Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap41… I write your name with flowery alphabets)


Main subha-o-sham likhta hoon
Zameen par jis qadar achi zabanain hain
Main un se harf chunta hoon
Tumhara naam likhta hoon
Recap:”ragini is pregnant but laksh didn’t want this child. Swasa confess her love.
Sanskar smirks and thinks That his plan is successful.
Fb shows that before one month, he was worried about the one whom love Swara.
He asks everyone about swara’s past and his love but swara already made promise to everyone that they’ll not tell him that she’s love him.
Both are living in same room but no as stranger but not like friends also because they’re not talk closely, but they’re talking when they need something.

Swara is completely enjoyed his irritation while poor sanskar is always thinking about that she loves someone else and feels pain to think about it.
One day he’ll come from office (he joined dp’s office temporarily). He’s starring the painting of the wall and asks her that is she has interest of art?
She replied:”not so much! These all are made by ragini except it” she points out one art piece. This is calligraphy of strange language. Sanskar goes to that art piece and asks:”what’s this written swara? ” because of Swara’s continuously talking about her name, he hardly called her Swara.
Swara comes to him and looks that frame and smiles:”this is most special calligraphy of this world” Sanskar:”what’s this?” Swara:”this is name of my loved ones! There was ragini’s class mate, Fatima who has great interest in calligraphy, I have told her to make this for me that no one cant know about the name of my love”

Sanskar:”as I can seen, there’s so many words, so where’s name of your love?”
Swara:”actually his name is written in these lines”
Sanskar:”and what’s that lines?”
Swara:”main subha-o-sham likhta hun
Zameen par jis qadar achi zabanain hain
Main un se hard chunta hun
Tumhara nam likhta hun”

Sanskar:”beautiful!! Is this exact written this?”
Swara:”yeah these same lines in Urdu alphabets” (I don’t want any offence on it please). Sanskar:”interesting!!” She went to do her work while Sanskar got the clue, he went to ragini and asked:”can you give me a clue that either his love is added in her fb or not? Ragini it’ll not break your promise, please just tell me” Ragini thought and said:”yeah he’s added in her fb id” he thanked her and opened her id and shuffled the list of her friends. Sanskar:”I’ve to search your love Shona! It’s necessary to give a chance of our life” He shuffled and called someone:”thanks rehan! For helping me ill giving you a pic of calligraphy! Then tell me, what’s this written?” Rohan saw and video called him:”this is written that main subha-o-sham likhta hum, zameen par jis qadar achi zabanain hai main un se harf chunta hun tumhara nam likhta hun” he gets disappointment to listen it. Sanskar:”there’s no any name of boy?” Rehan:”according to this words, no!” Sanskar(with disappointment):”ok..” He’s about to disconnected the call when he heard the voice of him:”but according to its structure! There’s a name of boy” Sanskar gets happy:”what is this?” Rehan:”it’s your name sanskar” Sanskar is shocked to listen it:”maybe you’ve any mistake, there’s no clue of name sanskar”

Rehan:”yeah there’s no clue of name but this name lines in the structure of your name, ok look at the portrait then I’ll tell you” he goes and takes out the calligraphy. Rehan:”now this thing(he point out the first part) this is first alphabet of your name in this language according to structure, then this lines carry full structure of this name” Sanskar:”but I searched in net the alphabets, I didn’t find my name” Rehan:”because it’s written like no one can easily understand except those who know the calligraphy of this language” Sanskar:”thank you so much buddy! You don’t know how much I happy” Rehan:”may god always give you happiness” Sanskar smiles and disconnected the video call:”now Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari! This is my turn to annoy you” he smiles and went to Ragini with a plan. Sanskar:”ragini! Swara told me everything! I’m so sorry what I did with her, just because of me she suffered”

Ragini:”yeah jiju! Swara suffered because of you, but I’m happy she confess her love towards you, I hope she’ll leave her plan and live happily with you” Sanskar:”if you help me. Then she’ll must” Ragini:”how?” Sanskar told her his plan. She smiles:”ok! I’ll not give a side of her. But I’ve a condition, whenever laksh fight with me, you’ll be on my side” Sanskar:”done!” Then both give each other hi fi. From that day, sanskar is acting like that he realized his mistake and now he wanna free her to let her live her life. Swara is disturbed due to his decision but just because of her ego, she didn’t confess it.
In present, now ball in sanskar’s court.

She turns happily to him, he pulls her hand and throws her on him. Swara tries to leave:”leave me sanskar” Sanskar:”not so easily, You annoyed me so much! Now its time to take revenge” he tighten his grip, she tries to free herself but how can a girl frees herself from the strong grip of her men? Swara:”ill not spare you so easily too, you dont think that! Now leave me” Sanskar:”first tell me what were you saying me? You loved me from life etc etc” Swara:”how bad you’re! You were awakening! You cheater” she continuously tries to free herself but she cant. Sanskar:”I love you Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari” Swara:”you’ll not win me so easily, ill not tell you again! So please enjoy this sweet pain of waiting” Sanskar:”this isn’t fair” Swara:”everything is fair in love and war!” Sanskar:”is this love or war Shona” Swara blushes and recalls their last moments and both laugh. Swara:”both!” Sanskar:”then tell me how can I win this war and your love ?” Swara:”first you’ve to start everything from beginning!

You win my heart and make effort to fall me in your love, then propose me then bring my proposal to my parents and marry me again” Sanskar:”then ill make you lo….” Swara:”stop it sanskar!” Sanskar:”what stop it, tell me naa! Then what will after marriage? And I need lots of kids! Every year one! I wish there’s lots of kids are running here and there” Swara:”it’s enough sanskar” she blushes and tries to control her emotions of happiness, she’s still in the grip of him. Sanskar:”what enough? I need every year a new child” Swara:”enough sanskar! Leave me naa!!” I gonna sleep” Sanskar:”first give me a kiss” Swara:”nope” Sanskar:”ok then ill not leave you, even maa and bade papa will come” Swara(with helplessly):”sanskar!! Leave me naa” Sanskar:”first kiss” Swara holds his face and kiss him on chick:”ok? Now leave me” Sanskar:”what’s this? I want a looooonnnggg French kiss” Swara:”sanskar!” Sanskar puts his finger on her mouth and come close to her. Swara breaths heavily to think about that how he’s close to her. Her lips are close to him when suddenly his mobile rings. Both get irritated by this tune. Sanskar:”wrong timing”
Raglak room:

Ragini hits laksh hard with rage:”how dare you to say like that” Laksh makes crying face and look her:ragini! How can you do this with me? I cant afford to ruin my sleep, my partying, Friends everything! We’ve a plan to Europe tour. What about it? Ragini! Try to understand?”, Ragini:”ok! You don’t understand, im calling elders” Laksh is shocked: “ragini! You’re blackmailing me, papa will kill me. Ragini!!(in flattered tone) how sweet you’re my wife! This is husband wife matter, we’ll solve it to own” Ragini who’s calling someone, ignores him:”hey jiju! It’s time to pay back! Hurry up come on the roof. There’s a problem, brng swara too” Laksh is happy to listen Sanskar’s name:”oh! They’re elders! They’re our elders, he laugh and ragini irritated with his child like behaviour. Swasan come and ragini told them a situation. Both become so happy and swara hugs her:”wow! I’ll become aunt of little baby!! Sooo sweet! (she comes to Laksh and hits him) and This dumb is talking about he’s not ready ( he saw laksh’s puppy face) I think he’s right. He’s not ready” Ragini:”swara!! You too!”

Sanskar:”im with ragini! She’s right. This is perfect time to take a baby! He’ll be strong your relationship and give you some sense of responsibility” Laksh(with bad mood):”im enough mature” Sanskar:”yeah I get know (he comes to him and hugs him) lucky! This is blessing of god! Why you become ungrateful?” Laksh:”I’m not become ungrateful, I just don’t want it. At least for three to four years” Swara:”but why?” Laksh:”I wanna enjoy my life first” Ragini:”how mean you’re” Laksh:”why you all dont understand me! My life will ne ruin completely! Just think, ill in meeting, and ragini call me”munnay k papa! Pampers khatam ho gae, aate hue le aana” ill in hanging out with friends and ragini call me”munnay k papa! Munna bemar Hua hai Dr k pass Jana hai jaldi aao” I wanna spend some time with ragini then he’ll start crying, I’ve to make feeder for him, I’ve to pampered him, I’ve to pat him all night” All laugh to see his crying baby face. Swara:”I think! He’s right, ragini (in nautanki style) please dont make him munnay k papa” Laksh:”how mean you’re Swara!” Sanskar:”ok! I’ve a one solution” Swaraglak in unison:”what?” Sanskar:”ok! We’ll give you one week, and in this one week, you both tries to convince each others! Swara you try to clear laksh point of view in front of Ragini, and I cleared ragini to laksh, at the end, we’ll see who’s agree with them” Swara:”ok done!”

Ragini:”no matter what happen? But ill not kill my child” Laksh:”this is not killing! Well whatever i dont want this child” Next morning swasan announce family to their decision to take a new start. So swara is going to her meka till she’ll marry again with sanskar, when she’s coming with suit case, ragini also come with suitcase. Ragini(in slow voice to laksh):”whenever you’ll feel become responsible then come to me” Ragini:”If you allow me, then I also want to stay with swara till her wedding as her sister” AP hesitate but dp allows her because she completed her every responsibility of good bahu. Both Swaragini go to their house while sanlak is Sa without them.

Precap:”new beginning”

Credit to: Saba

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