Swaragini ( An impact of emotion) Part 3


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Dp asks sanskaar to meet him and dad and daughters relationship.

Scene 1

Maheshwari mansion

Dp is in his room.

Sanskaar: Bade papa do u call me?

Dp: Ha beta. Come inside. I have to talk to u one important matter.

Sanskaar: Ha bade papa say na.

Dp: U have completed ur MBA course and got top in college. So now what do u want to do? Do u want to join in our business?

Sanskaar: Ofcourse bade papa. I want. But not now i want one year time. I want to complete my music course after that i will surely join in business.

Dp: Ok beta. I will not force u. U can do as u wish. After two days laksh is coming from milan. He said that he will directly join in business. I hope u both together will manage our business.

Sanskaar: Sure bade papa. I will talk to him. We both will manage our business matters.

Dp: Ok beta. U can go now. And call everyone to hall i have to say something to them.

Sanskaar: Ok bade papa.

All family members will assemble.

Dp: Today we have to go to temple. After coming from their i have seen one relation for uttara. So we have to go their to meet their family. Get ready. By the way where is uttara?

Sujatha: Bhai sah, she went to her modeling shoot she will be here at anytime.

Dp: Ok say her also about the matter.

Sujatha: Ok.

Sanskaar tries to call her but her phone is not reachable. He calls one person and says our plan is working wellso get ready to meet me evening.

Scene 2

Gadodia mansion

Swaragini in their room getting ready for college.

Swara: Ragini today is special day for u. Finally you are going to join in music class. I suggest u that u also learn dance there. U are talented yar u can learn anything .

Ragini: I will learn swara. But music is my passion. I don’t know even one word in dance. Then how can i learn dance.

Swara: If u have interest then u can learn anything. Ok lets go to college.

Ragini: But y r u coming to the college? U have completed your course right?

Swara: Ha sister. But i have some work. From next week i am joining in father’s business. So i have to meet our professors and want to learn about business.

Ragini: Ok lets go.

They are about to leave. Sharmishta calls them for breakfast. But they will not listen to her and leaves

Sharmishta: These girls will never listen to me. See ma they are leaving without having breakfast.

Dadi: Leave mishti. They will eat in college.

Sharmishta: Ok.

Scene 3


Laksh has gone to his college to meet all his friends finally and wants to says bye for all them.

Rahul: Yar lucky we have enjoyed 4 years very happily. U can continue your business here only na. Y r u leaving us and going to India.

Laksh: I will miss u yar. But what to do i have promised to my father that i will join in his business. But your idea is good i will plan to start our business in milan also.

Rosy: Laksh what about my proposal? I said i love u. I am in love with u from last 2 years. But u r not responding to me.

Laksh: Rosy i am not loving u forget me.

Rosy: But listen laksh…

Laksh: Bye guys i have to go. He leaves but rosy looks at him angrily.

Scene 4

Dp: Lets go their house.

Sujatha: Ha bhai sa uttara is also ready.

Dp: Beta uttara. You are my beautiful and brave daughter. I will not force u that u have to marry him its ur decision ok beta don’t get tensed.

Uttara: ok bade papa.

All family will go to that house. It is a big house of malhotra’s.
Gadodia’s family also joins as they are family friends of malhotra’s. Except swaragini all will attend their.

Malhotra’s will receive both the familes.

Screen freezes on sanskaar and uttara’s tensed faces.

New entry for uttara.

Credit to: Myrah

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