Swaragini “I’m yours” (Chap5.. Conflict between heart and mind)


Hey guys! I’m here again with new story, hope you like it.
In Maheshwari’s house.
DP called Laksh and asked her to video call to sanskar, he wanna talk to them about very important decision of their life. Laksh called, Sanskar come on the video call and asked Laksh about the matter. Laksh said he doesn’t know also just wait for a bit.

Dp said, I know Sanskar you don’t forgive me about kavita’s matter, I can accept her if I didn’t fix your marriage first. I know its all unforgettable, I’m sorry all of this, but this time I’ve to fulfill my words. Both girls are so beautiful, intelligent and innocent, and off course perfect from every angle. I want you two believe on me, ill not harm you, but last decision is yours, you’ve one day to think, tomorrow I’ll asked about yours decision and it should be yes, if you don’t degrade me in front of my best friend”.
He ends and goes to his room. Sanlak talk to each others.
Laksh:”Bhai! Are you agree for this?”
Sanskar:”I don’t want to ruin swaras life, because my heart is really empty but by the words of bade papa, I don’t think so that they’ve any guilt for kavita, he just want to keep his words.”
Laksh”Bhai! Don’t think like that, he has guilt but you know him very well, his words is so much important for him”
Sanskar:”ok Lucky! Are you agree with this marriage?”
Laksh:”Bhai! I’m confused because from her thinking and appearance, I finds her perfect and difference from my all gf, I like her and personally I don’t love anyone so maybe I give positive reply but I think on it too because its my life’s decision.”
Sanskar:”now I’ve some work , I’ll talk to you later, goodbye”
Laksh”goodbye Bhai, think about swara must, she’s a good girl” sanskar nodes and log out.
In Shekhar’s house.
Sumi and dadi asked to Swaragini’s alliance.
Swara already knows that and blush while Ragini is in shocked.
Sumi said:”look! Both of you free from any pressure, if you feel uncomfortable from this decision, we can deny, you’ve time to think and give your answer no matter, it’ll be yes or no”
But Dadi don’t like sumi’s talk so said:”but if you wanna say no, you should remember that it will be disgrace of your father, now so you can think”
Sumi said again:”maa please don’t say like that, you two are free from any pressure just listen to your heart”.
They gone and Swaragini’s thinking about their marriage.
Ragini asked to Swara:”swara! What you think about it”
Swara said:”Ragini! I hide something from you” Ragini:”what?”

Swara:”I know all this things already but didn’t tell you because I heard from mom that, if Laksh doesn’t marry you, your heart will be break”
Ragini shocked but said”now what you think?”
Swara:”I’m totally agree because I don’t know when and how, I starts love to Sanskar, and dont control my emotions. This marriage will give me lots of happiness because I’ll get my love”
Ragini shockingly listen all this:”you love him from years and didn’t let me know, a clever girl, but I pray, sanskar will give you lots of happiness”.

Swara smiles and hugs her. At night in Swaragini’s room:

Swara in mind: “what should I do? I love sanskar lots but don’t know about him anything, either he’ll love me or not, I’m totally confused” her mind said to her don’t take decision before knowing about sanskar properly but her heart said “he’s yours, you don’t need to asked him anything because destiny make your bond”. She totally confused.
Ragini said to herself:”what should I do? Lucky is a good boy but I’m not know him about so much” her mind said her that she shouldn’t do arrange marriage while heart said that, as a good girl, you’ve to do arrange marriage, so you know Laksh and his family so its better to marry any stranger.
On the other side Laksh’s mind is thinking”you should marry Ragini because she’s innocent girl and wouldn’t know what you do outside to house” while his heart said”you don’t deserve a girl like Ragini, she’s so pure and you’re such a devil and flirt”
In sanskar’s apartment. He’s thinking different thing which no one expect.

Precap: Sanlak and Swaragini give their decision to their parents.

Credit to: Saba

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  1. What was he thinking ???? Olzz write next part quickly

  2. wow…really nice to have very fast updates from you.. its like getting many gifts at a time.. and your story line is very nice and interesting..please keep going..

  3. Hey guys! I want one suggestion from you, please do comments all my readers because I need your suggestion and your suggestion is much important for me. After that as you know sanskar leave s swara but they don’t see each others till..now I’ve two options to carry my story. 1) swara decided to go in the search of sanskar, she met him and know him by seeing his photo, but dont inform him anything and they’ll fall love. 2) .swasan meet each others without knowing that they’re spouse. And fall in love Reply me must, which option is suitable for my story!!

  4. so nice dear… make swasan meet n fall in love without knowing they r spouse

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