Swaragini ( An impact of emotion) Part 2


Hello guys. Thanks for your comments. All of u have given your choices and also reasons. Many of them says make raglak and swasan as a pair. But some people asked for swalak and ragsan as a couple. There are many stories on swasan and raglak but only some on swalak and ragsan i also like only swalak and ragsan as a couple because based on chemistry and love between the couple from the starting we have chosen only swalak. Because of this ragini and sanskaar in real story their love has gone. If otherwise after the love proposal of laksh and swara if ragini does’t change then we will be used to see Swalak only as a couple right. So in my story i will make swalak and ragsan as a couple.

Now we can go to our story. The two unknown characters anaya and pratik will be played by sukirti kandpal and rakesh vashisth. So lets go to the ff.

Scene 1

Maheshwari mansion

All the family members will be in hall. Then at the entrance of the house after receiving award Dp will be back to home. All family members have decided to give surprise to him. When Dp enters into the house all the lights have gone off and after coming to the hall suddenly lights will on by giving congrats loudly. Dp will be surprised and is happy.

Dp: Thank u all. Today i am feeling so happy. Not only for having this award but for ur family support. Mostly from my brother and elder son. I wish that they would be with me forever.

Rp: Yes bhai. We will be always with u.

Adarsh: Yes dad.

Dp: Where is sanskaar?

Ap: He went out for some urgent work. He will be back at anytime.

Dp: Ok after he returns tell him to meet me. And tomorrow we all have to go to temple.

Ap: Ok sure.

Scene 2

Gadodia house.

Sharmishta is doing pooja and will give aarti to shekhar and dadaji and dadi. Then she calls Swara, ragini where are u both? See my pooja is completed come down. But they are not coming down.

Sharmishta: See shekhar they are not even listening to me. U have spoiled them by giving more freedom to them. See they are getting late to college even though they are not coming down. I can’t help them.

Shekhar: Mishti they are children yar. They need freedom because they have to stand on their own someday. They will get confidence on them. I am not spoiling them. Now go to their room and call them.

Sharmishta : Ok wait.

She will go to their room and she will get surprised by seeing the both are fighting among themselves.

Swara: Ragini i have choose this dress for me. Today i will wear this.

Ragini: No swara i will wear this. This is mine.

Swara: This is mine ragini. Remember dad had brought for me on my birthday. This is special for me. So give it to me.

Ragini: No sister. I am younger than u So elders should sacrifice their things to youngers. So give it to me. Also that dress only suits for me.

Sharmishta: No not again girls. U have started today early morning. On the time u will behave like best sisters ever. In the fraction of seconds what will happen to u both? Will fight like enemies.

Swara: See ma that is my dress na and also today is my first day of college i want to wear that dress. That is the gift of dad.

Ragini; No mom she has forgot. That dress is mine. She is lying.

Sharmishta: Ok i cant’ give u answer. Your father will say to u what u have to wear.

Swaragini: Ok call papa.

Shekhar: What happened my princess?

Sharmishta: See shekhar again they have started their fights for silly reasons.

Swara: This is not silly papa. This is my prestige issue. U decide and say papa. Are u supporting me or ragini?

Ragini: Yes papa say r u with me or with swara?

Shekhar: I can never choose between u both. U two are very important to me. I cannot choose but i have a better solution.

Swaragini: What?

Shekhar: Yes no we can go to shopping then u can select your dress and u can go to college ok.

Sharmishta: What again one more. No shekhar. Yesterday only they did shopping. Not today.

Shekhar: Mishti they are my daughters they can have anything they want u can’t interrupt between.

Sharmishta: Go to hell. I can never change u father and daughters.

Swaragini: Thanks papa.

Fb shows: Before day night swaragini will goes to shekhar and says that tomorrow their first day in college so they want to look best so they want to do shopping.

Shekhar: Shopping? Today only u did shopping na then u can buy your dress right?

Swara: Ya papa we have did shopping. But the thing is when we are coming back to home we have seen one girl getting harassed by one boy. He is her father.

Ragini: He is beating his own child papa. We stopped him and asked him y he is beating her. He scolded us. But we darely and strongly asked him.

Swara: Then the girl said that she want to go to college but her father is not agreeing and also beating her. She asked us to help her.

Ragini: So in order to help her we gave her our dresses and some money and said her to study well. Thats y papa we want to do again shopping.

Shekhar: Really i am proud of u my daughters. U did such a good job. Ok we can do shopping but we can say this to mishti.

Swara: No papa. Mom will not agree for shopping. She will say wear other dresses. Please u only have to do something.

Ragini: Yes papa please.

Shekhar: Ok i will see.

Swaragini; Thank u papa love u.

Fb ends.

Swaragini: Thank u papa u are our hero.

Shekhar: Love u beta. Now get ready we have to go out.

Screen freezes on swaragini their papa happily.

Both the families meet.

Credit to: Myrah

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