Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap36….habitants of moon)

Recap:sanskar told about his marriage and swara got panic attack. Ragini gifted laksh a painting.

Chand Nagar ko Jane walo
Ek guzarish sunte jao
Chand k bahir board laga do
Jis par yeh paigham likha ho
“mana hai under ghum le Jana”
Swasan at Swara’s apartment:
Sanskar gets a call, there’s unknown number appear on his mobile.
He looks Swara and slowly leave her and comes outside and received the call.
He gets a call:”hello! Sanskar Maheshwari is here”
This is ragini who’s talking him as swara:” I’m Swara”

He shocked to listen but he has to talk to her at any cost. Ragini:”lucky told me that you wanna talk to me” Sanskar collects his courage and says:”I know, this is very mean to say that swara…(he collects courage again) I know I did wrong, I shouldn’t marry with you! If I say sorry, it’ll be a short word of my deed, im not beating the bush, I go to straight point that I wanna divorce from you, maybe it’ll hurt you once, but this is much better than stay with me” Ragini is in deep thinking(swara will kill me if she knows that I’ve done this, but I’ve to do for swara because if Sanskar will tell swara about divorce, she’ll not forgive him and accept his love):”I can understand Sanskar! But first I want you to come here, we decided for separation, but this is not a way to separate from each others. You come here, agree to your family, then we’ll divorce” Sanskar is happy to heard that:”you sure naa!” Ragini:”yeah im sure! But please dont tell to anyone about it, till we meet each others for separation” He recalls his words of divorce and nodes:”ok! I’m agree, ill come here after a week and don’t say to any person at home about my arrival” Ragini:”ok! Bye..” Sanskar “bye and I’m sorry again” ragini disconnected the call. He goes to swara and caresses her hairs.:”now ill not let anybody to harm you, any pain to reach you my love, I’ll give you my all happiness, after it we’ll be the happiest couple of this world… And yeah I’ll forget you all your pain” he downs to her and about to kiss her forehead but he stops:”not now! After marriage” he smiles and looks her with love.

Same time raglak at Maheshwari house: Laksh hugs her from back:”have you done?” Ragini turns to him: Yes my dear husband! Problem is solve now, I hope sanskar will not talk to swara about it, she’ll kill me if she get know” Laksh:”I know Bhai very well, he keeps his words” Ragini smiles to him. Laksh hugs her tight, ragini pushes her:”romance is always dancing on your head” Laksh:”you’re lucky to have husband like me who’s sooo romantic” ragini smiles and comes out from room and drags him too:”my dear husband! Mom called me to make desert and you’re romancing with me” both are coming downstairs. Laksh:”you make desert, I’ve get together with friends, ill come night to taste your desert” Ragini jerks:”again friends! Ok go but please come early” Laksh:”ok my boss”

Swasan scene: Swasan are getting ready for tonight’s excursion. Both are wearing same color theme. Swara is wearing blue jacquard dress with red blazer and stiletto. She binds her half hair to one sided ponytail. She’s only wear red hot lipstick with dark black kajal in eyes. While Sanskar is wearing red t-shirt with blue blazer and jeans. He’s wearing watch then mesmerized to see her:”you look hot sweetie” Swara whistle:”oho! Mr boring! Turns into cool guy who can compliment on a girl” Both looks to each others and burst a laugh. He urges his hand to her:”may I?” She holds his hand and smiles:”yes off course!” She hugs him from side like a wife and drags him towards the door. Sanskar recalls something and asks to swara:”Shona! When will you leave Mumbai?” Shona:”my project will have completed on Tuesday, it means ill leave Mumbai after two days but why are you asking me? Am I annoying you so much?” Sanskar smiles and holds her nose softly:”yeah so much! I’ll grateful to you when you’ll leave from there” Swara looks him with fake anger and hits him:”how dare you to said me like this, ill not talk to you” she leaves his arm and goes to his car and sits on back sit with fake angry face. Sanskar smiles with joy as he enjoys her fake anger. He controls his smile and takes the driving seat. Swara is waiting that he’ll apologies for his words but he’s still enjoying to see her angry red face which raises her anger. Finally she couldn’t control that sanskar isn’t apologize to her. Swara:”sanskar!!!..” Sanskar who’s watching her from back view mirror smiles:”hmmm” Swara:”I’m angry with you!” She says in such a childish way. Sanskar enjoys but controls his smile:”then?” He stay serious in front of her. Swara:”then apologize from me” Sanskar hardly controls his smile:”for what?” Swara irked:”eeeeyyyyeee!!! I hate you, you’re so bad” she hits the seat with anger and glares from window. Sanskar is enjoying her condition but doesn’t say anything. Both are stopped at shipyard, sanskar open the door for swara but swara doesn’t move. Sanskar:”Shona! We’re at our destiny” But she doesn’t move and make angry face. Sanskar:”Shona! Gets down from the car. Then ill park it at parking area” Shona makes face to him(why isn’t he apologized and pampered me) Sanskar (I know you’re irritating but sorry Shona! I’m really enjoying to see your face, and I wanna enjoy more). Sanskar:”ok!!” He closes the door, and gets the driving seat and parks the car. This time Sanskar isn’t open the door for her and just walking forward to ship, swara sees him with open mouth:”how dares he to ignore me?” She opens the door and walking with him but with same anger face. Swara:(ill not talk to him, then he must turns to me) Sanskar:(carry on Shona! I wish I can tell you, you look so cute with this red face). Swasan reached and boat, they’re host of excursion. That’s why they reached early to welcome the staff. Swara is still waiting apologize from him but Sanskar is enjoying her condition.

Maheshwari house:
Laksh arrives the home and ragini is still busy in the kitchen with ap. Laksh sits with dp and both discuss about the business. Dp:”swara is about to complete her project and I feel proud on her, on ragini too! Both sisters make me proud” then dp looks to laksh who’s searching ragini. Dp:”you’re happy with ragini?” Laksh looks him wit wide smile:”off course papa! And thank you so much for choosing the right life partner for me” Dp smiles sadly:”I wash sanskar is also give chance to his marriage” Laksh:”dont worry papa! Everything gonna be ok” After dinner raglak and AP dp went to their rooms. Raglak room: Laksh hugs Ragini and makes wear a chain. Ragini smiles and touches the chain. Laksh:”how’s this?” Ragini:”thanks my sweet husband” She kisses on his chick, turns off the light and goes to bed. Laksh comes to him:”and now my reward?” Ragini leans on bed and looks him:”I already gave you reward” Laksh comes on her:”this is not enough for me my sweetheart” Raginis smile vanished and she looks serious:”im sorry laksh! But not tonight, I feel so much tired please” Laksh smiles sadly because he doesn’t expect refusal from her. He leaves her and leans straight.:”its ok ragini” She hugs him from side:”you’re not angry with me naa” Laksh caresses her hairs and looks her:”no I can understand, now please lets sleep otherwise my intention will change” he hugs her tight. Ragini:”goodnight” she closes her eyes with sweet smile.

Swasan at ship:
Everyone arrived at ship and they start their excursion. This is not typical dance party, they arranged music, dance floor, play room and dining area. So everyone can enjoy according to their wish. Swara is outside the dancing room, many couples enjoying the dance and voice of music is also reaching outside but this isn’t so loud unlike inside. Swasan are enjoying the sightseeing of ocean. Swara:”sanskar im still angry with you, so dont try to talk to me” Sanskar:”I’m not trying to talk to you, I’m here to sightseeing of ocean” It’s 15 of lunar. Moon hasn’t its complete moonlight but its enough to enlighten their face. Their emotions again come to them, but they’re not playing hide and seek now. They’re just whispering in their ears slowly slowly and rejoice from their expression. Someone whispers in sanskar’s ear:”dont apologise to her, look her cute face, tease her more” Someone whispers in swara’s ear:”how mean he is? Don’t forget him so easily, hits him that he ignores you” Swara hits him. Sanskar:”ouch!! Why you hit me?” Swara:”my heart told me that you need it” Sanskar smiles and pulls her lock with naughty smile. Swara:”ouch!! Why you pull my hair?” Sanskar:”my heart told me that you need it” Swara hits him back to back:”you’re such a bad guy!! I hate you” he smiles and holds her hands:”youre such a wild cat” Swara:”no you’re such a rude” she tries to free her hand from him. But he holds her hands strongly. She tries but he’s not leaving. Swara ups her eyes which tackles with sanskar eyes and time stopped around them. Emotions are solving the riddles of their heart. Their hands are joined with each others. Moon sent its light towards them, stars opens their eyes to look them. Night puts”Kala tika” on the head of their love, and necromancy of love is spreading everywhere then they can’t see their surroundings. Both are stop but their eyes are talking with each others. Swara:”holds this moment sanskar! I don’t wanna loose you, but separation is in our destiny” Sanskar:”ill change this destiny Shona” Swara:”you can’t because this is my own decision” Sanskar:”change your decision for your love” Swara:”my values are more important than love, if I carry my love, my relationships will cry on my decision” Sanskar:”I’ll carry your all relationship, just help me to complete my life” Swara:”sanskar…” Sanskar:”Shona!” Everything is freeze around their, just their heartbeat breathing in the heavy atmosphere and their emotions make spell around them.

Precap:raglak fight and swasan sing a song with collaboration.

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  1. Raglak fight why yaar

  2. Wow
    Very interesting…:-)

  3. Wow so nice episode and i love the last part this epiode… i just love it… i hope soon sanskar will know shona is swara…

    1. Thanks alllllooottt lucky! You’re great supporter and yeah in one or two episodes, he’ll know about the reality of Shona

      1. You are welcome dear ! wow thats great news now i am waiting to know his reaction when he will face the reality…

  4. Fabulous yaaar

  5. Another superb epi I read all ur epi of both ff . Ur ff is not basically the update but I feel that there is a movie which am seeing mind blowing hats off to u saba . May ALLAH give you success in ur lyf AMEEN

    1. But dear where is ff of path hate to love I m looking for that since morning

    2. Thanks alot hadi for loving my ff! I read your name first time in comments! So please keep in touch in future! Stay blessed

      1. Am always read ur ff but not wrote any comment but after reading ur today’s ff I can’t control my hands today as ur writing skills boost the speed of my hand to do comment

    3. Thanks hadi to broke your silent! Stay blessed

  6. Wooooowwww amazing yr.
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    1. Hey Rupsikha! Yeh to apki anayat hai janab! warna main itna khubsurat nahi likh sakti! Yeh jo Kashis hain naa woh mujh se Zayada Acha likhti hai! Exams k bad tum se class lungi main kashis!

      1. hi rupsikha! hi sweety saba! then tell me where r u from?? don’t tell me Pakistan as I already knew it.. give me the exact town name.. so I can come get treated for my disorder, then teach u & above all learn from u.. sorry as my behaviour seems a bit over friendly..but as I consider u as a friend so I m behaving like this?? if u r hurt then sorry in advance..

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      1. when I will meet u in Karachi on one fine morning then u will find my greyer sides… like a haze I am.. a form of mirage… ha!ha! nothing like that actually that side of varun I mean sanskar is getting on my nerves.. so on hatred to his character I have spoken… well have u ever visited India?? as I have never been to Pakistan. I wanna visit some day for sure..

    3. Yup dea, you’ll welcome here! I’ll wait for your greyer side! And is this condition of your disorder, then definitely im also suffering from this psychological problem! Hahaha well I’ve never visited India! But few months ago I wrote story about a girl who stuck in India which change her destiny! Well as usual this story is still incomplete! Well dear! You must come here and thanks for your concern! And dont worry about varun! We’ve no chance for him because he’s already married ?

      1. No kashis
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      2. I know he is married.. also don’t want any chance either.. as I love & respect for his love.. but the character he is portraying, that has a deep impact on me..coming to your incomplete story, the movie realised ‘bajrangi bhaijan’ & real story of geeta who struck in Pakistan are also live examples of today’s era..

        hi leku, u r absolutely true dear… but for me the character & behaviour he is playing that has made girls crazy for him, I just think that.. as looks fade away…. and saba will treat me to be out of disorder..

      3. Yeah u right kashis…Ya his character and innocent face made girls crazy…in saraswathichandra serial innocent Danny role also awesome….and hope saba will treat u soon?

    4. Hey leku! Kashis is right! We love varun because of his character in swaragini not because of his look! A guy with this type of character! Who don’t fall on him? I think every girl wants this type of guy in his life! And yeah leku I’ve to treat her! Maybe after our friendship, Indo-Pak relationship will be better hahaha! Well Kashis this story isn’t type of bajrangi bhaijan! This story based on girls smuggling, true love, difference between love and lust and Islamic point of view about slavery! So this story is complete in my mind but im so lazy to write on pages! Well you’re right India is right place to give inspiration… And thanks leku and Kashis both of you to give me such good friends

      1. Yeah al girls wants this type guy..i pray for al?? and I never thought I ll get good friend from Pak.. .even thank both of u ….i got two friends from diff part…

      2. nice concept… saba… but in India some films are also written in that way… I also think so after our track III friendship the relations of indo-pak can be enhanced… and as u know saba we all belong to the same land.. we can’t be parted that easily.. stay in touch!!!ur good name plz saba??

        coming to u leku, first of all can I know ur true name?? look u never thought to get a friend from Pakistan, but we r destined to be friends… so we r lanes here.. now Allah or God knows till how far this friendship proceeds?? and hope to meet both of u soon.. leku r u from India?? which state??

      3. Yeah u r right god or Allah knows how far our friendship proceeds..
        But I’m sure I ll try hard to keep touch with both of u…and my name is lekah…ya I,from india,city of chennai(tamilnadu)..hope meet u both soon and which state u r from???kashis dear…

    5. Yeah leku! You’re right I also didn’t think that I’ve got friends from India! Yeah Kashis you’re also right and I also believe that we belong to same state! Outer world refer us from same state, we share same culture, language, history and much more! I dont know why people fight with each others! Well Kashis leku’s real name is laksh and he’s from Chennai! Right leku? Well don’t you think this name is so cute! I thought some tiny and cute thing which can I hold in pinch! Hahaha dont mind Leku!
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      2. Yeah u r right my dear saba…and I’m “she”…!!! Ya I love my name for that i should thank my father..
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    6. Hey luku! Laksh isn’t a name of boys? Are you girl?

      1. Ya its LEKAH… And I’m”she”…
        And kashis its nice and I’m safe.actually my place is not flooded area so no tension…and helping process is going from my area ppl…and can u Tel ur name means???

  7. Thanks saba… Swasan eye contact talks are fabulous.. This is what I want.. Keep it up… Waiting 4 the day when sanskar will know shona is swara.. And swara will know the tricks of ragini…I will wait 4 ur exam dear.. After that u need to give back to back episodes… Hi hi hi hi just kidding..

    1. Hey Kashis!! You’re here?? In normal condition? I thought you’re gonna face multi personality disorder!! Hahaha
      Yeah sure after exams I’ll upload back to back upload! There’s lots of activities which depends on my exams! Well in one or two episodes! Both know everything and one more thing maybe it’ll complete till exams!

      1. hi sweety!! check my earlier comment in swasan part4 to know why I m fine…. I know its on climax as situations are such… yup come soon after exam.. and that time I only demand not request…ha. ha

    2. Yeah sure dear! You’ve right to do

  8. Arreee … Yaar… Asusual great episode… Tooo good …

  9. wow !! I m loving it

  10. Thanks sravya Sri! Hayathi! You’ll know about theirs fight in next episode, well ill give you a hint that the main purpose of their fight is also mentioned in this episode too…
    Thanks niti! Thanks alot bhuvi! You’re great support!!
    Thanks devi!

  11. Thanks alot guys for all of your love and support and I decided to give priority to “im yours” till my exams it doesn’t mean that ill not upload swasan! But ill upload it then when ill have time only! Otherwise there’s only “im yours” and its also at the climax

    1. When vl ur xam got over saba ?? Nd pls try to give equal priority to both.me too hv xam in upcoming weeks but still whenver i took break from studies i jus think abt ur ff..

    2. Hey Akira! Thanks for your concern, there’s a huge difference between writing and reading ff, it really takes time, anyway ill try my best to upload both but my priority is for im yours! Sorry dear and hope you understand

  12. No plz no raglan fight plzzźzzz??????

    1. Hey aqsa dear! Their fight will not so serious, but it also the way to understand each others dont worry

  13. Fantastic saba…swasan eye conservation superb…waiting when sanskar will Shona is swara..sanskar reaction??

    1. Hey leku! Thanks I like your name, is this your real name? Well your wait gonna be finish dear! Just wait little bi more

      1. Yeah my name is lekah….. Leku is nickname….i got this name from my frnds just to tease me but finally al used to call leku…
        And I ll wait ..coz for ur writing skills…its worth waiting dear…

    2. Hey thanks for reply! I like your name so much! It’s sooo cute leku! Well thanks for waiting dear

      1. Thanks for liking my name

  14. And all the best for ur exms..giv ur best 🙂

  15. Plz update d next part of swasan a path from hate to love. .plzzzzz I’m eagerly waiting for that since evening. …plzzz

  16. I love all your FFs and to all the readers you must read “Swasan a path hate to love” by SABA you all will love it

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  18. superb epi dr..

  19. ur ff is superb.. i lv each n every words ur way of describing is so nice …
    swasan scene is nice.. i think after going mumbai sanskar find out about shona being swara…
    waiting for his reaction…

    Bt y raglak fight..make it like nok jok type small fight… if they r togerher then only swasan …

    pls update nxt par soon..
    ur both ff is awsome… i am always waiting for it…

    1. Thanks alot ahana for your concern! Well dear you’re on right path, raglak fight will not be so much drastic, dont worry , it’ll be not nok jhonk but way of understanding each others!

  20. Hey saba…u r an excellent writer…m a silent reader of ur ff nd yeah a biiig fan toooo…keep up the gud work…

  21. Superb
    Awesome dear

  22. Can you please now make sanskaar know that shona is swara

  23. I’m back….Wow!!!!..so…itz gr8 to c many cmnts of silent readers in ur ff….. hi frndz….N cmng back to d cmnt…..it was fantabulous as usual….i liked swara saying sanskaar “MR.BORING “…….. nd i juzt luvd d phrase “it’s 15 of lunar☆”… evn d lines “emotions are solving riddles of their heart♡” and “necromacy of love is spreading everywhere!!!!!!” were awesum!!!…….luvd sanskaar wen he said dat “i’ll change destiny shona”evn raglak was nt any lesser den swasan……………as a whole i juzt luv ur ff….. ****???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Thanks alot priya! For your lots of love and concern! I think it took half minutes to scroll down your comment!! Uff thanks god these kisses are not real hahaha!! Thanks dear! And what’s the condition of Chennai?

      1. Oh!!!…d condition of Chennai. …itz getting worse to worst….itz still raining. …. raining for about a month!!!!…..

  24. sorry dear I replied on behave of saba by finding ur inquisitiveness for swasan a path from hate to love.. next part is already uploaded… check it.. u will definitely find it interesting… rush, read & do comment there…

  25. Thanks Anjali! Niti and trishika! Thanks dear! I’ve uploaded that past already! well I also try my best to upload episode 6. But its not confirm yet
    Thanks nive, sneha, surbhi and hesby! Thanks alot guys

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    1. we r most welcome pie.. and indo-pak r always friends from civilizations… mere petty issues cant defame our strong bond..

    2. Yeah sure priya sister…!!! Welcome

  28. Thanks renu! Yeah Kashis! You’re right! Welcome priya and yeah god will pity on the people of Chennai dont worry, im praying in salat(prayer) for them.

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