Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap44….”happy beginning”) Last Chapter

Recap:”laksh convince ragini while swara wasn’t giving a chance to Sanskar. Raglak and sanskar planned about to trap swara. Next day, sanskar completely ignores swara and does his work while swara is annoyed by his behaviour. Whenever she jerks, he gives thumb up to laksh. When she looks him, he gives her strong look and pretend to involve in work. Three of them are enjoying her irritation but dont pretend in front of her. Three of them are gathered in canteen. Ragini:”she’s so irritating, now she knows the importance of yours” Sanskar:”oh! I just want to give her happiness when she’ll see her surprise” Laksh:”I hardly control my laughter to sew her face” Sanskar:”now ragini! You leave and make what we planned, you remember our plan na?” Ragini thumbs up them:”ok done! I’ll do my part, you’ll be prepared for yours” Sanlak:”done and go” three of them are smiling about her expression. Same day at night, swaragini are going to sleep in their room. Ragini switches off the light and swara sees flashing light on their window. Swara:”I think someone on the door” Ragini:”you go and check” Swara nods and opens the window. No one is there, she’s about to turn when she saw something. She goes in terrace and looks down. There’s lots of candles in the shape of “i love you” she gets happy but shows attitude and shouts to sanskar:”but itna hi?”

Sanskar smirks:”it’s just a beginning, come down hurry up” Swara smiles and comes down. She wanna go to Sanskar, but she doesn’t find him. She seeks him here and there while she hears the voice of bells. Someone continuously ringing the bells, she follows the voice. She’s wearing small sized t-shirt with loose trouser as night dress and her hairs are open which playing with the winds. Swara shouts:”sanskar!! Where are you?” She’s continuously follow the rings of bell. Winds are smiling to see her concern for her beloved and dragging her towards the bell which is rang by her life. Swara comes to bell and sanskar isn’t there also, but she finds a beautiful wooden box there. She opens the box and finds a note in it. She feels curious, she reads a note:”I know you made great effort to search me,now you’ve to play hide and seek with me, if you wanna see your surprise. Then you’ve to search me first, your first clue in front of you”

she finds a keys of hotel. Hotels name is written on keys. She hurriedly takes out her car and message ragini to manage her absence at home. She goes to hotel’s room that maybe she finds a surprise here but disappointed to see that there’s nothing like that. She about to turn when she saw a box of dress, she opens the box and sees a red heavy lahanga there and a note:”I didn’t see you as my bride, that was my mistake Shona! But this time I’ve to correct everything, I wont make you so much promises of happiness, but I promise you to be with in every thick and thin as your saviour, I feel happy if you wear it, when you come in front of me and you get next clue in this room”
Swara smiles and wears that lahanga, when she saw a reflection on mirror, she thinks:”you make me effort to find you naa! Then ill make you wait to touch me” she smirks to think about her plan. She watches out the room and find lots of bells in a room. “bells mean….(she thinks that if bell is clue then on which place sanskar indicated) “temple” a word comes in her mind. She goes to temple nearby hotel and finds lots of diyas on there also. Candle’s lights are reflect in her eyes. She finds again a box and she opens it immediately.”whenever I think about you, I think the moment, when you snatch the cigarette from me, I didn’t know that time. That you’ve all rights on myself, but I never thought that one day ill eagerly give you my all rights” She mesmerized to see the beauty of temple but she doesn’t understand the riddle. Swara:”if is it riddle, then what he wanna trying to say” She reads many time the note and understands that he focus on a word”rights” Swara:”rights means relationship, and our relationship is connect to marriage(she sees here and there) marriage held on mandir(she’s walking around the mandir) and im in mandir, it means Sanskar is in mandir…”

She’s walking here and there to search sanskar. While she saw mandap but there’s no one. She goes there and finds another box:”uff another riddle” she opens the box. She finds a note:”whenever I see you, I feel that you’re created for me, only for me, your heart, your soul, your love everything is for me, if you find the truthiness of my words, then you’ll never stay away from me, you’ll never say me no! Reminds the place where we shared many moments of our life. Come and we’ll start our new life” Swara:”a place. Where we shared many moments of our life… Our apartment, not apartment. Some particular place…park… Yeah park” she reminds that there’s a park nearby the temple. She immediately goes there and gets inside. She sees flowers are scatters every where and lanterns are glowing the night. She finds her love in the light of lantern and fragrance of love. She holds her hands. There’s a lots fog everywhere which blare the scene. She holds her and brings her near the artificial pool. Lots of lotus are floating in the pool. Swara hits him:”why are you do this drama?” Sanskar:”you want something different naa! Then enjoy this speciality” Swara hits him:”whatever… But you made me effort to search you” Sanskar puts his finger on her lips:”sssshhhh.. I’m not so filmy, even I’m not so romantic to do many things for you, (he holds her hand and keep it on his chest) but this is all yours Shona! Please accept this heart which can’t beat without you, I wanna mingle my soul in your soul, Shona I m neither artist nor a poet to collect beautiful words to praise you, even I’m not so creative mind to give you special treatment…(he paused) but at the end, I want you as a way you’re! And want to accept me as im (he knees down) Shona! I’m here, not to impress you, not for the sake of something special, because for me every moment is special when you’re with me….(he widened his hands) Shona! Make my life special, will you become my life? Will you want to spend your whole life with this simple man who doesn’t know how to propose a girl… Wil you?”

Swara overwhelmed by his words and says:”yes sanskar!! (she sits down with him) will you become my life forever?” Sanskar nods and hugs him. Suddenly they hear the voice of clapping. All Maheshwari’s and gadodia family are present here. Swara hugs sumi and ragini and turns to lucky:”is this yours plan?” Lucky nods and says:”it’s our plan my dear Bhabhi! Now we’ve arranged your wedding at mandap, lets go” Swara hits her:”why dont you tell me? And why did you do this drama, if you wanna propose me so simply?” Sanskar winks:”do you like surprises naa and also crooked things, then we decided to annoy you” she hits him again.:”you’re so bad” Sanskar:”im bad or good, but you’ve to spend your whole life with me” Sanskar holds her hand and brings her to mandap. Which is beautifully decorated. Sanskar holds her hand and do pheras, he made promise to keep her safe, protect her, with her in every thick and thin. She made promise to be with her, give her every happiness of life. Raglak reminisces their promises and laksh holds her hand slowly, ragini looks her with sweet smile. Marriage is completed and swara says something strange which first shock the family, then they agree. Swara:”maa bade papa! I don’t want to return in that room, which has bad memories of my pain, we wanna go Mumbai directly.”

Sanskar looks her with surprise then smile and holds her hand. All are agree their decision but with teary eyes. Sanskar:”I’ve my stuff in Mumbai. But what about you swara?” Ragini:”dont worry, swara already told me her decision, I called servant to bring her and your stuff” Sanskar smile, all drop them to airport. Swara:”dont worry ma papa! Bade paa, badi maa, dadi , dada ji! We’ll come every weekend” Raglak:”and what about us” Sanskar smiles and says:”you both always with us day and night, so we’ll meet everyday via skype” Everyone is happy to theirs siblings bonding.

Maheshwari house: Raglak go to their room, ragini removing her jewellery and laksh hugs her from back.:”I’ve a surprise for you” Ragini turns to her:”again surprise means again romance! Cant you bother from everyday romance” He hugs her tummy:”this is sign of our everyday romance” ragini shies to understand his words. Laksh:”ok!! Now close your eyes” Ragini:”im not in mood to romance laksh! I’m so tired, please laksh” Laksh:”no excuse dear!” She closes her eyes and he brings her to room beside their room. Laksh:”now open your eyes” Ragini surprises to see the room which is fully decorated by toys and kids stuff. Ragini:”oh laksh… You did it” she hugs him and gets excited:”ohhh laksh! Thank you soo much for this beautiful gift” Laksh:”ragini! This is ours baby room, you dont need to say thanks..(change the tone) by the way. If you wanna say thanks, then you should give me reward” Ragini understands his words and drags her to their room for his rewards. Swasan reach at Mumbai they reached their apartment. Swara:”no flowers, no candles, nothing romantic there” she closes the door of apartment while Sanskar is setting their stuff. Swara stops him:”let this mess there, because I wanna mess up with you” she gives him a naughty smile. Sanskar:”I dont feel your intention good” he acted that he’s afraid of her. Both smile to each others and hugs each others passionately.

Sanskar:”dont you feel tired? After long journey?” Swara:”yeah we’ve a long long journey, but this time to get out from this tiredness” she throws him to bed. Sanskar:”swara!! Wanna rape me?” Swara hits him:”in your dreams” Sanskar sighs:”ohh! When that incident will happen” swara comes to him and says in deep voice:”now” Sanskar hugs her tight and makes her sit. Sanskar slowly removes her dupata and kisses on her forehead. He touches her face with concern and says:”thank you Shona to come in my life…” Swara puts her finger on his lips:”dont say anything Sanskar! You dont know me how much I’ve been waiting for this time, im yours sanskar from lives! You dont need to say thanks! You’re saying thanks to me for this which is already yours! This was our destiny sanskar!” She keeps her head on his chest. Sanskar holds her in her arms. All emotions are stop to playing hide and seek because this is night of their rising to the moon. Sanskar makes her lean down and comes on him. He touches her face with sweet smile and mingles her lips with his lips. Their breath are entangled with each others and their soul are dancing in the sky to celebrate the triumph of their unison.

Hey guys!! Saba’s here! This is last episode of my ff, I couldn’t complete it, if you dont encourage me! At the end, I requested you something that please tell me which scene do you like most in my ff and why? And if you’ve any questions, you can ask. I’m giving you fb group’s link where you contact me directly. Here’s the link


Credit to: Saba


  1. Harani

    This Is really my fav ff dr…why did u end it soo soon dr saba…bt pls write another one ..because ur wrds hav sme magic spell to which I hav became addicted …pls take into consideration my request yaar….pls again write a diff ff fr swasan ? loads of Luv fr u…all the best fr ur future

    • Saba

      Thanks harani! I’ve been reading your comment from my initial episodes! Thanks dear im glad to found a supporter like you and im already writing swasan a path hate to love dear

  2. Divya

    thanku 4 this beautiful ending but now plse update ur ( swasan a path frm hate to love) regularly as i m eagerly waiting

  3. kashis

    well in today’s episode the treasure hunt type game is eye catching… the whole series is fabulous.. cant specify one thing and discredit the other.. but still the ego part of ur ff will remain my fav.. it’s because where there is ego, relations fall apart there.
    finally wanna say u girl! as u know me, u must be knowing which type of sanskar I love to… this is that sanskar…. full of sacred love, humble, guilt but having the ability to rectify it… what to say more!! the special touch in every episode makes this ff one of the best… now me also signing off…

    • Saba

      Hey Kashis! Your comment always make my day, yeah this type of sanskar, every girl want who has flaws but know how to overcome on it! Thanks dear and yeah I also wonder that how I write that ego part, but this is experience of my life
      It’s saying “Jhuki Hui shakh par phal lagta hai”

  4. Rini

    Saba I loved the scenes in ur story but this part when Swara slapped Sanskar when he proposed her. Because even though Sanskar doesnt know that Swara and Shona are same person but married one girl and when he came to know that he got his love in other girl then saying that he will divorse the one who he married. Its easy for men to forget everything but for a girl its a pain which is like a slow poison so when I was reading that Scene I thought to slap Sanskar like that Swara also slapped him at last the story came to an smooth end and soon update ur another ff Swasan plz

    • Saba

      Hey rini! Thanks alot dear I also planned this part from first episode and this part and sleeping confession is only planned by me from early episodes.
      Well dear your observation is absolutely right and thanks dear for your comment and yeah ill update today In Shaa Allah next part

  5. mira

    hi Saba! at last u finished nice and wonderful. anyway I missed ur ff try to start another one. anyway I like full story but when u ask I tell swasan dance! i want to see their dance in swaragini but till now they not and another one in swaras angry when sanskar proposed! and last but not least laksh funny scenes ‘manna ki papa’ hahaha!

  6. bhuvi

    Saba… I loved n enjoyed each n every scene… Raglak proposal in farm house… Mom n daughters conversation abt ego n love… Swasan ship party scene n love confession of sanskar… Sanskar’s birthday celebration scene… N most I think 2 scene that is swara asking san to prepAre coffee for both… I lov it…n then washing his cloth like dutifull wife.. N restaurant scene with romantic dance… N

    • Saba

      Hey bhuvi! You’re also one of them who understands the real depth of my ff and now as usual your comment indicates me that how much attached you’re to my ff! Thanks alot dear for your love

  7. Shraddha

    Sabaaaa ???? Wat a spectacular writer ur. For u n your ff just one word its “Supercalifragilisticexperalidotious” today’s episode treasure hunt was wow ?i did not except whole family to be present der its was nyc. N regarding best moments u see in every episode of urs I find 2-3 best scenes now in 44*(2-3) ?God no way yet smthing that really touched me was 1) Swara slap after his proposal 2) Sumi making her daughters understand diff btn ego n self-respect??? thanks for such a lovely ff I’m sure I’ll keep reading it again n again n now plzz update SwaSan hate to love??? plzzz??

  8. sumi

    awesome, this is one of my fav ff ever..saba why u finished soo soon dear?? those were wonderful 44 days wid ur ff… ur each and every words made my hrt to fall for ur ff.. dear.. I cannt explain my words for ur ff… I will really miss ur ff.. and rqust u to create new ff along wid path frm hate to love.. and saba, lastly wishing u for ur bst studies and bst of luck for ur exam…

  9. Niti

    ohh saba…what to say about ur ff yar..you have make a perfect end..happy ending..

    each and every moments of ur ff was just mindblowing..few moment were extra ordinary..like..lucky’s proposal with orphans was the best..shona n sanky’s friendship moments were out standing..swara’s slap to sanky was required..shona and rags conversaton with their mother sumi on ego was incredible..the last but not the least sanky’s proposals of today’s epi is just awesome..overall a beautiful series..

    thks saba for this beautiful and breath taking ff..i loved it..i will miss this ff for sure..u r an excellent writer..keep it up dear..tc

  10. Saba

    Thanks sravya sree,
    Hey Mira! Thanks dear, yeah I also like that part of dancing. I don’t know they will show us or not, and im already writing another ff, swasan a path hate to love
    Thanks fransi
    Thanks praise and Jyotika Patel

    Thanks niti! But it’s not so soon, I’ve completed 44 episodes and I dont wanna drag it
    Thanks shreya, bhagi and Akshata! Well dear I’ve planned it for 50 episode but I felt it will be dragging and more dragging means it will ruin the charm of story, that’s why

    Thanks divya! Yeah ill update next part today In Shaa Allah dear
    Thanks alot dhoni, I read your comment first time on my ff and I know its last time also

  11. hadi

    Fabulous fantastic awsum n many more but these words are not compatible to praise ur writing skills ya u asked about favorite scene so there was not a single scene which I didn’t like . It’s just a fiction which is beyond the imagination but u brought it in the imagination u r such a classy dear which gives almost all the lessons in this fiction I always pray for you that may ALLAH give u best in ur lyf n ur all dreams come true n have in ur lyf whatever you even desire . Thanks for such a wonderful n great company best of luck for exams n for swasan fan fiction . Hopefully we will see u with different n another beautiful story soon IN SHA ALLAH. Best ov luck n hat’s off to you n once again thanks 🙂

  12. aradhya

    Superb!!!! Fabulous. No words…it was a nice episode. .. That hide b seek game. Proposing in pool side. Omg. Was awesome. Loved it yrrr . N waiting for your next ff. Plzz write it .it’s a request. plzz saba. loved ur ff. they are really good and innovative ????

  13. shabrin

    Very nice ending …….loved the scene when sanskar got to know about that swara is shone. …but all swasan moment were awesome

  14. Kiara

    So its over… a beautiful journey. A well planned fan fiction.
    Loved the part whenever sanskar confesses his love to shona and swara as well. Now waiting for your path hate to love fanfiction.

  15. sreya

    WOW SABA it was very beautiful ending. I looooooved the last scene wen both became one. luv u shona……..luv luv lots of love to swasan ………….and haa waiting for baba….

  16. Arati

    Very nice ending, I was addicted to your ff, I loved all no special, but you can really be good in it. Think for another one with different track, waiting eagerly for new.

  17. Vini

    Hei Saba,some pain when I read the word last chapter,I have missed many episodes of yours but I will read it for sure,all the episodes that I have read had many many beautiful scenes in it,and you are an amazing writer,will miss u dear,I request you to come up with another ff ,I know very well that the writer in u can do it,and,all the best for your studies,may God bless you.

  18. angel

    it was awesome and this was my fav epi..loved it.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post hate to love .I m dying to read it….plz plz plz

  19. Over!!!! Happy ending but I am not happy coz im gonna miss u and ur ff dear!!! But amazing dear!!! From 1st to last I’m amazed by ur writing skill and imagination!! Frankly telling I learnt many things from ur ff!!!thank you so much sweety!! And from last episode I felt al girls should get guy with sanskar character!!! Hide and seek,suprise (heaven)!!!! Really miss u Saba!!! Will wait for u n ur ff!!!! Thank you for wonderful ff!!!

  20. karthi

    Wow dear fabulous update ,,,I love it dear,,really I love your all scene dear,,I can’t specific particular scene dear,,,,u r amazing writter dear,,,,

  21. saba dear i have enjoy each epi i missed my dinner but doesn’t miss your ff well i have not commented all the time but i have read all your ff and ofcourse im gonna miss you very much

  22. sneha

    Saba u r reallyyyy awsom..nd such a great nd sophisticated writer…I ll suggest u to take up writting as ur profession…nd m 100% sure..that u ll definitely prove to be a good one..no..the best one..All the best fr ur future…

  23. Fallingstar

    Hey Saba love us loads. I had been a silent reader from the beginning but I couldn’t stop myself from writing today. There r so many swaragini ff but yours is just outstanding. One can visualize the scene. I used to just wait for our ff. I my hearty request pls don’t stop writing. Pllsss:-)

  24. sara

    ssba today episode is amazing. ..I just love ur ff from the first episode to the last. …u r amazing writer. …but am sad coz it ends. .am gonna miss you love u saba

  25. Loved yaar … I had always been a silent reader
    But seeing that u r ending I thought to comment….
    N where is ur other swasan ff plz update soon …… Missing it…..

  26. [email protected]

    Fabulous saba …..please update next part of swasan

  27. meghs

    finally new begining for swasan …
    i loved each & every part of ur ff from chapter 1 to 44…
    all swasan n raglak part was awsome… the way u expressed feeling really touch the heart…

  28. meghs

    sanskar who dont want to marry becz of his tragic past met shona ….
    without knowing it is his own wife swara fell in love with shona slowly…
    well when he confessed swara ego came between but finally swara also realised her mistake…
    n sanskar was tried many effort win swara finally they married with some surprise ….
    new beginni for swasan

    • meghs

      coming to raglak cute couple with knok jhok … become frnds n laksh confessed with help of orphanage kids different kind of propose..
      n laksh who was not ready for becoming father understood child is god gift(of course orphangage kids idea of sanky) …
      such a cute couple raglak.. finally laksh become responsible…n caring…

      i am still laughing remembering “munnay ki papa” …

  29. kj

    Saba common ur this ff is finish now please write on swasan a path hate to love waiting for that more eagrly if possible write next episode today only please….

  30. Nita

    Hi Saba,,, this ff is one of my favourite ff.. I luvd it very much.. U r a awesome writer… U ended it soon bt was happy ending…

    I luvd the ego part very much where a mum understands her daughters and explains the affects of ego in life smoothly….

    Pls pls update ur ff path hate to luv nxt part soon….

  31. Midhu

    Hi Saba… I like every swasan scenes..especially swasan apartment scenes…but don’t end it yaar..we really miss it..

  32. hai saba…this is d first time that i m commenting here.i cant stop myself frm commenting here..i m a regular reader of ur ffs bt as a silent reader….bt now i cant stop myself

    saba ur ff is awsm.i like ur style saba ur ff is awsm.i like ur style of writing nd d way of expressing feeling describing things it all ws fabulous…u hav a unique style of writing dese r d reasons that i nd all others attracted towards ur ffs…keep going yaarr..

    if u dnt mind can i ask u smthng…wts ur full name nd u r frm which state of india????i only wanna to knw ur name and place nothing else….

    anywayzzz dear saba i m gonna to miss ur ff very badly….i nevr forgot ur ff “I’M YOURS”

    • Saba

      Hey dear!! Thanks alot for this reward, and my name is Saba Shiekh and im not belong to India, im Pakistani, I’ve given my fb link in reply of veena comment, you can contact me there

  33. Vinita

    Wonderful job saba !!!! Apki ff itni beheterin hai Ki mere pas koi alfazon nehi hai isko bayaan karne ke liye. Apki ff Mai ek pakeezi hai Jo isko itna alag banati hai plz continue…

  34. sethooty

    Hai..saba..last bt not least…sorry for late comment lil bcy..wat to say Dr have no words..love u Dr..for this beautiful story..I loved every single line of ur story..and it was a beautiful ending..my personal fav part or moment on d story is ..sanskar first proposal beach at beach , wen dey r wetting in rain, he pulled her towards him and her back is on his chest and he slowly said on her ear..I love u..shona… , wen I read this part my heart beat stops it beating ..I don’t y but I really loved it, though he got slap from swara phir phi woo proposal was on my dream..
    Other one is wen he said her eyes are very expressive

  35. sethooty

    I told u na I enjoyed eveyline of ur story ..u r an amazing writer yaar, I wish god may fulfill ur dream to become a professional writer..

  36. Dil

    Saba u are amazing.we lov yr each and evry FF…thanks fr the great job.. Lov it to the core.. May u blz to write more stories in more creativ way..

  37. No saba?….u shldn’t do dis to us…..pls cntinu dis ff?……..will miss ur ff?…..pls cntinu na?……evry episode of “i’m urs” different nd awesum?……frm epi 1 till now (i wish it wld cntinu so i dnt wanna say last) it was awesum?….u increased our inqusity evryday making us think abt d nxt episode?…….u’ve never made us feel bored?…….i luv making frnds n due to ur ff i got many of as ma frnds such as u ,kasish,leku,tanya n so on?……..bt still d only thing wich makes me feel better is “swasan a path hate to luv ” is still der to read ,cmnt n communicate wid u ppl….will miss u badly guyz n galz?….i was planning to wish u fah ua 50th episode bt u gave me a shock by saying dis ur last?….n can u pls snd me fb grp name as i’m able cnct thro’ ur link?……
    ?THANK U FOR ————————-SABA?
    …..wid mixed emotions #PRIYA?????

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