Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap35….the cause of butterflies)


“Tum mujhe Aise zaruri ho
jaise…. Khane main namak….”
Whenever I’m around you,
I feel like life’s complete.
I don’t know what to say,
But you make my heart beat. I’m scared to say hello,
But it hurts to say good-bye.
I’ve been hurt before,
Now I feel like loves just a lie. I’m falling really hard,
There’s no stopping me this time.
I think you’re there to catch me
, To finally let me shine.
I lose my voice,
When you’re nearby.
I’m scared to mess things up
I’m scared you’ll say good-bye.
I’m sorry if I’m wrong,
When it comes to liking you.
Just let me know,
I don’t want to be hurt by you

Swasan scene:
Swara is looking him with astonishment and with shock because she can’t think that he’ll confess their marriage. Sanskar is afraid from her reaction because he doesn’t want to lose her. Swara is starring him while sanskar’s eyes are looking forward to path but his mind is on the concentration on her reply. Swara is looks him with curiosity but at the next moment, she smiles and feels relief:”I knew that you’re married, just want to listen from you” Sanskar is shocked to listen of and moves to her:”how do you know?” Swara:”I have some sources…” She smirks. Sanskar is still confused:”what type of sources?” Swara:”sorry I wont tell because this is top secret” Sanskar:”ok miss spy! But you’re not angry with me?” Swara:”should I?” Sanskar:”basically no, but logically yes because you’re my best friend and I hide this thing from you” Sanskar:”you tell the truth, this is enough for me” Swara glares outside the window and lots of butterflies are flying in her stomach, she cant control her happiness. They both reached the apartment, sanskar wanna go to his apart but she stops him:”actually I dont know but I feel to sing, do you wanna listen, however tomorrow is party, so you dont need to get up early for office, so we can do this ayashi, right?”
Sanskar smiles and happy to see her happiness. Both shares sweet eye lock and arrives at her apartment.

Swara takes out her guitar and slowly slowly starts singing, while he’s looking her with sweet and lovely smile.
(It’s been said and done
Every beautiful thought’s been already sung
And I guess right now here’s another one
So your melody will play on and on, with the best of ’em
You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible
A centerfold, miracle, lyrical
You saved my life again
And I want you to know baby)

Night is wetting in the moonlight slowly slowly and her voice is echoes, not only in room but also in sanskar’s heart. Next morning: MM: Today is Sunday and ragini is in her workshop after the work of household. She’s making art piece to gift for laksh and laksh isn’t allow to get in. He’s irked with her and walks outside the workshop with restless spirit. While ap and dp are laughing at his useless movement. AP:”comes here laksh, do your activity what you had done before marriage because today ragini will not lift you” Laksh(in shout voice to make her hear):”yeah maa! I’m going from house, no one gives me importance and just forget about that this is weekend” suddenly ragini comes outside, she’s wearing blue kurti with jeans and her hairs are tied lossly and she’s in complete rough look but in this look she really looks stunning that laksh cant her eyes off from her.

Ragini:”laksh don’t go outside, I’m just coming outside, no, you come inside, I wanna show something” laksh is happy and gives the sign of victory to ap and both smile at his childish techniques. He comes inside and ragini closes his eyes. Laksh:”what happened sweetheart? Do you have any surprise for me? But please give me surprise in room naa! This is not suitable place for romance” Ragini hits him:”you always think about romance ufff!! Well there is surprse for you but isn’t romantic” Laksh’s smile is vanished, ragini removes her hand from his eyes. He sees a painting actually not paint in that was Collagraphy’s art piece. Ragini used there’s pics of every occasion from their wedding to their last romantic moments. All pics are making blooming flowers. Laksh:”woww dear! But what’s this? And why don’t you waste all our pics for this work?” Ragini pats his head and thinks that why is she doing hard work just for this fool. But at the next moment! She smiles and makes him understand about collagraphy.

. At Swara’s apartment: Swasan wakes up and now lying on lounge(separately). And looking at ceiling. Both are listening their heart beat, dawn has mingled with afternoon, but there’s a lot of time to start excursion, but both aren’t understand, what to do because last night they got emotional. And now again they’re avoiding eye contacts because theirs emotions are conquer their selves. Fb shows that when swara was singing last night, when they got emotional and comes close to each others. Sanskar hugs her tight but suddenly swara separates him:”this is not right to stay here, im going to sleep, please lock the door before leaving ” she goes to sleep and locks the room but he wasn’t move and lay down on floor of lounge. When she comes to room and finds him laying in floor, she doesn’t say anything because whole night, she was also quarrelling with herself. She goes to sofa and lean on it. From that time, both are just starring at ceiling and sometimes, both share eye lock and at the next moment. They avoid eye contacts. Sanskar:”swara!” Swara boggles to listen her name from sanskar.

Sanskar:”swara is name of my wife” Swara feels relief to heard that while he continues but both are still starring to ceiling:”she was my childhood friend, but what I’ve done with him, I left her at our wedding night, just to teach the lesson to our elders” he’s saying this with empty expression. There’s pin drop silent in the lounge where sanskar’s deep but cold words are echoed. This silent of loudness are beating in the heart of swara. Sanskar:”I hide this truth to you because I dont wanna loose you, this is not an easy task to accept our flaws and mistakes, but that was not only my mistake, that was my sin” sanskar is saying like soliloquy because Swara isn’t say anything, even she’s holding her breath whether it’ll intrupt in his words. Sunrays of winter aren’t harm to anyone, and cant unable to enter the room because of curtains. Sanskar:”I dont know, I did wrong and right, but yesterday, I think that I wish that i can give chance t our marriage” Swara looks to him with surprise:do you have any guilt of your deed?” Sanskar is als looking her(he’s in twp single sofa):”shouldn’t I?” Swara smiles with sadness:”your guilt can’t change anything sanskar” Sanskar:”I know that’s why I decided something” Swara:”what?” Sanskar:”ill free her from this unwanted relationship” Swara looks him with anger, she shouts to him:”how dare you to think about it? You’re a man, that’s easy for you to break any relationship, do you ask fr a girl” she stands up and breaks the things of room. Sanskar gets worry about her:”Shona!!, stop it dear” Swara feels breathing problem after thinking that he’ll leave her forever:”look at me? You think that im happy, im not happy sanskar! I also want love in my life but you all are not thinking about our feelings” . She feels extreme pain in head, sanskar tries to control her, but she’s continuously shouting and get fainted when she cant bear the pain. Sanskar lifts her and makes her conscious.

Swara feels him and hugs her tight:”dont leave me sanskar please” sanskar caresses her hairs and a tear rolled dwn from his eyes:”I’ll not leave yu Shona! Are you taking your medicine?” Swara nodes in no:”actually I was fine, that’s why..” Sanskar feels angry to her but hides his expression.:”ok! First ill give you breakfast and medicines, then please take a sleep till evening” he stands up but she holds her:dont go, im fine” Sanskar:”I know but please wait I’m just coming” He goes and makes sandwich for her, he makes her breakfast and medicines. She leans at bed but she holds his arms. Sanskar:”im here Shona! Dont worry naa” Swara is in fear and says:”I know, please dont go” she falls asleep because of medicines but she’s still holds her arm tight. He caresses her hairs and looks her with concern:”you cant understand, when I saw you in pain, I cant control my pain, I know the fact you love someone else, but this is final now Shona! I’ll not leave you at any cost. I’ll give you lots of happiness. That dash(abuse) is not deserve you, you’ll go from here after a week and that’s time, ill not let you go” he doesn’t want to cry but he’s tensed because of her condition.:”ill do everything right, I talk to swara and ill make you my better half, I know I’m being selfish but because of you, I’ve to take this step! I cant live without you Shona!” He caresses his hairs slowly slowly and looks her whose sleeping in deep sleep by holding his right arm.

Maheshwari’s house: Raglak comes down from theirs room while ap and dp are sitting on lounge. AP ( in a teasing mood):”you two are at least leave each others at holiday and give some tome to your old parents” ragini blush to listen this but laksh understands and hugs AP:”who said you’re old! You both are still young that im listening you that you should go for honeymoon again” AP and dp laughs and ragini smiles. AP hits him:”you’re making joke to your parent” Laksh sits beside AP and holds his ears:”I’ve no courage to make joke at you, I’m damn serious, you should go for honeymoon again” Dp:”we go for honeymoon then you both make honeymoon at home” Laksh looks him wonder:”wow papa! You’re genius!” All are laughing at his childish deeds. Dp:”I remind from honeymoon that you both weren’t go for honeymoon naa! Then when swara arrives to Mumbai and this project will have done, then ill sent you for honeymoon, you both make plan where you wanna go” Laksh hugs him and says:”ohhj papa! You’re great” Dp pats his face and all are smiles while ragini is thinking something else.

Credit to: Saba

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    Thanks radika! He did not doubt on her because he understand that he considers him as best friend and this is normal when you’re ill you because so santy
    Thanks Sara and muskan for your love and support
    Thanks akalya rockstar! Thanks leku for support me,
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    1. Thanks alot pretty pie! Its good to know your national language! I dont know my mother tongue, even provisional language, so I faced many problems due to it! And I didn’t write Hindi in my ff

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