Swaragini “I’m yours” (introduction)


Heu guys! After reading, lots of ff on swaragini, I decided to write one to give some pleasure to swasan fan(I’m personally love both of them too and feels some relief after reading blogs about their unit) ok lets go on a story

Story starts from when DP Maheshwari and Shekhar’s family were close friends and their children are also best friends. Shekhar has two daughters Sawara and Ragini, while dp has two sons, one is Laksh and Sanskar, (he adopted Sanskar after the death of his parents).
When Laksh and Sanskar were 8 and Swara and Ragini were 5, Durga Prasad come and informs shekar’s family that they’re going to shift abroad, after listening this, all Shekhar’s family become sad. They sit together and say maybe this will become their last get together in this year. Dp requested to Shekhar one thing, before he go to London with family, he wants to make a promise by Shekhar. Shekhar rapidly answer “everything for you my friend” dp asked the hands of sawaragini for sanlak. They become shocked to see this. Shumi isn’t agree because she knows child will grow up one day and they’ll not become agree to their decision maybe. But Shekhar says she believes on her daughter and her friend that they’ll not make him degraded.
Shumi agrees after listening this but put condition that don’t let will aware of this truth to girls, because in any condition if girls get not their fiancΓ©s they’ll have broken .
All agrees with this condition.
After this Annapurna gives their “traditional bangles” to their would be daughter in law.
Dp’s family went abroad and that time (because of lack of internet and they were not so rich also) couldn’t connect to each others and separated. They both don’t know where is his best friend?
After 15 years, Shekhar become so rich and shift to small flat to big bungalow.
Swaragini is modern but know their limits very well and their family so much.
They are lively and strong girls.
Swara is student if business but she loves photography and singing also. She often visit her dad’s office to help him and seek his guidance to know the value of business.
While Ragini is opposite to her, she’s strong but innocent girl, she’s student of fine arts(about to graduate) but she feel happy to make food all the family and give some rest to her mom and dadi.
On the other side, dp is transferred in India while he couldn’t find Shekhar Bec he change his house. But he knows his promise very well.
Laksh is non-serious but lovely boys. He don’t his mba recently and now works with his daddy.
But snskar is matured handsome guy. She loves a girl named kavita but dp refused because his marriage is fixed with Swara now, he don’t talk with anyone except lucky and start his business separately with his own effort.

Credit to: Saba

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  1. Nice intro dr plz make ragsan plz there r lot of ff on swasan so plz make it ragsan

    1. Yeah sure! But after it because this story is based on swasan and raglak! You’ll find many interesting steps of their life.

  2. Plizzzzzzzz make swasan because they look cute together

  3. Wow…loved the introduction…update nxt part soon

    1. Yeah sure dear!

  4. Different from other nice:):)

  5. wow… superb Saba.. nice introduction..

  6. Wow it’s nice sabar πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks all of you and sorry to swalak and ragsan fans. But you’ll find your favourite characters as very lovable characters, so you’ll not get bore!

  8. intro was so nice

  9. Thanks all of you dears! Can you give me a favour? I’ve two options to carry my story please give me suggestion 1) swara goes to Mumbai in search of Sanskar and wants to win him. In this option just swara know about sanskar, he’s unaware from his relationship with her. 2) swasan meet but both dont know about their relationship and fall in love.

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