Swaragini ( An impact of emotion) Intro


Hi guys. Meet me Myrah. I am a big fan of Swaragini. I am inspired by all your ff stories. They are very nice. So i also want to write my own ff. Please encourage me friends.


Scene 1 : Maheshwari family

In Calcutta there is a big conference hall and there some best business legends are attended to follow a seminar and after that seminar the conference members are also giving the award of best business man of the year award. All the people are successfully conducted the seminar and finally they have announced the best business man of the year. And he is none other than Durga prasad maheshwari. All people surrounded him and congratulates him.

Next goes to Maheshwari mansion,

In the kitchen Annapoorna maheshwari is preparing food for family and then sujatha maheshwari enters and says

Sujatha: Jiji may i help you.

Annapoorna: No need sujata. All are completed. Once all members enters we can arrange every thing on dinning table.

Sujata: Ok Jiji.

Next scene goes to some beautiful place in calcutta, Some boys and girls are forming a group and starts playing music and among them selves they asks where is sanskaar. One boy says he is on the way. The screen shows Sanskaar coming on bike by wearing helmet and he stops near by them and by removing his helmet he says hi to his friends. Then sanskaar and his gang plays some rock music and plays song Kunwara song from jodi breakers. He dances while he was singing then suddenly one girl comes and dashes him and says SAVE ME. Some people follows that girl and there will be some fight and after the fight Sanskaar drops her near her house. Then they both will become friends. She introduces herself as Anaya.

Anaya: Thanks a lot and what is your name?

Sanskaar: My name is Sanskaar. Nice to meet u.

Anaya: Me too.

Sanskaar: Anyways keep smiling bye see u next time.

Anaya: Ya bye.

Next scene goes to the city Milan. There we will go and meet one handsome guy named by Laksh maheshwari.

He introduces himself by saying that he love india but there is only reason for his staying in milan. That is the screen shows on one beautiful building in milan. We can see inside. It is fully designed beautiful and rich house. We can see our laksh by sleeping on bed then suddenly he will get call from his mom.

Laksh: Hello

Annapoorna: Good morning beta.

Laksh: Good morning mom.

Annapoorna: Haven’t u got up till now?

Laksh: No mom just now i have woke up and i will get ready now.

Anaaporna: When r u coming to see your mom?

Laksh: Very soon mom. Ok mom I am getting late. I have to go bye mom Love you.

Annapoorna: Ok beta take care.

Laksh will get ready goes out.

Then the screen goes to our sweet little uttara. She will be seen by wearing white dress. She will be seen by watering to flowers in garden. She look so beautiful. And other family members are Ram prasad , Aadarsh, Parineeta.


Introduction of Gadodia family and beautiful sisters.

Credit to: Myrah

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