Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap40… Dont let me go )


Recap: Swara came to Kolkata and both Swaragini went to their meka. Sanskar came in Maheshwari’s house and saw Swara.

Samandar main utarta hoon to aankhain bheeg jaati hain,
Teri aankhon ko parhtaa hoon to aankhain bheeg jaati hain.
Tumhara naam likhnay ki ijaazat chhen gaee jab say,
Koi bhi lafz likhta hoon to aankhain bheeg jaati hain.
Maheshwari house

Sanskar is shocked to see swara in front of her. He’s not able to utter a word because of this unexpected situation. Swara comes to dp:”bade papa! He came here and he’s repent his mistake, this is enough for me, please forgive him! You also did wrong with him and wants your son back. See your son is back please accept him from core” her tone shows the feelings of her heart. Raglak are happy to listen her request, ap also agree with her while Sanskar is still in shock to see her. Sanskar is in his heart:”who’s she? And what’s she doing here?” AP and lucky hugs him while dp is also angry but he gave him blessing and says to take a rest in his room. He goes to his room, there’s many things are changed in his absence but still he’s familiar with his room because of fragrance of someone special. He’s still confuse, there’s many painting and art work hanging on the wall instead of his photos.

Swara comes to room and sanskar goes to her at the very moment. :”Shona! What are you doing there? And what’s this joke?” He holds her hand hard to listen explanation from her.. Swara jerks his hands:”who’s Shona? There’s standing Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari!” He’s shocked:”you’re Swara! It means” he hits his head to moan on his wits. But at the next moment he feels much relief and happiness. :”it means destiny isn’t bad as I thought” Sanskar:”you came here to realizing my mistake naa? Dont worry, I told you naa ill correct everything! We’ll be happy together, uff!! I dont believe, it’s you Shona! I came here for seeking a way of peace but I didn’t know that ill find my destination here” Swara:”yeah you’ll correct everything to divorce me! So please do what’s the purpose of yours to come here! And dont think to come close to me, ill said that because I know the pain of your family which you never know” swara says in strange voice. While Sanskar feels guilty to heard her words.

Sanskar:”shona….” Swara:”you take rest, I’ve a work” He notices that she’s sneezes continuously because of flue, he wnts to go after hr but cant find courage to face everyone again. In corridor: Ragini heard their convo and says her:”swara! You said that you’ve also participated in his sin, so what’s the problem now, you take your revenge. Now you bath are on equal state! Go and live your life swara” Swara:”do you forgive laksh so easily” Ragini avoids eye contact:”this is another matter” Swara:”yeah this is another matter because you love him from few months, I love him from many years rags! And I’m not angry with him, I just find myself helpless whenever I saw him I recalls his words of divorce! If I accept him so easily, he’ll never know the value of our marriage! I want his love for swara, not Shona!” Ragini hugs her:”im with you swara” Swara:”forgive laksh also” Ragini:”its easy to advice someone but hard to apply by ourselves! Well ill annoy him for few more hours then talk to you, if he also keep aside of his ego” Both sisters smile to each others and went downstairs. AP is super happy, happiness is also shown on the face of do but he’s not act like ap.

AP:”swaragini! Come here hurry up! I’ll make all the favourite dishes of sanskar! Ohhh I don’t believe, my son is back” Swara feels happiness as well as guilt to her behaviour with sanskar. Laksh:”maa! May I also help you to cook food for Bhai? You know swara! In our childhood, me and Bhai often help mum to cook food” Swara:”I know because we’re childhood friends naa” Laksh:”yeah off course!” Ragini wants to talk with him but she’s silently, working. AP:”laksh! If you wanna work then. Go and help ragini for cutting the vegetables and swara you come to me for help me” swara nods and they’re doing their work. Raglak hands touch with each others and they look each other’s eyes. Ragini is still cutting the vegetables but because of absent of her mind, she gets a cut:”ouch!” Blood is running through her fingertips, laksh becomes worried to see her blood. She holds her hand and goes to wash basin immediately. He shows her hand under the tap while ragini gets teary eyes to show his concern for her. Blood is flowing with the water but she doesn’t feel the pain anymore. Laksh:”maa! We’ll come after dressing to Ragini ” AP nods and both go to their room. Laksh holding her hand delicately and bandage her finger.

Ragini:”its ok laksh!” Laksh:”is it not ok Ragini! You thought that I didn’t feel your pain, but you’re wrong” Ragini understands what he wanna says to him. Ragini:”laksh…!” A tear of regret comes from her eyes:”I’m sorry!” Laksh:”im sorry too ragini! I’ve behaved like typical husband” Ragini:”no this was also my mistake, I should be free whenever you come home” Laksh:”no rags! This was my mistake, I should understand your career also” Ragini:”no laksh! This was my mistake” Laksh:”yes ragini! This was your mistake!” Ragini:”yes laksh this was my mist…” She understands his trick and hits him:”you’re so bad” Laksh:”you’re bad who doesn’t give time to your husband” Ragini:”im sorry laksh! I’ll must give time you anyhow” Laksh:”im sorry too ragini! I’ll give you space also for next time! But you’ve to give penalty for it” he holds her naughtily. Ragini pushes her and smiles;”not now! I’ve lots of work” Laksh:”wait for tonight my love! You’ve to pay penalty” Ragini giggles and gets down from downstairs.

At night swasan room: He’s thinking about Swara’s strange behaviour, he thinks alot and recalls all their moments together. Sanskar:”I dont know Shona! Why are you doing with me?” He recalls their last moments. He’s thinking about her behaviour, she comes inside the room. He goes to her and pins her to the wall:”why are you doing me like this Shona?” Swara:”leave me Sanskar! And im not Shona! I’m Swara!” Sanskar:”ok swara! Please forgive me and dont do me like that?” Swara is enjoying his attention in her heart but doesn’t wanna give him any clue to her heart. She cooks up the plan, and decides to annoy her. Swara:”because I loved someone else” Sanskar is freezes to listen her:”I know you love someone, but we’ve a chance to move in our life” She pushes him:”you come here to divorce from this unwanted relationship, now I want to get rid of this unwanted relationship” He’s shocked to listen her:”Shona!…” Swara is happy in her heart and thinks:”you always saying divorce divorce now I’ll stick you in your own plan” Swara:”I only said that I forgave you because bade papa allow you in this house, that doesn’t mean I forgive you, now go to sleep please” She goes to bed and starts sleeping while Sanskar is watching her helplessly. At raglak room:

Ragini changed her clothes when laksh comes to room, find room romantically decorated and ragini is in gorgeous nightie. He whistles and goes to ragini. Ragini holds him and pull him towards her. Laksh smirks:”my wife ‘s mood is soo romantic today” Ragini smiles and gives her seductive look:”because my husband wants something something” Laksh:”something something? What?” She holds his hands and drags him towards the bed. She leans down on the bed and pulls him on her:”first come to me! Then ill tell you” Laksh is happily goes to her to know about her secret and offs the light. After one month: In raglak room: Laksh comes to his room and finds ragini no where. He finds a chit on the table:”come on the terrace, I’ve a surprise for you” Laksh smiles and holds his heart:”uff ragini you’re going to be so romantic in my company! I’m coming darling…” He goes to upstairs and reached the roof. But shocked to see nothing in roof. Only ragini is waiting for him in simple saree. Laksh:”where is surprise?” Ragini:”hmm… Just a minute naa” she drags him to the table which she arranged and makes him sit. Table is also simple, no flowers, no candles, what’s the matter. She sits in front of her:”choose one hand” she extends her both of her fist to him. Laksh:”which fist has kiss and which fist has a long kiss?” Ragini:”offioo laksh! There’s many things in the world except kiss and romance”

Laksh:”ok!” He chooses left fist and she opens the fist which has pink chit. Laksh:”what’s this?” Ragini comes to him and whisper in his ears:”this means baby girl” Laksh:”what baby girl?” Suddenly he stopped:”do you mean?” Ragini whispers again:”I’m pregnant laksh” Laksh is shocked to listen her. He’s not believed that either she’s really saying what he listen or it was just his imagination or nightmare. He thinks about the people who suffering from the problem of children. Pampers, toys, child’s crying all are come in his mind like nightmare of open eyes. He sees himself changing pampers of baby, feeding him, ruin his sleep to pat him, ragini will not has any time for him. Laksh:”no….” Ragini:”what? Do you wnt baby boy?” Laksh compose himself:”I mean to say, we are not ready for this child, your career my drams! There’s many things in our basket to resolve, we cant afford this child” Ragini:”im settled. Your business is also settled, we don’t have any financial problem! So what’s your problem?” Laksh:”is this age of our carrying baby? Look at you! You’re perfect now, this is only six months of our marriage! This is age of our playing and enjoying the life instead of upbringing the child, we’re nit ready” Ragini:”at least im ready” Laksh:”im not because this my playing age! We’re so young ” Ragini:”yeah you’re the child of 25 years old” Laksh:”it’s enough ragini, I dont want this child! This is final” Ragini is shocked to see his strong tone of decision.

Swasan room:

Swara comes to room while Sanskar is working. Sanskar takes out the file from draw and gives her. Sanskar:”I’ve signed the divorce paper, it’s your turn to sign, when we’ll announce our decision tomorrow” Swara feels pain but look strong:”yeah off course! Finally ill get rid of this unwanted relationship and go to my love” Sanskar is hurt to hear that but hide it.:”ok sign this” Swara takes the file but isn’t sign on it. :”ill sign it, now please go to your bed(couch) and gets sleep, we’ll talk to elders tomorrow” Sanskar:”yeah after it, ill go Mumbai but your mission is completed, dont worry ill connected with my family also” Swara switches off the light and sanskar goes to couch. Both acting to sleep but a huge layer of disturbance will not allow to sleep them. Sanskar falls asleep but swara can not fall asleep, she sees him sleeping and her eyes replete with love of him. She goes to her and bent down her knees to looks him. She touches his face with love and sigh his name:”sanskar!…

” A deep silent comes between them and she doesn’t understand what to do. Swara:”how can I tell you, how much I love! Nor from few days or months, from years or maybe if I had any life before this, I loved in that life too and if I will have any life after it. I’ll love you in this life too!..” Tears are rolling from her eyes and her voice is echoes in the silent of night. She continues:”sanskar! You’re the one whom I love you from years, how can I tell you that I cant live without you, and you’re separating me from yourself! Is it easy to separate your Shona from yourself? Please come to me sanskar and stop me! I dont wanna go” she wipes her tears and just about to leave then he holds her hand:”don’t go my Shona”

Credit to: Saba

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  2. nice and awesome don’t forget to update today ff I am eagerly waiting for swasan romance

  3. Today’s episode was mind blowing. But I have a confusion before rags pregnancy news there is a leap of one month so, is this leap is also for swasan; I mean the scene where they are talking about divorce is one month after when sanskaar came back to mm.
    And if it is so then I am disappointed as swara took one month to accept sanskaar’s love. How painful it would have been for sanskaar for being infront of his love but getting rudeness instead of love from her.

    1. Hey Tania! Thanks dear! Yeah there’s one month leap because everything take time to set! And this is also reason because there’s fb in next episode also

  4. Thanks kanthi dear! I’ve uploaded next part thanks jwala for your lovely comment!
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    Thanks hayathi dear!

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  6. Wow saba u write ur ff in so beautiful language… I.always love it n will always love it..?????

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    Yah saw ur reply on nithya’s comment..
    For me Ur explanation is satisfactory..bz we r human being na..he can forgive her..as he loved her so much

    1. Hey Sethooty! Thanks dear! Yeah I gave one month leap to take time to adjust! Dont worry Sanskar was also annoyed her in that month according to fb on next episode! Well thank you dear! We’re human being, it’s not always a matter of giving revenge of our every pain! Sometimes, we should forget also

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