Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap38….coldness of wintery night )

Mera Sham Salona Shah Piya
Humain Maar Gayi Teri Chah Piya
Kabhi Jaro’n Mai Zehar Utar Liya
Kabi Labo’n K Pechay Marliya
Is Dar Say Kay Dukh Ki Shidat Main
Kahin Nikal Na Jaye Ahh Piya
Mera Shaam Salona Shah Piya
Humain Maar Gayi Teri Chah Piya
Humain Jungal Jungal Bhatka Do
Humain Suli Suli Latka Do
Jo G Say Chaho Yaar Karo
Hum Parh Jo Gaye Teri Rah Piya
Mera Shaam Salona Shah Piya
Humain Maar Gayi Teri Chah Piya

Recap:raglak got fight and swasan sung a song.

Swasan at swara’s apartment:
Swara:”lets celebrate this triumph” Sanskar confused:”which triumph?”
Swara is moving here and there and her every action shows her happiness of heart.:”triumph to complete my project! You don’t understand, how am I feel!! Ufff finaly im free… Free…free” she’s jumping on the sofa like flying butterfly and sanskar is smiling to see her childish behaviour.

Sanskar:”yeah right! We’ll go for long drive first then we eat ice cream, visit beach etc etc! Full night hanging out done?” Swara hugs her:”wowww!!
Sanskar you’re so good naa!!” Sanskar:”I’m good and you also good because you’ll pay the bill every where” swara hits her and smiles:”ok! Done! For my friend!” Both smile to see each others and his eyes are replete with love, but she cant bear the heat of his love, so she downs her eyes with shyness (swara what’s wrong with you, you’re not here to play love’s hide and seek, your mission is complete, sanskar is ready to meet his parents, ill leave that house before sanskar’s arriving at Kolkata! So you should control yourself).

She composed herself and takes out the keys of car.:”ill drive tonight” Sanskar:”it means I’ll gonna die soon” he teases her but her face’s color suddenly changed:”what’s wrong with you sanskar! Please don’t say again” Sanskar smiles to see her concern for him. Swara hits him:”you’re smiling idiot! I’ll not talk to you, and this time, you’ve to charge penalty”

Sanskar smiles and hold her hand to drag her to the door:”what type of penalty my dear?” Swara:”tonight is my day, uppss my night, so you’ve to do what I’ll say to you” swara locked the door and holds his arm. They’re happily walking towards the lift. Sanskar:(in his heart)”I wish I can hold your smile in my fist and keep it in my dairy like a rose and when we’ll get old, I’ll open that diary to recall your smile, but just a minute! I’m gonna give you lots of smile in future.” Swara shakes his shoulder:”what are you thinking?” Sanskar:”Nothing Shona! Lets go” Swara takes the driving seat and as usual she’s doing rush driving while Sanskar is screaming:”you’re scarring me Shona! Slow the speed” Swara:”no way!!!! This is my night, my rules…” She hoots and switch on the music loud music. And she also singing with Akon. She stops the car next to ice cream parlor. Swara orders:”three spoon, Belgium chocolate, two spoon tooti fruity, one spoon vanilla, one spoon pineapple and two spoon chocolate chip ice cream bowl, (she turns to sanskar)what will you take?” Sanskar looks her with open mouth:”in this winter, you’re going to ice cream with 1..2..(he counts the spoon)9 spoons of ice creams and who’s eat these all flavour in one bowl?” Sanskar:”are you gonna order or not?” Sanskar raise his hand:”ok! Two spoon pistachio” waiter takes orders and leave. Sanskar:”you look so pretty!” Swara:”what do you want?” Sanskar scabies his ear with embarrassment. Waiter brings out their order and she mixes all flavor,, Sanskar:”what thing is you?” Swara:”im Shona!!” She gives her wide smile and both laugh. Sanskar:”yar please dont eat all ice cream, it already very cold and you’re eating this complete ice cream bowl, you can get flow” SwarA:”nothing will happen dear! Dont worry”, she’s eating ice cream and talking continuously while Sanskar is forget to eat his ice cream, just looking her.

Raglak at room:
Ragini gets worried about laksh. She’s trying his number many times but it still switch off. Mid of night, he comes at home. He avoids eye contact with her, she wanna ask her but doesn’t find any courage in her. Laksh takes his pillow to go outside while Ragini stops him:”why are you going outside the room?” Laksh in cold tone:”you need to work whole night for your exhibition, so my presence will disturb you” Ragini:”you sleep in your room, im going to workshop, you stay here” Laksh gives her strong look and shuts the door while ragini goes to workshop. She cant concentrate on her work because of laksh’s behaviour, because as an artist, her work is depend on her mood, she holds the brush and takes black color, and purposelessly paint on canvas. She recalls all the moments with laksh, tears are rolling down from her eyes and her canvas convey her state of heart. Shade of are gulp down light of her happiness. Black color is covering the white part of canvas but she continuously spread this color on canvas. At the end, she throws it and falls on the floor. She bend down the knees and keeps her head on her knees. And starts weeping slowly slowly, her moaning voice are resemble with the muse of iktara! Which echoes in the cliff of mountains! When first drop of rain falls on the top of cliff but coldness of peak turns this into fog. This fog is in her heart which turns into sighs. While laksh cant sleep, he takes side many times with restlessness. But he doesn’t find peace at any side of bed. He’s not crying, he just so much sad and as he recalls their moments, he observed that every time, he came to her but she gave only importance to her work and home. Laksh:”come Ragini! Please, try to understand! What I want from you? I gave you complete space, I didn’t restrict you from anything, but for this? I just want your time? Is it a big deal for you? I dont need your cooked food or fulfilled other responsibilities, I want your time” he’s rough and tough man, but ragini makes him cry.

Sweet winter breeze turns into cold shivering wind which can freeze the emotions but heat of theirs tears aren’t let them realize the cold winter between them. Their sighs are making fog in the airs which absorb their tears and give a cold ice touch to theirs heart.

Swasan at the beach:
Swara is running on the shore with sweet exclamation. Her frock is flowing with wind and her hairs are playing with fireflies of love. While Sanskar’s eyes are following her. He bent his arms and looks her like he’s sight counters her from the influence of evil eyes.

Swara comes to him and holds his hand and drags towards the waves of sea. Waves of ocean are wetting their feet and they feel the sweet coldness of winter. Suddenly it start slow raining.. And it likes that god is shower blessing upon them. Swara:”woww!! I love rain!” And she sneezes. Sanskar:”ohhh!! Finally you got flow, come lets go Shona! You’ll get ill”
Swara:”noo way… ” she runs away from him, amc sanskar follows her.:”Shona! You already eat lots of ice cream! You’re also wearing sleeveless frock, come here Shona!” Swara:”first Catch me” she makes a face to him and running continuously.

Sanskar runs behind her and holds her finally.:”finally! I catch you, now come home” Swara tries to free herself:”sanskar leave me naa! Look how beautiful this weather is!!” They’re wetting in the rain, and this rain isn’t that which falls from clouds, this rain is from the heart which irrigated their heart.

Sanskar pulls her toward him, her back is on his chest and his heartbeat is kisses to her back and she suddenly realized her position but he’s in the spell of love. He tighten her grip around her, she breathes heavily. Sanskar whispers in her ears:”Shona! I love you” She suddenly rotate and looks him with shock, spell is vanished in the airs due to his three magical words. Shona steps back but her hands are still in his hands, rain are increasing slowly slowly and now they’re complete wet but their heat of love isn’t let them realized the coldness of winter.
Shona jerks his hand but he doesn’t noticed it… She looks him with great shock.

Raglak room:
Ragini comes into room, laksh is still awakening but as he sees her to coming to room, he closes his eyes and pretend to sleep like. Ragini goes to her bed. Light is still on. She switches off the light, and the darkness of winter is scattered everywhere.
She looks laksh sadly and touch his face, a tear rolled down from her eye and absorb in his hairs. But suddenly she recalls his words and wipes her tears and give a strong look to herself. :”if you don’t understand me, then ill also not care about you” laksh who’s heart was melting because of her tears are freeze again because of her words. She leans down and closes her eyes but his words are still echoed in her ears. Both control the pain and takes place the coldness in theirs heart.

Swasan scene:
Swara looks him unbelievably… She steps back one by one.
Sanskar comes to her:”ill give you all happiness of my life Shona! Just help me to derive out from our pain! I’ll forget you all your pain, just be with me” he extends his hand to her.
Swara start clapping:”Bravo! Sanskar Maheshwari! Bravo!! Hatts off to you(she posture like salute) you come to me, friendship with me! Yeah you help me when I need someone, im grateful you for this” sanskar tries to hold her but she doesn’t allow him.
Swara continues:”you.. You’re married man sanskar! You already spoil that girl’s life! How selfish you’re! You’re proposing me!! Good!! And I’m such a fool who was thinking that you ve changed!!”

Sanskar:”Shona! try to understand! I don’t want this unwanted relationship! Dont worry naa! We’ll separate with mutual decision, ill divorce her then we’ll start new life” he comes close to her and tried to holds her hands. A deep layers of rage comes in her mind, her hand raises and touches his face hardly and slaps him.
Sanskar is shocked to see her reaction, she again slaps him and holds her collor:”for you, marriage will be joke! But not for me!!! I hate you Sanskar! I hate you! If you respect me, then never come in front of me”

Drops of rain are mingled with her tears! Precious pearls mixed with blessing of God and this mixture of bliss are bathing their face. Coldness of winter are spreading in swara’s heart while
Sanskar is freeze in his same state! His heart isn’t understand what happened to him, he’s just looking her untill she has disappeared from his eyes. Rain is still wetting him and his emotions are screaming in his heart but his tongue is freeze with her words.
Night is travelling along with winter with teary eyes to see four of them.

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  1. Hey frndz. ….hi Saba….sry fah d late cmnt….an awesum episode again. …i think i should search fah words in dictionary to cmnt ur ff…ur story line is unpredictable. ..its way too gud….so itz gr8 to c many cmnts in ua ff…so u’ve made an achievement of breaking d silence of so many silent readers ….n i juzt today came to know abt ur other ff “swasan a path hate to love” ..as der wer too many FFs on swaragini. .i stopped reading dem all frm 27th of nov n i just read urs n telly updates of d real swaragini serial. …n i itz juzt today wer i also came to kno abt d ff of kashis so i was reading dem frm chap 1.. n till today’s update….d other ff of urs is awesum again saba. .nd I’ve also snt a msg in fb frm d same name pretty pie…

    1. Hey priya! Thanks alot for your concern and love! I’m glad that there’s many silent readers start commenting! One more thing dear I didn’t receive any message on my fb! Go to link dear which I gave on previous episode

  2. Is there anyone who knows that where is akshita reddy writer of ff( swaragini a new start)… from so many days she is not uploading new episodes
    I am waiting for her story’s next episode.

    1. its many days she posted her ff .. i am waiting for akshitha ff swaragini (a new start)

  3. Fabulous but unite swasan

  4. getting in the shoes of sanskar, he is correct… what swara is expecting him to do??? when he doesn’t know who swara really is and when he doesn’t love her and when he wants her, swara to be happy by releasing her from this loveless relationship… marriage is a divine relationship but it can’t be out of guilt r hatred… he also is a human being… when he fell apart, shona came to him and made him to feel better… yes… he did a sin by using swara to teach his father a lesson… but he repents for it… if swara loves him, then why she doesn’t understand these things… if she slapped him in the name swara, i agreed with her… in the name of shona, i was disappointed with her… her situation also is miserable but she can’t blame him only… why she didn’t ask answer from the elders too… i want swara to realise it soon… and repent for it… marriage is important but the person’s feeling is more important than it…. and by the way… it’s an amazing update… you brought the reality in the raglak fight… spending time is crucial… loved it… thumbs up…

    1. Hey sindhuja! first time I read your comment thanks to breaking your silent! You’re absolutely right! But you know what the problem of swara! She’s at the that level of self pity which was carried by Sanskar! She thinks that he did wrong with him, many things aren’t clear yet dear! You’ll clear all these in my further episode! Dont worry it’ll be justified

      1. true to say… i am not a regular reader due to some reasons… i read 4 to 5 updates continuously… i comment the last one i read… i hope now on wards you will see my comments… 😉

  5. after this fan fiction there is lot of suspence spread all round…

  6. Hey deepshikha! Yeah there’s a really suspense there!
    Thanks surbhi! Thanks rupsikha! Bhavna! Dont worry they’ll unite soon!
    Hey guys! I’m taking one day leave from my both ff because of some issue! I hope you don’t mind sorry guys! In Shaa Allah ill upload my next ff tomorrow’s night thanks alot

  7. Saba please update next part of ur both ff …..I’m eagerly waiting to read ur ff

  8. pls update nxt part …
    am waitung

  9. y are u playing with us saba, pls dr update next part

  10. Assalamoalikum Saba u r grt yar.. Wow yr NYC ff… Fabulous mind blowing full of imagination etc etc…

    Keeeeppp writing dear

  11. Omg Saba !!!once again u nailed it i m just obssesed with ur ffs . I m simply waiting for ur ffs nd wen everything turns right . swasan nd raglak r just made for each other . ur imagination is beyond the heights . Keep it up nd All the best !!! for ur exams .;-)

  12. Hey guys! Sorry dear for late update! Ridika! I’m not playing all you, I was just kidding with Kashis and leku! But actually I really had the work! So I didn’t time to update next! Well guys! There’s good news I’ve posted next episode! You’ll read soon and thanks alot dear

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