Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap34….love deform in the mist )


Hey guys! Thanks alot all of you for loving my ff and one more thing, if you dont understand the starting poetry, please must comment. I’ll try my best to give translation of it.
Mohabat os ki suurat
Pyaasi pankhRi ke honT ko sairaab karti hai
Gulon kii Aastiinon main anokhe rang bharti hai
Sehar ke jhat_paTe main gungunaati,
Muskuraati, jagmagaati hai muhabbat ke dinoN main
dasht bhi mehsuus hota hai
kisi firdaus ki suurat
Muhabbat os ki suurat

Raglak at office:
Raglak and dp are discussing about their project.
Laksh:”papa! We got meeting with aditi(model) but actually she’s talking here and there, I think she’s not interested to advertise our brand and you know naa filhal we dont have enough budget to hire super model” dp is also thinking about it because they must need to advertise their brand before launching it.
Ragini:”papa! I’ve an idea, if you like it”
Dp:”yeah sure beta! I know you must have a good idea”
Ragini:”look! We will not work for elite class, our customers are commonly upper middle class persons…”

She stops and look everyone. All are listening her. “so who’s there inspiration? We’ve to choose a face who is moving them, means a girl in which they see their reflection, I dont think so that they see their reflection in any model, we choose simple and traditional girl for our advertisement, this expense will also in our budget too”
Both are clapping after listening her idea. One of staff member:”but ma’am! How we choose that girl. And she hasn’t proper training also, how we manage it” Ragini:”we will do something different, there are many beautiful places in our country, so I think we choose any extremely beautiful place as our background which choose our color theme, with this aspect, our print and colors will blooms clearly” Dp and everyone are praising the idea while laksh something else.
Laksh:”you said Mrs. Maheshwari, that we hire a girl who’s reflection of our society, simple girl, traditional girl, (he stands up and goes to white board and take marker) a girl who studied in our country, a girl who knows our tradition very well, a girl who is wearing traditional dresses instead of western, a girl who is successful in her field but respect her elder as well, means a full pkg of inspiration (he stares at Ragini) right naa Mrs. Laksh Maheshwari?” Ragini nodes. Laksh turns to everyone:”so we’ve already a perfect girl who can inspired to anyone”
Dp:”clearly say, what do you want to say”

Laksh:”this is full pkg of inspiration” he points out to Ragini. Everyone gets surprise to her point.
Dp:”I think laksh! We’ll talk later about it(to staff) meeting is over” everyone is moving. After leaving everyone. Dp:”laksh! You know very well, our family has respect and you want to make ragini modeling?”

Ragini:”yeah laksh! I’m also not interested in modeling” Laksh:”this was only my opinion, I dont think so that this is a bad thing, our dresses are formal and traditional, you know very well and as per ragini’s words, she is completely inspiration of our model” Dp:”enough laksh! Dont say anything like this” Ragini:”yes papa is right laksh! This is not a good field, I dont wanna join it” Laksh looks her in shocked:”I thought, you’re a mature girl, but you’re such a hypocrite, you says that you wanna give traditional girl, but as traditional girl, you dont want to this feild and force another traditional girl to do that” Laksh went from there in anger. Ragini gets worried on the words of laksh. Dp notices this and consoles her:”he’s just an emotional guy, he doesn’t want any opposition and in anger he doesn’t know that what is he saying, dont worry beta! You’ll see after some time, when his anger will vanished and then he repent at his words” Ragini tries to smile but her emotions dont allow her.

Swasan at Sanskar’s apartment: Swara is laying on the sofa, while Sanskar is making food in kitchen. Swara:”hurry up! I’m hungry yara” Sanskar:”just two minutes” he’s hurriedly working and taste soup:”hmm not bad” He goes to Swara, set a table, put a sheet on table, keep vase on it, and set a pots on table. Swara:”hurry up! Otherwise ill die with hunger” she screams with teasing mood. While Sanskar eyes on her:”hey! Dont say like this again please” swara notices he has pain in his eyes while saying that but she ignores him. He brings soup and set the table again. Swara takes a first sip of soup and signs him a victory! :”ohhh! That’s sooo good, you’re becoming good cook day by day, why dont you apply for master chef?” Sansakar coughs and wips his lips with napkin:”yeah I think, if am stay with you more like it, then definitely, ill leave my textile business and starts a hotel where I play role of chef” Swara laughs:”you make good job!! Well done my student, you’re going good after living with me” Sanskar bows down to her in funny style:”bus baba ji Ki kripa ho”

Swara:”baba ka ashirwad tere sath hai bacha!! Aur ache ache khane bana aur is bacho ka dil khush kar” both burst a laugh and forget to take soup. Sanskar:”now stop making joke, we’ve very short time, we’ve to move on for arrangement of tomorrows party” They both take dinner with light mood and after dinner they’ve gone to see arrangement..(because of long busy day in office, they’ve only time after dinner to do arrangement of party).

Swasan reached at board and watched all arrangement. Sanskar:”you’ve done great job Shona! I’m proud of you” Swara:”you should be! But this is not enough, you’ve penalty of one week dinner and Haan on weekend, you’ve to serve me food and ill not wash your clothes or clean your apartment” Sanskar smiles and pinches her in naughty mood:”last time you were also said that but you washed my clothes, cleaned my apartment my kam wali bai” Swara with open mouth and red face:”how dare you called me kam wali? You… (she hits her and point out her finger to him) you….” Sanskar closed to her only for teasing her:”yeah me….” Swara feels cold breeze in her heart with his closeness. And steps back.:”you my bawarchi(I don’t know cook in hindi)!” Sanskar:”ok kam wali bai” Swara:”sanskar!!!!! I’ll not spare you” He runs:”first catch me” they’re on the boat but ship is at shipyard, not in sea, so sanskar ran from ship and reached at shore. Swara exhausted and she got an idea. She slips with her own and acted that she is in pain. Sanskar turns to her immediately:”you ok na Shona?”

Shona in naughty mood:”yeah I’m ok!!But now you’ll not be ok” she hits him with her soft handed back to back. While he smiles and beat by her with soft smile on his face. Sanskar in his mind:”im not worried about myself Shona! I can bear all pain, if you’re happy, I can become master chef, if you’re agree to stay with me (then he suddenly compose himself) no sanskar she’s only your friend” He smiles and gets her up. :”now we’ve to leave, we arranged all things” Swara:”one thing is remaining” Sanskar:”what?” Swara holds his hand and drags him towards car. :”don’t think that ill spare you for helping me, I’ll do lots of shopping on your money” Sanskar teases her:”I dont remember that ever you paid a bill, I think you’ll make me bankrupt soon like a good wife” Swara:”yeah this is my right” they both laugh but suddenly both stop and avoid eye contact because they realize what they’ve said.

Hey guys! Sorry dear, ill not carry this with precap, because when I start writing, I just forget about everything and write whatever come in mind! But this precap will reveal after some episode. And guys! I’ve making notes of “classical poetry” so I’ve so short time, so you’ve to wait for few days for next, ill try my best to upload soon. If my exams date will come then In Shaa Allah ill inform you in comment before leaving a break. Thanks guys for supporting me and stay blessed.

Credit to: Saba

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  4. Thanks kashis! Yeah sure, after exams In Shaa Allah ill repay to write two to three episodes per day. And thanks akalya and sorry I make you wait for ff. Thanks hayathi! As I’ve shown that laksh is spoil brat, he cant face opposition of anyone, that’s why, raglak have lots of things to know about each others! Sorry guys!

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  13. Thanks ahana, akshitha, bhuvi, sravya Sri and subi! Thanks veena, its happy to see you back! Yeah maybe this is also same problem of our(precap) thanks krish and sorry dear! I can understand, they’re just fighting with their feelings, and I’ve planned a big shock at the end of this episode, but because of short time, I couldn’t complete this episode, you’ll read its next part soon, with a big shock but sorry dear, if you dont like it, I can understand krish, im also swasan fan, only they’re reason to watch daily soup, otherwise I’m not used to watch Indian serials! Sorry dear again, ill try my best to give different track in next part of this episode!

    1. Yeah I know dear..they are fighting with their feels with use of same conversation…no need to say sorry saba..I’m just try to remind you..and sure I’ll wait for your big shock..take care ?

      1. Thanks krish! For remind me, its happy to see you as supporter, if you feel any mistake, you can say dear without any hesitation

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