Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap37…. Pain killer)


Recap:ragini talked with sanskar as swara. Raglak sweet convo and swasan reached the ship.
Ghum agar akaila ho tou saansoun ko sataata hai bohat…
Kyun na dard ko dard ka humdard banaaya jaae

Swasan at ship;
Few couples are coming from music room and their giggling voice broke the spell of necromancy.
One couple:”sir ma’am! We come here to play antakshri, why dont you join us?”
Sanskar is about to refused but swara comply:”yeah sure! Sanskar also! Hain naa sanskar?”
She winks to him. Sanskar:”not fair Shona!” Swara:”everything is fair in love and war” Sanskar looks into her eyes and says:”is this love or war?”
Swara gets nervous with his talking eyes which no more hide his emotions. She downs her eyes and says in low tone:”off course war”

Both join to another couples., One man:”sir! Our children are playing inside the play room so we thought to enjoy our chemistry, there’s no team, all play with pairs and one pair move the word to another pair” they are sitting in a circle form. Swasan got “y” to sing a song. Sanskar says:”now Shona! Think word start with “y”….” He winks to her. She’s thinking with excitement :”y. … Y… Song start with y.. Why am I get the song… Ufff….” She’s thinking and her face expression shows excitement, another pairs start counting. Swara:”no… No… This is not fair… Yar why am not I getting song… Uff..” Sanskar assumes her expression, turns excitement to disappoint. He never want to see her lose. Sanskar:”yeh jo mohabat hai….” Everyone starts clapping and swara looks him with amazed. Sanskar holds her hand softly, and moves to her, she smiles his action and hoots. Sanskar:”yeh jo mohabat hai… Yeh unka hai kam….(he points out to swara) mahbub ka jo laite hai naam(he bow downs to her with sweet action) Mar Jae… Mit Jae…. Ho Jae badnam….rahne do choro bhi Jane do yarrr…. Hum na karain ge pyar” everyone clapping and swara hoots. Swara hits him:”chupay rustam! You’ve a good voice” One man:”yeah sir! Once more!!!” Sanskar:”no.. This is her profession” he points out to swara. Wife of that man:”why you and ma’am sing a song with collaboration” Swara:”yeah good idea! I ll bring the guitar from singing area” Sanskar wanna stop her but after assuming her excitement:”you wanna give happiness to her, so one song isn’t a bad deal sanskar” he console himself. She bought guitar and both are start singing the song hamdard from ek villain.(I think this is perfect song for both). Swara starts stringing guitar:”Pal.. do pal ki kyun hai zindagi Iss pyaar ko hai sadiyan kaafi nahi” Sanskar:”Toh khuda se maang loon Mohallat main ek nai Rehanaa hai bas yahaan” Both looks each other and their eyes are tackle to each others, they recall all their moments… When swara comes to him for a lighter and snatch cigarette from him. Swasan with harmony:”Ab door tujhse jana nahi… Jo tu mera humdard hai Jo tu mera humdard hai Suhaana har dard hai Jo tu mera humdard hai” Swara recalls how he support her when she got panic attack, sanskar recalls how she dragged him from his self pity. Swasan in one tone:”Jo tu mera humdard hai Suhaana har dard hai” Not only their voice mingled to each others but also their heartbeats are singing the same song. Swara:”Teri muskuraahate hain taakat meri Mujhko enhi se ummid mili” Love isn’t only in air, but in their heart, in their breathing, in the moonlight, in the waves of ocean, in their song and in the music of their heartbeat. Sanskar:”Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan Enmein hi hai sadaa hifaajat meri” Their eyes are smiling to see each others and this smile are running in their blood which pumped by their heart. Swasan:”Zindagaani badi khoobsurat hui Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin Jo tu mera hamdard hai Jo tu mera hamdard hai Suhaana har dard hai” Fairies of moonlight are playing and smiling significantly… Even they can’t see destiny but their love are beyond to it. Angels of love are doing their magic and both are wet in their shower of sweet moonlight.

Raglak at home:
It’s next day in MM. Laksh comes to home and decide to surprise ragini but ragini madam is doing painting in complete rough look, he gets disappointment to see her. Ragini comes to her drags her in room:”I’ve a surprise for you” Laksh with smile:”what surprise my sweetheart?” . Ragini:”my friend nitu called me to invite me to exhibit my art” Laksh isn’t happy (oh no!! She already didn’t give me time and one more work means you’ll give complete time to your work) but he hasn’t replied anything because he doesn’t wanna ruin her happiness. Laksh:”this is a good news! Congratulation” ragini isn’t notice his mood because of her happiness. Laksh:”ok! Now please change, we’ve to go outside” Ragini:”outside? Why?” She’s still working. Laksh:”I’ve surprise for you, hurry up” he goes bathroom and gets a bath. When he comes outside and finds her still in same gesture to working, a strong layer of rage comes in his heart but he tries to control it. Laksh:”ragini! You’re still working, please be ready naa” he hugs her from back and ragini gets irritated:”laksh not today naa! I’ve lots of work, and please dont make me move, my work is…” Laksh leaves her with rage and takes her dress from cupboard:”take this and be ready, we’ve to go” Ragini:”every time you’re thinking about romance, I bother of it” she also jerks because she’s doing important work and laksh is only thinking about himself, not think that its the great opportunity of her career. Laksh jerks:”you ragini! You’re thinking that I’m always thinking about romance, yeah im thinking, but do you remember last moment when you come close to me with your own wish?” He’s also in full rage, he changes for her and she’s working, not thinking about that he also needs her concentration and time. Ragini:”yeah! I fulfilled all my responsibility of a wife, for you love is only a matter of romance” Laksh:”and for you love is only the matter of responsibility! Don’t take me like a child! We’re young and you’re just wasting our time to do painting” Ragini:”this is not my painting, this my career, my passion!” Laksh:”so carry your passion and forget about your career” he throws the vase with rage and goes outside while ragini falls on floor and burst into tears. Both are not wrong, but both are opposite to each others.

Swasan at their apartment:
Swara is coming from her office, while Sanskarwas waiting for her. swara comes and hugs him. Sanskar:”you look very happy?” Swara:”yeah you know! I’ve completed my project now my family will proud on me! You dont understand, how much I’m happy” Sanskar gets sad to listen it:”you told me that it’ll be finish on Tuesday” Swara:”yeah actually, it was at end, so I thought why am I drag so much, so I’ve completed today and now I’m. Free completely!! Ohhh! You don’t understand how much i feel the relief” She jumps with excitement while Sanskar is in multi conditions, one happy to see her happy, another sad to listen that she has to leave now. Sanskar to himself :”don’t worry, you’re gonna propose her, dont worry naa you’ve lots if time together” Sanskar:”oh! That’s great then lets go outside for dinner” Swara:”oh sanskar! I had dinner at office, I’ve come late na? Didn’t you have?” Sanskar:”how could i without you?” Swara:”oh god! Ok bring dinner from your apart, ill make you eat” sanskar is happy to listen it:”really?” Swara:”yeah if my friend wait for me dinner, then i must do that for my friend” sanskar (still friends?). He nodes and swara makes him eat and talking continuously about the list of work, she’ll gonna do after going her hometown. Swara:”I’m going from here, but it isn’t mean you again turn into mr boring! And yeah now you should move on your life, forget about your past” Sanskar:”I’ve already forget about my past and now I’m thinking to move on” Swara gets happy to listen it.:”then you’ll meet with your family” Sanskar:”at the same day, when you leave from here, and you should also move on” Swara gets happy to listen his answer and nodes:”i already move on my life dear” she lifts the pots and goes to kitchen while Sanskar is looking her with all his affection and love.
Precap:”sanskar propose swara and raglak have a cold war between them”

Credit to: Saba

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    1. Hey akalya rockstar! Thanks alot dear! And just wait for big climax!

    2. Thanks dear for your previous comment too (on ep 4 of swasan)! And yeah my fb id with the name of”Saba Shiekh” there’s a girl photo on dp which shows only hairs! And swasan hugging photo as cover photo! Because of privacy, you cant send me friend request, you just message me ill send you request!
      Thanks dear again to being a great supporter rockstar

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    1. Hey lukcky! Thanks dear for your concern! Yeah they’re totally different from each others, they love but as a human being, they fed to up care each others so also want some pampering from each other! And wait for swara’s reply dear

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    1. Thanks Ahana for understanding my point! Yeah this is difficult, lucky isn’t understand this thing because he wants something else and she’s giving him another thing!

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  14. nice part saba . Opposite poles do attract each other but that’s needed to be handled with care, affection and lots of love. raglak are like such.. on the passage of time they will know all the loopholes to work out together.. and they can handle it.. love makes you learn everything.. and coming to swasan the deep ice berg is melting now & the floating snow is showing its impact on him… love is no more submerged in the grave of polar ice caps but mingling now… well I will return to know how this winter is bestowing its blessing upon them..

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    2. Hey Kashis! Should I say thanks to your beautiful words? Yar your comment can make my day! Thanks alot dear for this beautiful comment with tremendous words! And yeah raglak is exactly like that they’ll take time to understand each others! But in swara heart, This ice will take time to melt, because her relation was degraded by him…
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    1. Hey priya! Thanks sweetie you like my ff! I’m also like that movie and song is perfectly suitable for them! That’s a reason I chose for them! Yeah ragini should spend time with him, but you know naa sometimes we fed up to being mature and responsible! This is the reason of Ragini’s reaction

  25. Thanks roja! Thanks alot Bhavna! Seeba thanks dear! Thanks alot Sara! Thanks muskan! Dear yeah maybe she’ll accept maybe not, you ve to wait dear

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