Swaragini ( An impact of emotion) Part 1


Hello guys thanks for your encouragement. I was so confused yar. There are so many stories on Swasan and Raglak. But so many are asking to write ff about them. And also many are asking to make Swalak and Ragsan as a couple. So u only have to help me to decide couples along with reasons y u want them as couple. Based on more memberswish i will make couples. Please help me. Now we can go to our story.


Maheshwari family introduction.

Scene 1 Gadodia’s introduction :

In Calcutta, there will be seen a big industry which is fully furnished and full of workers who are working in a good manner. Then there will be entry of a line of 4 cars all are white in color. From the middle car one person will be coming down and all the staff will welcome him. He is none other than Shekhar Gadodia. After entering the office he will go to his cabin and see his wife Janaki photo on the wall and feel for some time and he will settle down.

Shekhar: Where is baba?

P.A : He is in urgent meeting that is conducted by UK company and also some demo from garment company. We have to go their sir.

Shekhar: Ya sure. We can go.

Scene 2

Next scene goes to one beautiful house where few people are decorating the house and garden with different types of flowers. One lady was explaining them how to decorate and where to keep different types of flowers with her assistant. She is Sharmishta gadodia. She is busy in making calls to all her team members. She is an event manager.

Sharmishta: Smriti, all flowers should be spread equally. See their red is very dominating. Please take it off.

Smriti: Yes mam.

Sharmishta: Arjun please check the arch near the entrance.

Arjun: Ok mam.

Smriti: Mam tulip flowers are not yet came mam.

Sharmishta: Its ok. Pratik will bring it.

There will be the entrance of pratik with tulip flowers. He is so cute and smart with white shirt and brown trousers. He is gadodia’s family freind and Swaragini’s best friend.

Sharmishta: Do u have any responsibility? They are so many people waiting for u. Its already very late. For your sake whole function will be stopped.

Pratik: Chill aunty. We can get roses and lillies anywhere but tulips are impossible aunty.

Sharmishta: Don’t tell me these stories. Smriti keep this flowers in that place.

Scene 3

Next scene goes to one big and beautiful temple in calcutta. There are so many lights that are arranged beautifully in rows. Then one girl in pink and yellow lehenga playing with children in middle of lights. Then some her friends will cal her to come fast. She is ragini. The second daughter of shekhar and sharmishta.

Then suddenly all lights will go off. In dark she will go to her friends. Then by handling candle she will light all diya’s one by one. Then from her waist the screen will go. Then to her neck and her jewellery. Then slowly the light shows on ragini face. She is looking so beautiful and gorgeous in that indian traditional outfit. Then all lights will be on around the background. There will be also a song played (Nagada sang dol baaje song from ramleela).

Scene 4:

Next scene goes to the big dance academy in calcutta. One dance master will show the steps to do. Then he will swara u come and show ur dance. Then swara will come on to the stage. All the lights will be off. One focus light will be on. It will be seen on swara’s face. All people will shout come on swara go on. Then the dance starts on song kamili song from dhoom 3. After the dance all will come to her and congratuates her.

Remaining characters are dadaji, dida and dadi.

Screen freezes on glowing face of ragini in between lights and cool and smart face of swara with her fans.

Two families meeting.


Remember guys u people have to help me in deciding the couples. High members wish will be based on making on couples. And also ur reasons for making particular couples. And also i want one more help from u for characters of anaya and pratik. Who do u want for characters of anaya and pratik? Which actor and actress are suitable for those characters? Please help me guys. Catch u tomorrow. I will be waiting for your reply. Please give more comments.

Credit to: Myrah

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  1. ragsan pls pls pls

  2. my suggestion for anaya is sanaya pithawala and for pratik is anshuman malhotra… by the way, nice updates… keep it up!!

  3. Swaalak and ragsan there are so many swasan ff pls and very less ffs of ragsan if there are 100 ffs of swasan then only 3 or 2 ffs of swalak ragsan pls write this ff in the interest of swalak and ragsn fans rest is ur decision

  4. Plz swasan

  5. pls swasan i just love them…

  6. Myrah. Make it swalak. And I have many reasons to make it swalak but the decision is up to u whether u choose swalak as couple.
    1. They look great together. Helly aka swara and Namish aka Laksh have nice bonding. Both Hemish and swalak are best.
    2. Make something new as there are many swasan ff so make it swalak.
    3.In real serial They were lovers. And that was first love.
    BTW I would like to ask personally u r the fan of swalak or swasan?
    And I know majority is with swasan but my vote is for Swalak and ragsan.

  7. Raglak and swasan plz

  8. Make it swalak. there are many swasan ff and bwt barun &helly their age difference is more.And I miss swalak in serial.when I saw lakshs expression in serial I feel very bad.so please make him happy.Every body break laksh’heart that’s not fair.

  9. make it swalak ragsan as I miss swalak and I always wanted ragsan together..
    they look awesome together …. CVS had already broken our heart please u don’t break our heart ….
    swalak and ragsan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Plzz make swasan & raglak bcoz they are looking good with eachother .

  11. Pls mk it swasan n raglak

  12. Swalak and ragsan pleaseee, they have an uncompleted story of love and I would like you to complete it 🙂

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