Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap43…Thousands ways of loving you)


Swasan and raglak enjoyed whole day together and at nigh went to their respective ways. Swasan and raglak join their office next day, shekhar also merge up their business with Maheshwari’s because elders want to take a leave after handover their businesses to their children. Ragini as a a designer, only come for two hours at office. While swasan joins this office temporarily until they marry and went to Mumbai again. Sanskar merge up the Maheshwari’s Mumbai branch with his business. Swara comes to his cabin and find a bouquet there. She reads a card and smiles. :”I think coffee isn’t enough for you as treat, so im thinking to giving you a full meal” There’s no name but she knows who sent it. Ragini comes in her cabin to give her a lunch and finds her smiling with card and bouquet. Ragini coughs:”take out yourself from someone’s thought, I bring lunch for you” Swara:”you always bring lunch for bade papa and lucky, then now what will happen to them?” Ragini:”hmm..

I bring lunch for bade papa too, and sanlak should go to canteen for their lunch” Sanlak at doorstep:”no way… We’ll not eat that boring meal of canteen” Sanskar:”yeah and I already asked your sister for lunch” Laksh:”and I wanna eat sumi aunty’s handmade lunch, so Bhai! You take swara for lunch and ill accompany to rags, what’s say?” He winks to sanskar. Sanskar:”ok done! Lets go Shona” Swaragini:”you both cheaters, planned everything to your own at least ask from us once” Sanlak:”oh our childhood friends! Will you join us for today’s lunch?” Swarag:”hmm ok! We will” All four get happy, swasan go to restaurant for lunch while laksh joins ragini. Ragini serves him a lunch, laksh looks her with all his concern and love. Laksh:”you’ll be good wife of mine” Ragini:”oh mister! I still don’t accept your proposal” Laksh:”after watching evening’s surprise. You’ll must be agree” Ragini eats slowly and smiles with proud:”ok lets see! What you can do” Laksh:”do you taking your medicine at time naa? I want healthy baby and his mother also” Ragini smiles to see his concern:”yeah Im! And do you take care of yourself naa? I know how careless you’re and I also want my baby’s dad healthy and fine” Laksh smirks:”oh! It means, you’re accepting my proposal” Ragini:”who says?” Laksh:”you…” He points out to herself. Ragini:”when?..” Suddenly she realizes her words and hits her. Ragini:”you’re cheater” Laksh:”everything is fair in love and war” both laugh.

Swasan at restaurant
Sanskar orders for swara and him while swara is looking him with lovely eyes. Swara:” How do you know my like and dislikes?” Sanskar:”you forgot, we’re childhood friends” Swara:”yeah! I forgot, well tell me about yourself?” Sanskar:”what about myself? I’m a hot handsome guy, every girl falls on me” Swara makes angry face but after a while smile:”and you fall for whom?” Sanskar is acting like thinking:”oh! I fall for someone, but she was my childhood friend Swara, but she’s so ugly, even she has no manners. I dont know why am I fall on her” Swara gets angry:”I’ve also childhood friend. Who always followed me but he was so dumb and fat in his childhood” Sanskar irritated:”now he’s damn hot” Swara touches his hand:”no… It’s not hot” sanskar understands her words and both laugh. Waiter come and put meal’s dish on table. Sanskar:”by the way, how a boy can win your love?” Swara:”hmmm.. He should do something different to impress me”

Sanskar:”something different mean?” Swara:”you’ve also wits, so use it and let me take my lunch” Sanskar:”ok! You carry on bhukad” swara makes face on him. Same day at night in swaragini’s room: Swaragini are talking to each others, while swara feels that someone behind the window. She goes and opens the window and find laksh here.:”what are you doing here?” Laksh:”I come here to meet my would be and yours would be in down” she looks down and find sanskar there. Laksh goes inside while swara looks at crazy number 2 who is standing below her window. Sanskar:”you’re looking beautiful my Juliet” Swara smiles proudly:”but you’re looking sadak chap Romeo” Sanskar shows angry face:”hahaha! Very funny, you’re such an ungrateful girl, one of the most handsome man are calling you my Juliet and you’re insulting him”

Swara:”then why this one of the most handsome man can’t come upside?” Sanskar looks here and there and says:”actually this man has no experience to climb at pipe!” Swara laughs and makes faces on him:”your handsome look cant work there, go and seek some courage to impress me” She closes the window nd goes inside where laksh hugs ragini’s tummy:”hey my baby!! Ix your mom taking care you naa, if she isn’t, tell me ill see her” Ragini smiles and says:”tell your dad that he still couldn’t impress your mother” Laksh:”I come here to impress you naa sweetheart” Ragini ups her eyebrows in taunting way:”coming from window?” Laksh:”no… No.. Come with me” he holds her hand and drags her slightly towards terrace. Swara is smiling to see them and someone knocks the window. She opens the window and surprise to see Sanskar there.

Swara:”ohh!! It means you’ve also courage with the look” Sanskar:”yeah you can, and this is for you” he sits on his knees and gives her a rose. Swara:”ohhh sanky!! How sweet you’re!(she hits him with rose) well but this trick won’t work on me, im not flower type girl, do something new” Sanskar gets disappointed:”ok! Next time, ill think something new, well are you free tomorrow?” Swara comes to him and start flattering him:”do you wanna ask for a date?” Sanskar sweats with her closeness:”yeah! I think we should understand each others before marriage” Swara comes to her and touches her finger on his face to seduce him:”who say that ill marry you, well you’re good option ill think about it” she ups her face and holds his shoulder tightly and whispers in his ears:”Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari! You’re such a dumb, who is getting sweat just because of closeness of his wife” she leaves him and starts laughing.

Sanskar embarrassed but get angry to see her continuously laughing. He comes to her and pins her to wall and brings his face to her:” May I tell you Mrs. Sanskar Maheshwari that how am I sweat with the closeness of my wife?” Swara stops laughing and breaths heavily because she feels his breath on her face. He intertwined his fingers to her and puts his lips on her forehead. Sanskar:”I love you Shona” Swara:”I love…” Suddenly she comes out from trance and pushes him back:”not so easily Mr Maheshwari” He smiles and hugs her:”ill also not leave you so easily tonight”

Raglak on roof
Laksh brings ragini to roof and show her sky., Ragini:”what’s this? I always watch sky, is there any different thing on sky tonight?” Laksh:”closes your eyes and counts backward counting from 10 to 1″ Ragini follows his instruction and opens her eyes slowly after completing counting. She wonders to see fire work on sky. It’s fire work on multi color showing a message. Which he whispers in her ears:”may I tell you ragini the thousands way of loving you?” She recalls their proposal night and shies. She watches fire work just like a child while, laksh is holding her from back and his chin is at her shoulder. After fire work, she rotates her slightly and cups her face:”are you impress now?” She has still fire on her eyes which is burn by his touch. Ragini:”hmm.. Little bit?” Laksh:”ok! Next time you must be” Ragini giggles:”oh! First tell me the thousands way of loving me?” Laksh:”we’ve complete life to enjoy our love not in thousands ways” he slowly kiss on her face. Ragini:”now please go otherwise someone will see us” Laksh:”first tell me, what are you doing on weekend?”

Ragini:”nothing..” Laksh:”ok ill pick you in morning, you’ve to spend whole day with me, ill also get appointment from Dr” Ragini nods and laksh pats her face:”come home soon ragini! Me and my room are missing you and our baby” ragini is overwhelmed to see his concern. He brings her downstairs and leaves at her room. They opens the door finds swasan in each others arms who are lost in each others eyes. Ragini shies while laksh(off course shameless person) goes and shakes sanskar’s shoulder:”Bhai romance time is over” both come out from trance. Sanskar gets embarrassed while swara hits laksh:”stupid lucky! You made wrong time entry” Laksh:”I don’t wanna interrupt in your romance, but we’ve to go home otherwise you know papa naa!” Sanskar signs swara:”ill see you” and swara makes faces to him. Laksh gives ragini a fly kiss and ragini is blushing to see him. On weekend: Laksh picks ragini in morning and took her to hospital. First they go for check up in hospital and after it, laksh brings her to painting exhibition. Laksh:”today we’ll enjoy in your style”

Ragini is wearing green Kurta with churidar and holding laksh’s hand. Ragini becomes happy to see her art work in that art gallery. Ragini:”when…” She doesn’t understand what to say. Laksh puts finger on her mouth:”I know, its your dream that your work will presented by this art gallery and dont ask about when and how, im your husband, this is my responsibility to give you all type of happiness” Ragini hugs him tight but laksh coughs:”dont do romance in public place” Ragini hits her. In evening, laksh brings her to the sea side and hire a boat. Both get the excursion of boat and laksh tells her all his feelings towards her and baby. Laksh in serious tone:”you know ragini! I was thinking that ill lose you, it wasn’t easy to accept that fact im becoming pa of little baby, but when I imagined a little baby in my arm,

I felt like im in another world” Ragini smiles on his behaviour and her heart trust on his every word. Shining of stars are dim infront of his eyes while thinking about his baby. Laksh:”I cant explain in words, but this feeling was out of this world, I wonder how am I exciting about that matter which I was escaping about” he comes to ragini and hugs her tummy:”this is magic of you my little princess” Ragini caresses his hairs, both feel the silence of their surrounding. Except the heartbeat of three hearts. A tiny soul in wind smile to see the two most imperfect persons in the world who is most perfect couple in this universe. Same night swasan at restaurant: Swasan are sitting on the table beside the glass wall. There’s romantic background music is playing and sanskar is continuously starring her with love. Swara:”stop it Sanskar” Sanskar doesn’t stop, waiter come and serve them ice cream. Swara:”wow!! For my favourite ice cream, I can tolerate your eyes on me” Swara starts eating. Sanskar sinks in her beauty and romantic surrounding of restaurant. But our heroine (special heroine) can not impress with this.

Swara is eating continuously ice cream suddenly something stuck in her throat. She starts coughing, sanskar comes out from his trance and pats her back:”are you ok Shona?” Swara isn’t able to say something while something comes from her throat and this is ring. Swara hits him hard:”you idiot! Who told you to keep ring in ice cream” Sanskar:”I didn’t know that you’re such a hungry who eats ring with dessert” Swara hits him with her heels. Sanskar:”ouch!! You shameless girl who hits her husband” Swara:”yeah! But I still don’t accept your proposal” she puts ring on his palm and knock out from scene. While Sanskar looks the ring helplessly.

Sanskar followed her towards the home of Swaragini. Raglak also reach there. Both come to sanskar:”what happened?” Sanskar:”what to do which impress her” Raglak see his puppy face and burst out laughter. Laksh:”had hai Bhai! You cant handle one girl, look at me.. I can handle…(he jerks his collar and suddenly sees eyes of ragini and change his words) look at me. I can handle not only my wife but also my baby” he hugs ragini while Sanskar jerks. Sanskar:”but she’s swara! Not ragini, she’s hundreds time more than rags” Ragini:”come inside, then we’ll think something” Both nod and come inside. Ragini check out Swara, who’s sleeping in same day’s dress after ruining rest of sanskar. She smiles and wraps blanket on her. Raglaksan arranged meeting in guest room. Laksh:”we have to Make some different plan” Sanskar:”she’s really difficult task and crooked person always calls reverse treatment” suddenly an idea come in his mind and he tells them the idea. Ragini:”eureka!! This is call if you can’t convince them, Confuse them” Three of them smile to think about her reaction and give a hi fi.

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Credit to: Saba

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