know u’ll support him only.

Pari and Swara looks at each other

AP: Ok then come today we will ask him what happened to him ok.

Sujatha nodes her head in yes.

@ Sanskar’s room

Sanskar is searching for his phone.

AP; Sanskar beta what happened?

Sanskar; I cant find my phone badi maa

Sujatha; u only use ur phone right

Sanskar; I forgot where I kept it mom.

AP; Sanskar what happened to u beta..u been angry for some days.

Sanskar is not looking at them he is busy in searching his phone

Sujatha; are u listening?

Sanskar; yes mom…

Suddenly Sanskar’s phone starts ringing

Sujatha and AP looks at Sanskar.
Sanskar: phone was in my pocket only.

Sanskar looks at the caller name and smiles sheepishly

Sanskar(in mind): so now u thought about me?

Sanskar takes the call and goes out of his room

Sanskar: hlo

Ragini; Sanskar

Sanskar: who is this?

Ragini(in mind): who is this? whzat happened to him?

Ragini; Sanskar its Ragini

Sanskar: who Ragini?

Sanskar(in mind): u didn’t call me all these days right now I’ll irritate u.

Ragini; who means?

Sanskar: see madam I don’t know who are u

Ragini; Sanskar what u mean u don’t know me…I am Ragini yaar.

Sanskar; who Ragini?

Ragini(in mind); so you don’t remember me. Now I’ll show u

Ragini: u r Sanskar right

Sanskar: yes

Ragini: Sanskar from Banglore

Sanskar(in mind): Banglore?

Sanskar: no

Ragini: oh sorry I called the wrong person..sorry

Ragini disconnects the call

Sanskar: what hlo..Ragini.. This girl

Sanskar calls her

Ragini: why don’t u understand I already told u I dialled ur number by mistake

Sanskar: Ragini whats wrong with u?

Ragini: what is wrong with me? Ask that question urself Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar: u started it

Ragini: no u did

Sanskar: yes I did ..because u didn’t call me…all these days

Ragini: u also didn’t call me na

Sanskar: so..

Ragini: what so.

Sanskar: its ur mistake..and I am not talking to u

Ragini; fine don’t talk..i missed u so I thought we will go out together ..now that u are not talking to me ..its not needed. Bye

She disconnected the call

Sanskar curses himself

Sanskar: Sanskar what is ur problem..now she is angry on u…wait wait she said she missed me..that means..she missed me..

Sanskar is happy.

Sanskar; don’t worry now I’ll wipe out ur anger


Ragini: what is his problem? why is he behaving like this? I should not have called him..now let he be with his attitude. Idiot

After college Ragini comes out and sees Sanskar’s car there

Ragini; oh so he is here…u stay here waiting for me..i’ll go out from the other side.

Ragini goes to the other exit.

Ragini; don’t u mess with me ..

Voice: mess with who..

Ragini turns around.

Ragini: Sanskar!!!

Sanskar: hi dear.

Ragini; what r u doing here?

Sanskar; what do u think about me. Do u think I am a complete idiot?

Ragini; exactly

Sanskar; oh then u r wrong because I am not one. If I was then I would have waited for u near my car.. But I knew that u will sneak out through the other exit.

Ragini: blah blah..

Sanskar: so u Blah blah girl come with me, u wanted to spend time with me right

Ragini; Correction Mr Maheshwari I wanted to ..but now I don’t want to..got it now leave.

Sanskar: I am not leaving without my wife

Ragini; what

Sanskar: I mean …u

Ragini gives him a stern look.

Sanskar : ok I wont force u..i was thinking of having ice cream but u are not interested then…

Ragini is about to say..but her phone rings

Ragini; hlo bhaiyu..what ice cream

Sanskar looks at her

Ragini; ok bhaiyu ..yh I am here only ok bhaiyu

Ragini smiles sheepishly at Sanskar

Sanskar: why r u giving this creepy smile of urs?

Ragini; to tell u that u can finally go home. Bhaiyu is coming to pick me and on the way we ar going to have ice cream ..ok Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar; Attitude Mrs Maheshwari

Ragini: what haan.

Sanskar; yaar technically u r are my wife so Mrs Maheshwari

Ragini; but practically U are an idiot…so Miss Rathore ook

Sanskar; lets see

Ragini; game on Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar: ok Mrs..opps sorry Mis Rathore

Ragini goes..

She smiles

Sanskar also smiles..After she is gone


Precap: Sanskar’s Prank

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