Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap39… Ego stuck in soul of heart)


Hey guys!! I’m sooooooooo sorrrrrryyy for late update, actually I’ve urgent work and today I was busy in whole day with guests! Sorry guys! I didn’t complete next part to update! I’m writing swasan also as soon as possible I complete its next episode, ill update it! Please dont be angry, Try to understand dear my exams are so close please guys sorry!!
Recap: Cold war between raglak. Sanskar confess his love Shona while swara slapped him.
Usay kahna k bohat na-murad shay hai junoon
Usay Kahna k bohat hai mujhe junoon uska…
Sanskar at the same destination of last episode:

Sky is crying to see the love which is in the core because of one’s ego and one’s unawareness of fact.
Sanskar is still standing at the same place and doesn’t understand what to do! Destiny is tested him again or maybe he’s most miserable person in this world who’s not rewarded to love. Who’s destiny doesn’t possesses the name of his beloved. He recalls the dead of kavita and he feels that again he lost his love.
Sky is still crying and he’s sink in its tears. But he’s not crying, he’s in shocked, he’s not even able to move himself towards her She’s vanished from his sight. He bent down his knees and sat on the floor of sand without the any senses of coldness.
He recalls their first meeting to the last moment and a tear mingled with the tear of sky. Rain is stop now but the rain of his eyes are still going on. But his face is still motionless but tears are not control of him.

He bent his knees and hides his face within his own lap because there’s no one to console him. He was alone and he’s still alone.
He repents for that moment when he decided to give a second chance to his life.
But life is always playing with him. He slowly ups his face and looks into sky just like that he’s complaining to god for snatching his love from him once again.
Suddenly a hope ups its head in his heart and he stands up. :”I can’t give so easily, I made a promise to myself that ill correct everything, I shouldn’t loose hope”

He is running towards the parking area and suddenly he realizes that he came here in shona’s car and she’s not here. He hires a cab and goes to his apartment. Whole way, he’s trying to console himself that everything will be ok in his life. He pay a rent to driver immediately without taking the change. He goes upstairs in speed because a bad feeling is growing in his heart that if he’ll be late, then he will lost his life. He goes to Shona’s apartment and knock the door vigorously. He check the duplicate key in his pocket and recalls that it was leaved in shona’s apartment before leaving. He hits the door hard and a deep pain survive in his body but this pain isn’t more than his soul’s pain. He tries to call her but her number is told switched off. Suddenly he sees the notes on door. He reads the note and this note snatched his soul from his body. :”when I got your words, I dont understand what to say you Sanskar! I’m equal responsible of your sin because I hide you something, I’m also married! I respect my marriage and I’m going to fulfill my responsibility of married life! If you wanna find a path, go to your real destination” He’s still motionless because he thinks that now nothing can harm him more. He goes to his apartment like a gambler who lost his last saving in gambling.

Next morning at Maheshwari’s house: Ragini wakes up and changes her dress while laksh is still sleeping. She knows very well that he’ll not awake by himself. So she goes and slowly shakes his shoulder:”laksh wake up” her voice flat without any emotion and feelings. Laksh:”5 minutes more” he unintentionally holds her hands and pulls her on him. Ragini:”laksh! What are you doing?” Laksh tightens his grip and says in heavy voice of sleep:”romancing with my wi…” Suddenly he realizes the situation and leaves her. Because of sleeping state, he forgot their fight. He gets up and says in flat tone:”im sorry” he avoids eye contact and goes to bathroom without giving her an eye. Her heartbeat is racing due to his touch, although his touch isn’t new for him but because of their fight, she didn’t expect it and actually miss it but her ego doesn’t allow her to confess it. She gives strong look to herself and goes to downstairs. Dp and AP are also there, she goes to kitchen and starts her work with ap. While DP is reading newspaper, she is so sad that she cant concentrate in her work. AP:”where is your concentration ragini? Halwa is burning” Ragini:”oh! I’m sorry, ill make another” she puts down the pot and change the ingredients with new one. While she heard the “good morning” voice of laksh and realized that this is first morning in which laksh isn’t wish her.

His good morning and night greets are always special. He’s sooooooo romantic, while she sometimes, fed up with his everytime romantic attitude. She arranges the table and they start breakfast, when they heard the voice of stopping a car(cab) on their door. After a while someone is coming pulling her suitcase. All are happy to see them, this is swara who’s still little bit wet and sneezes continuously. Dp:”oh my daughter swara, come on hug your papa” swara is hardly smiles and hugs dp. While raglak are shocked to see her alone because according to their plan, swasan should come together. They’re indicated the message through their eyes and hands. Ragini(with gesture only):”she’s coming lonely” Laksh:”I don’t know, that was your plan” Ragini:”my plan, but you should convince Sanskar” Suddenly they realized that they’re angry with each others and stop their talking with sign language. Both look here and there with embarrassment. Swara comes to Ragini and hugs her, ragini realized her warm body:”swara! You’ve fever” Swara:”no! Ragini! I’m ok” she sneezes again, she’s hardly controlling her emotions and hugs her tight. Swara:”how’s maa ragini?” Ragini:”she’s ok but you’re not ok”

Swara feels the loneliness lots and misses sumi because she wanna cry on the lap of her mother. She goes to DP and askes:”bade papa! I wanna go to visit mom! May I go?” Dp:”swara! I’ve not object but ragini is right, I also feel you’re not well, so you take rest first then go to meet them” Swara is crying in a child style:”I missed her badly! I wanna meet her now bade papa” Dp doesn’t want to allow her but her tears melt his heart also. Dp:”ok!! But you wont go lonely, ragini you go with her and laksh you first drop them when you’ll come office.” Raglak nods while swara hugs him again. On the way: Raglak on the front seat while swara is back seat. Sweet morning is rising and hiding its face into sun but these threes are careless of the beauty of morning because three hearts are replete with sorrow of their broken heart. Sanskar’s voice is echoed in her ears, that’s a reason she doesn’t notice the deep silent between raglak. Laksh stop the car at the door of house of gadodidias. Swaragini get down from car. Ragini is about to come inside but she wants to ask to laksh to come inside but her ego stops her. Swara:”dont you come inside?” Laksh:”not now! When ill pick you in evening, when ill meet them” Swara nods and both swaragini come inside the house. All family are happy to see them together.

Aftern in Swaragini’s room:

Swaragini are sitting on their bed but they’re still silent, sumi comes to bring soup for them. Sumi:”ok take it and finish it hurry up! Specially you swara because you’ve flue already! Who told you bath in winter’s rain.” Swara smiles faintly and both sisters hold the bowl of soup and drink slowly. Sumi understands the deep silent between them and understands there’s something pinning them from inside. But sumi isn’t say anything to them, they silently complete their soup and handover the bowl to sumi. Sumi comes inside and sits on the bed.

Swara is laying on the bed and keeps her head on her lap while ragini keeps her head on her shoulder with half- laying posture. Sumi caresses swara’s hairs and patting ragini’s hairs. She understands there’s something bothering them otherwise her daughters are never getting silent specially when they’re together. A tears rolled down from swara’s eye:”Mom! I spoiled everything! Destiny always plays with me in new shade, why is it testing me?” Swara is telling them everything from start to end. Ragini knew everything but sumi is shocked to listen her. Swara hugs Sumi tight and flows her all tears in the arm of her mother. And is there anyone more than a mother who understands them like the blessing of god. Sumi departs her and asks her:”first of all you should told us everything, secondly you should forgive him” Swara:”no mum! You’re taking his side, after knowing everything” Sumi:”because I know from your words, he’s also hurt by his destiny, Shona!

Everyone needs second chance then why isn’t he? You shouldn’t reacted like this? You should be happy that finally he fell for you” Swara:”why mom why? In my point of view! Why don’t you understand my pain? He wasn’t fallen for me he was fallen for Shona!” Ragini:”but swara! Shona and swara is same persons naa” Swara:”for example if swara and Shona won’t be one person” Ragini:”what do you mean?” Swara:”means! If Swara is your sister, and Shona is another girl, and sanskar will propose Shona! Then what will you do? Will you take a side of him? Because in my point of view he’s confessing his love with another woman without realizing my pain?” Ragini becomes speechless while Sumi is in deep thinking.

Sumi:”this time, Shona you’re also wrong! Because it’s matter of ego, and whenever ego comes in the relationship, relationship will be ruin” Ragini looks disturbed to listen her. Sumi continues:”if we remove ego in our relationship, everything will be fine because if you see clearly, if you remove your ego, then you can see happiness is everywhere, he loves you, you love him! You both are married, everything is ok! Then what’s the problem” Swara:(in low tune):”no maa! I’ve no ego, its done because of his ego” Sumi cups her face:”look into my eyes Shona and tell me truth everything! Didn’t you any intention of taking revenge from him?” Swara ignores the eye contact and says in low voice:”no.. Mum” Sumi:”tell me truth swara!” Swara understands she’s angry with her that’s why she’s calling her swara. Ragini:”maa!” Sumi:”dont interrupt ragini! I’ll also some to you, first let me talk to swara! Now tell me swara?

You’ve no intention to raise your ego?” Swara looks down because she knows the guilt of her heart:”mom I was gone there because I thought I was the reason of breaking the family of sanskar! I wasn’t have the hope to get my love….” She paused and collects the courage to confess the thief of her heart. :”but when I know he wanted divorce, I wasn’t a child that I couldn’t understand his feelings, I wasn’t have any plan to down him. This all are done unintentionally… But there’s anywhere in my heart… My ego wanted that he fall for Shona and ill take revenge! I didn’t want to hurt him… It’s not my plan but it’s true that I wanted all this! I’m so bad maa!! I’ve done the same thing which he had done with me” she starts crying and hugs sumi. Sumi and ragini tries to console her. Ragini:”you’ve also the time, go and tell him everything” sumi also says her same while she’s silent. Sumi:”now your turn! Tell me what’s your problem?” Ragini:”no maa! Everything is fine” Sumi:”ragini…”

Ragini understands there’s no place to escape so she tells them everything about their fight. Sumi feels sorry for her:”I didn’t expect this childish behaviour from you ragini! You put hard effort to fall him in love but what about to support your love? You’ve to put effort for the prosperity of your relationship! I think laksh wasn’t wrong, in the whole day, if he wants few time from you, it wasn’t wrong” Ragini:”but maa! His behaviour?” Sumi:”I know his behaviour was wrong but your behaviour was also wrong, you’ve to be responsible ragini! My both daughters are stuck in the matter of ego… You both First throw your ego in dustbin then feel sorry for your relationship” they can understand the seriousness of her tone. She hugs both:”you both are my heart and I dont want to see any problem in your life! So cheer up and become my swaragini” Both hugs Sumi and smiles. Really no one can understand us more than a mother. In evening mm: After spending a complete day in their meka, swaragini come in Maheshwari house.

Swara is still sneezes so Ragini send her to her room while she’s helping ap to prepare dinner. AP welcomed the laksh and dp and give them a tea when they saw someone is coming from door. They all shocked to see him, this is our hero sanskar, who feels restlessness in his house, so think that maybe he finds any way to peace there. AP:”my son!” She wanna hugs him but dp stops him:”how dare you to come here” He comes to them:”bade papa! Maa! please forgive me! I know I’ve done wrong but I realized my mistake? Please forgive me” he joints his palm to ask forgiveness. Raglak are happy to see him while ragini us worried because she knows the fact of sanskar’s confession of love. Dp also feels love for him after watching him long time but he doesn’t wanna forgive him just for the sake of swara. Dp:”you cant stay here! Because Swara will never forgive you! And I’m also not going to forgive you” dp said in strong tone

.. “I’ve forgive him bade papa” a voice come from upstairs. Everyone is looking her while Sanskar is shocked to see her. A sigh comes from his mouth with great shock:”Shona”

Precap:”surprise surprise ?”

Credit to: Saba

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