Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap42…blessing of god )


Apni Muthi Me Chupa Kar Jugnoo Ki Tarha
Hum Tere Naam Ko Chupkay Se Parha Karte Hain…

Recap:”swasan confess their love. Ragini called swasan to solve their problem, swaragini went to their meka” Swaragini’s room: Swara is wearing long royal blue skirt with white tank top and silvery blazer. While ragini is wearing long churidar of pink color and with white dupata. Both give hi fi to each others. Swara:”now these boys have to make effort to win us! They found us so easily naa! This is the reason they didn’t care us properly” Ragini:”will laksh accept our baby naa?” Swara:”off course! Sanskar made you promise naa that he’ll make him accept and give some sense of maturity naa! And now this time you’ll not convince so easily done naa?”
Ragini nods:”but you’ll not annoyed sanskar so much?” Swara:”ok! I’ve no objection! He just need to propose me in a different way, then ill not annoy him”

Ragini recalls laksh’s style of proposal and gets sad. Swara understands and hugs her:”dont worry about this idiot! He’ll understand everything dont worry”

Dadi knocked the door. Swaragini:”dadi! You don’t need to knock the door come inside” Both hug dadi and get happy. Dadi:”my Shona and lado is there! And im very happy to see you happy! Dp told me about your decision swara! I’m happy you and sanskar will be marry again and starts again everything! It’ll be easy to forget your pain and lado! (she turns to ragini) He told me that you’re best bahu ever they’re so happy with you, you carry your career with responsibility of house! You’re both light of my eyes! I’m proud of you both”
Dadi gets emotional. Ragini console her while swara teases her:”dadi! Dont cry otherwise dada ji thinks that he’s in another’s house and let us go now! We’ve to do many things today!” Dadi:”ok go and enjoy and please dont be so late” Ragini:”dont worry dadi! I’m with her” Dadi:”yes I know! Go and god bless you” both take blessing from dadi and come outside. Swara:”ill drive a car!?” She exclaimed with happiness. Ragini:”then ill must die” Swara recalls sanskar’s words and smiles:”dont worry! I know your condition! So ill spare you because of my niece! Otherwise you know me naa?” Ragini overwhelmed and hugs her. Both are take the seat of car. Swaragini have a plan to hangout and spend some quality time with each others whole day.
Maheshwari house: Laksh gets up and seeks ragini, then he reminds that she’s in her home. He gets sad because everything is messing up without her. Laksh:”ragini! You spoiled me! I’m nothing without you, come back soon” He feels guilt about his words to her(I told you naa! He’s short temper, he said everything in rage and after when he gets normal, he repent for his words). Someone knocks the door, he opens and finds Sanskar. Sanskar:”you still isn’t ready! Hurry up we’ve to leave” Laksh gets sad to see him and hugs him:”Bhai! I’m nothing without her” Sanskar smiles and understands his problem”then go and bring her back to home” Laksh:”but Bhai! Baby’s matter” Sanskar:”ok! We’ll talk about it and yeah one more thing, I asked bade papa to give us a leave for one day from work, we brothers spend time with each others” Laksh:”ok Bhai! Wait for 5 minutes! I’ll just coming” sanskar nods and goes to downstairs. After breakfast both brothers take blessing from parents and start their journey. Laksh:”ill drive a car! Because you’re so boring!” Sanskar:”you should learn to drive slowly.

Because you’re gonna be father soon” Laksh takes driving seat:”see! You also saying that, it means baby will ruin my desires?” Sanskar gets serious and looks him:”just for the sake of your enjoyment, you want to snatch the happiness of ragini to become a mother” Laksh gets speechless and starts a car. Sanskar gives him an address to reach there. This is address of orphanage, laksh stops the car:”why you bring me here Bhai” Sanskar:”first come inside”. Both brothers go inside and laksh recalls his style of proposing with orphan’s children to ragini and gets Sad. Sanlak meet with children of orphanage and give them chocolates. After talking about sponsorship of orphanage, they sit in the garden of orphanage. Some of kids are playing in garden. Laksh:”they’re so cute naa!” Sanskar:”they’re miserable also”

Laksh turns to him and looks him questionably. Sanskar:”they’re a flowers of our earth but what we did with them? We dont accept them in our society, that’s why they aren’t live a complete life as we all are living, im also orphan but bade papa and maa gave me good upbringing and confident, that’s why…” Laksh cuts his words with pain:”Bhai! Why are you saying like that? You’re orphan, you’ve a family!’ We’re same blood” Sanskar:”this us fact bro! Orphan is one whose parents are dead” Laksh:”please Bhai! dont say like that, orphan is one that on one isn’t accept them and leave them just for the sake of their lives with selfishness”

Sanskar:”it means, you wanna make your own child orphan by not accepting him” Laksh gets senseless by hearing that:”Bhai! I just want that he’ll not come in this world” Sanskar:”oh! You wanna kill the child, who’ll come in this world to fill color in your life and you want him to die” Laksh becomes speechless and doesn’t understand what to say. Sanskar hugs him:”you can share your any confusion with me” Laksh:”actually Bhai! It’s so soon! My mind isn’t able to accept this fact, even im consider myself as a child, suddenly ragini told me, I feel flat myself! The cool guy turn into Dumbo typical father” Sanskar:”so don’t you turn into coolest father of this world, why dont you see another side of coin”

Laksh is still confuse:”another side Bhai?” Sanskar:”yeah another side bro! Why dont you accept this fact as a challenge, as an adventure? Show the world, becoming father doesn’t mean you’ll ruin your own life! And just imagine a sweet baby girl/boy in your arms, who’s the part of your baby! Who has the name of yours! Think just a while you’ll have the most beautiful responsibility of this world by god, and when god give some responsibility to his man, he’ll always some thing better for him! Dont be coward lucky! Be a brave man who doesn’t low himself in front of any challenge! And this off course a blessing of god! Do you really deny this blessing of god?” Laksh who’s face changing expression fast , he immediately says:”no Bhai” He hugs him:”thanks alot Bhai! I’m such an idiot! But thanks alot to realize my mistake, and now you’ll see, ill become best dad in the world” Sanskar(in a teasing tone):”munnay k papa” laksh embarrassed and hugs him:”Bhai! You too” Both brothers smile and leave the orphanage.

Swaragini are at amusement park and both are eating catton candy and walking to see the overjoyed face of people around them. Swara got the message and she smiles and reply. Swara:”ragini! I want roller coaster ride, will you wait for me please” Ragini:”hmm ok! You go and take a ride while I am in children park” Both separated from each other and swara message someone “children park”.(this is all imagination guys! So no offence because I dont know the structure of amusement park of Kolkata). She’s going to get a ticket for roller coaster ride then someone calls her. :”excuse me! Do you wanna purchase this ticket from me, I bought it for my brother. But he didn’t want to ride” Swara thinks for a while and sees a long queue for getting ticket, so she agrees.:”ok! What’s a cost of this ticket?” Boy:”beautiful smile of beautiful girl” he handovers her a ticket. She smiles:”are you flirting with me” Boy :”no way! I’m just praising the beauty of this world” Both are walking towards the ride, swara takes the seat, this boy sit beside her and asks her the method of binding seat belt.

Swara(in amazed):”do you ever ride a coaster?” Boy:”never! I’m not so adventurous” Swara:”ok ill make you adventurous” she winks to him. Boy:”now you’re flirting with me” Swara:”flirt! And with you? You’ve a good sense of humour man” Both smile and ride starts, as usual, it’s slow in beginning so they’re normal. As the speed begins fast, swara exclaims while boy is shouting with the fear and holds swara. Swara(in shouting):”don’t look down otherwise you’ll more afraid of ride, close your eyes and take a deep breath” Boy holds the hand of swara and closes his eyes. Ride ends up, he’s still holding her hand. Swara shakes his shoulder:”hey man! Ride is over” boy gets embarrassed. Both get down from coaster and take their path. Boy stops and calls her:”there’s nearby very good cafe, you like its coffee, do you wanna come?” Swara:”hmm.. My sister is in children park, first let me inform her, then ill be with you” Boy:”oh my brother is also there, I also go with you there” Swara:”well ok you can! But tell me do you wanna ask me for date” Boy:”you’ve a good sense of humour!”

Swara laughs:”I like clever boy like you” Boy bows to her:”well you’ve also a good taste of choice”. Both laugh and go forward to children area. Inside children park: Ragini is sitting on a bench and smiling to think that will be soon she has also a baby. But she gets sad to think about the desire of laksh. A boy come to her:”hey rags” Ragini gives him a stronger look:”do you know me? I dont know you” she turns her face from him. He sits down on a bench:”don’t you remember me? I’m laksh, lucky, your childhood friend” Ragini:”hmm not so much! Oh I remember you. You pushed me from slide and I got injury, you were very bad” Laksh smiles:”oh!! I was bad! But im not bad now! If we’ll get daughter, then ill become bodyguard of her and if we’ll get son, ill become guardian of him! And I promise you you’ll never have seen a a coolest father like me” Ragini gets happy and just about to hug him but she recalls the words of swara that dont convince so easily. (dont worry it’s not her ego, she just wanna annoy him and pampered by him). Ragini:”ok! I believe you, you’ll become best father.

But this isn’t my matter, why you telling me all this?” Laksh:”because I want to make you mother of my children” Ragini surprises but hides her happiness:”ohhh!! You’re so fast,(she hits him lightly) are you proposing me in our first meeting” Laksh smiles:”this isn’t a first meeting, we’re childhood friends, you forgot?” Ragini nods:”oh yeah! But how do I belief you?” Laksh:”ill do what you say” Ragini smirks:”anything?” Laksh bows down to her:”anything for you sweetheart” Ragini thinks:”hmm ok! Then you’ve one week, and in this one week, you’ve to impress me from different ways! If you’ll impress me, then ill accept your proposal” Laksh gets happy:”ohhh! This is easy for me! I’m expert in impressing girls..(he looks ragini) I mean mother of my would be children” Ragini:”now I’ve to see my sister, she was riding roller coaster, I think ride is over now” Laksh:”yeah my Bhai was also riding. Ok let’s see them”

Both leave children park and find swasan at park’s door. Laksh:”hey Bhai! See we got our childhood friends, you remember ragini” Sanskar gets confuse, but laksh signs him through eyes then he understands.:”ohh!! I’m sanskar! Nice to meet you ragini” Swara:”oh!! You’re my childhood friends, sanky and you must be lucky naa!, im swara” She handshakes with both. Swara:”we sisters decided to hanging out all day, so why dont you join us, sanskar is also told me about cafe” Sanraglak agree to his plan and four of them leave amusement park. Boys happy to see the innocence of their girls and girls are happy to see their love towards them as a real blessing of god.

Precap:lots of surprises

Credit to: Saba

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  4. Hey guys!! I’m soooooo sooooo sorry, I couldn’t reply to your comments! Swasan fans, please wait for little bit because first I wanna complete im urs and thanks alot all of you guys that you’re continuously giving me positive response and im really nothing without you and yeah I’ve make a group to connect all of you. So if you wanna join, then please join this group, im giving you the link of fb group
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