Swaragini “I’m yours” (chapt 2 spring from autumn)


Hey guys! I know this is very early update, but I can’t control my thoughts and ideas in my mind. So I decided to write yet thus ideas will stop. If you find my story interesting, so must comment, your feedback is much important for me.

Afternoon time, all family is sitting the park nearby mandir.
Swara called Ragini and told about everything, she become happy.
Laksh asked about Ragini because he knows that she’s her fiancee and eager to see him.

Swara says she’s about to come. Swara see here and there to find something.
Laksh noticed and asked Swara what’s she seeking?
Swara: “where is Sanskar? He doesn’t come with you?”
Laksh looks tense after hearing this and said: “he has an important meetings”
Swara nodes but become sad to know it.
Fb shown that when Swara was at 8th standard, she accidentally listen the conversation between Sumi and dadi in which she knows she’s engaged to Sanskar.
From that time, she couldn’t help to get rid of this feeling from her heart towards Sanskar.
While Ragini come and take blessing from elders.
Laksh amused to see that how perfect she is! She thought, dp chose right partner for her.

Swara go to take a swing and slide, Ragini laugh to see this.
She Said to laksh: “do you remember lucky? I got injury because of you when you pushed me”,
Laksh surprised to hear this and said: “yeah! I always remember that incident because I got beaten by papa to hurt you”. They both laugh and talking about each others.
After knowing that she’s art student, he said that he wants to see his work. All family gave their address to each others.
Shekhar asked her to come tomorrow to take a dinner with all family. Dp agrees.
They went to each others house.

At night Maheshwari’s house.
Sanskar comes to house and wants to go to his room but Laksh asked him to come join them to taking dinner. (Sanskar doesn’t talk to anyone except Laksh at home). He excuse to him and went to his room.
Laksh followed him and told him today’s incident. Sanskar becomes worried to hear this. Because he knows the wish of dp and doesn’t wnt to disobey him. (he’s still loves and respect him but doesn’t want to forgive him.

Laksh: “you know Swara is so pretty, you cant reject her”
Sanskar”you should worried about yourself or Ragini, don’t about me and now leave me alone”
Laksh: “ok! I’m going but I
Informed you, tomorrow we’ll going Swaragini house and you have to come with us, I don’t want to make any excuse from you” Laksh went and Sanskar worried because he doesn’t want to faced Swara and his family and make a plan.
Next morning he packed his small bag and informed Laksh that he’s going to growing his business, so that he has to go London for about a month.
Laksh becomes sad to listen him but doesn’t stop him because he knows his career’s value.
In Swaragini’s house: Everyone becomes so happy, Shekhar told to Sumi, she should let know to their daughters about their engagement. But she denied that first dp talk about it then she’ll talk to them. Maybe he forgot his promise.
Shekhar knows that dp will not forget his promise but don’t say anything. In Swaragini’s room:
Swara is playing guitar of sweet romantic tune.
And thinking about Sanskar when will she see him and knows about him.
She got idea and called Laksh. Swara:”hello Laksh!”
Laksh surprised to get call from her. Laksh: “hello!
Swara! How’s there everything?”
Swara:”yeah everything is fine” she don’t understand how to asked Laksh about Sanskar.
Swara:”its happy to see you, you grow up and become handsome”
Laksh:”thanks! By the way, you re also beautiful” Swara; “thanks dear!, what are you doing nowadays?”
Laksh: “I’ve don’t my mba and nowadays joined papa’s business, and you?” Swara:”yeah that’s great, I’m about to graduate in business” Laksh:”hmm…”
He doesn’t understand what to say because they’re meeting after long time.
Swara:(with hesitation): “what’s Sanskar doing nowadays?”.
Laksh:”Bhai have also done mba and now growing up their own business” Swara:”where is he? Can I talk to him?”
Laksh:(disappointedly)”oh! He’s not at home” Swara:”oh! So can you give me his number?”.
Laksh:”again I can’t because he just went for airport to take a flight for London, he’ll must change his number after reaching this”
Swara(with great disappointment) “oh! Ok…” And about to say goodbye
Laksh”oh! You can take his email id, it can help you” Swara get happy to listen this”yeah sure”., Laksh”ok ill text you”
Swara said ok and goodbye to him and waiting for text.
She got text , the email id of Sanskar and goes to her notebook.
Swara:”now its time to do something for my love” her eyes blinked.

Credit to: Saba

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  1. Saba , it’s good … different… wish you all the best 🙂

  2. Wow..its soo different..in evry ff always boys will fall for girls..here swara is waiting to knw abt sanky..loved it.. ..dnt take much time to update nxt part….waiting for it

  3. Nice dear it is really different from other ff

  4. Tooooo good

  5. Thanks all of you, for your love and support, I upload next parts also. I hope you all like this! Take care..

  6. so nice yaar

  7. Hey guys! I want one suggestion from you, please do comments all my readers because I need your suggestion and your suggestion is much important for me. After that as you know sanskar leave s swara but they don’t see each others till..now I’ve two options to carry my story. 1) swara decided to go in the search of sanskar, she met him and know him by seeing his photo, but dont inform him anything and they’ll fall love. 2) .swasan meet each others without knowing that they’re spouse. And fall in love Reply me must, which option is suitable for my story!!

  8. Thanks all of you dears! Can you give me a favour? I’ve two options to carry my story please give me suggestion
    1) swara goes to Mumbai in search of Sanskar and wants to win him. In this option just swara know about sanskar, he’s unaware from his relationship with her.
    2) swasan meet but both dont know about their relationship and fall in love.

  9. Hey saba… the story is nice but you are making silly mistakes such as mentioning him r her, he r she…. Please re-read before you are posting it… I didn’t mean to hurt you… your ideas are good but these silly mistakes make me to lose interest in it…. all the best…

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