Swaragini “I’m yours” (Chap8.. Angels are showering flowers)


Hey guys! I’m here with next part, I’m uploading soon because, after it I’ve no time to upload (my exams about to start),
however ill try my best to upload at least one per day.
Today’s marriage ceremony of Sanlak and swaragini.
I’m not writing too much ritual, because real story will be start after wedding, so I just want you to make you feel real importance of marriage as pure relationship. I hope you’ll find it interesting.
After one week(in this one week, all going well, sanskar told lucky, he’ll directly come on wedding day because of lack of time, he often chat with swara but in formal way only, raglak also talk to each other on phone because family is forbid them to meet)
Sumi comes to swaragini room and emotional to see them as bride.
She said:”I don’t believe this, you’re grown up and now, going to your husband’s house” dadi and dida also come there.
They all get emotional to see them and give them lots of prayers of happiness.
Swara:”dont be so santy, all of you otherwise we’ll also cry and our makeup will be flow”,
All smiled and leave them till Barat come.
In Maheshwari house.
Sanskar just arrive at home and getting ready with laksh.
Laksh:”its really annoyed feelings of me, I’ve friendship with so many girl, actually my relationship is more than friendship, but now I didn’t feel such pleasure to meet a girl before…”
AP comes and listen his convo, so she decided to give them some advice
. AP:”its because laksh, this relationship is so pure, not like that your illegal or flirt relationship, Ragini will not be your gf, she’ll be your wife, maybe you cant understand this relationship now, but you both listen, this relationship means love. Compromise and offcourse responsibility also, but you’ll enjoy this responsibility because you’ve an honour to have a girl, who’s all yours, who has legally rights to love you and this will be your great pleasure which you cant understand”
Sanskar is still quite, she comes to him and tag a brooch on his sherwani.
AP:”I know you still angry with us, we cant repair our past but we can make our future, its time to move on beta, I understand your pain but when you bind with this pure relationship or once you accept swara from heart, you can understand our decision is good for you”.,
She complete and tell them to be ready in five minutes, we’re about to go. (I dont know so much about Hindu marriages, so I described minimum about it)
Barat comes and grooms are sitting on mandap, sumi brings both brides and make sit them with their respective grooms. Both brides’ faced are covered (traditional ghunghat, we can say) Marriage ceremony started, a beautiful and pure relationship about to bind. It’s said that, marriage is first relationship which is taken in this world and first marriage was held on sky. Every wedding take place of that first Marriage. Angels are blessed to couples because they like this pure relationship, and showering flowers which isn’t seen by anyone but give them prayers of happiness.
Both grooms and brides taking pheres. Yeah! Promises is made by them, promise to trust to each other, promise to stay with each others in any difficulty, promise to be loved and promise to love.
They bind mangalsutr that now you’re mine and I’m yours, this black thread is strong enough to bind us in beautiful relationship. This sandoor is the identity you’re mine and no one can harm you. I’m not only the owner of your body but responsible of your whole right, I’m not only loved by you but I’m responsible to love you back.
Brides has teary eyes under the cover of ghunghat, she knows now she’s not single anymore. Because I’m responsible to happiness of my family, I’m not only honored by you but also make honour for you. It’s my responsibility to take care of you because you take care of me. If both breaks their promise, it will the victory of devil and all the flowers which were showered by angles, will become lifeless. They take blessing from elders. Angels are also giving blessing with them.
After the traditional ritual, they re about to go. All family meet with girls with teary eyes. It’s painful moment with filled by heart pleasure because parents will be honored by god that now you’ve complete your responsibility as having a parent of daughters.

They come in the new house, all is new for them but just after few days, girls have powers to adjust in this new environment. Scatters happiness and love.
After all customs, ap brings brides to their respective rooms.
Both are waiting for their grooms with frighten heart. In Ragini room: “I should change, because I was talked to Laksh that we’ll start this relationship like a good friend and then go forward. But maybe he doesn’t like this, so I should wait”
Laksh comes, Ragini is standing in front of mirror. Laksh comes behind her, she’s still in ghunghat.
:when will you uncovered your face darling? His voice isn’t stable, Ragini noticed this and uncovered his face to look what happened. She shocked to see that laksh is drinking.
In Swara’s room:
Swara’s heart fully filled by fear and love. She doesn’t know even one thing about sanskar, he’s fully stranger for her in real but from her heart, he’s the one who owe her.
Swara in her mind:”when he’ll be come, I want to tell him that hows I love him from years without seeing him, every night, I was dreamed about him. When I sees the moon, I think this moon is so lucky because he’s also watching you. When will you come sanskar, your swara is waiting for you…”
She still looking to door but it wont open till morning.

Precap: Its revealed that sanskar leave swara at night.

Hey guys! I want one suggestion from you, please do comments all my readers because I need your suggestion and your suggestion is much important for me.
After that as you know sanskar leave s swara but they don’t see each others till..now I’ve two options to carry my story.
1) swara decided to go in the search of sanskar, she met him and know him by seeing his photo, but dont inform him anything and they’ll fall love.

Credit to: Saba

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  1. Please continue this line only:-)

    1. Sorry riya! It was incomplete by mistake, second option is that swara goes Mumbai but both don’t know each others and fall in love,, must reply with your suggestion

  2. Guys! Second option is that swasan meet each others without knowing that they’re spouse. Reply me must, which option is suitable for my story!!

  3. Nice episode…but sanskar’s behaviour is so strange yaar…bt waiting fr the pure bond of love to make swasan ….a better pair

  4. Tats better pair ….second option is ok…bt they r married na .,,wat abt tat yaar
    …tell me clearly …plsss

    1. Yes dear! They’re married but didn’t see each others yet!

  5. 2nd option
    super ff

  6. First option saba 🙂

  7. Make it like this
    That swara feel betrayed nd decided to pursue her career nd leave 4 Mumbai where she meet sanskar nd he will fall for her but swara doesn’t believe in love MD marriage

    1. You’re genius dear! I exactly thought about it, keep reading you’ll know soon

  8. Carry on wid option 1

  9. no….4 now both d faces shuld b undr wraps later when sanskar vil fall 4 swara…..open their actual relation

  10. The second one!

  11. 2nd one unknown bonding will join them forever and there will be no chuppan chupaye

  12. 2nd one

  13. Hey Anu option is also good

  14. And also 2nd one

  15. super dear I love that marriage lines “you’re mine and I’m yours” samma I really love this next para also super plz continue this dear

  16. second choice

  17. wow…saba ur writting skill.is mindblowing…i really njy to read ur updates…..specialy this one…..u dont discribe the ritual bt u descrbe the important of marriage each and every…that dialogues r awns dr….seariously…i love to read it…u have wounderful talent keep itup…al the best…

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