Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap34 continued….love deform in the mist…)


Raglak at home: Laksh arrives to home and realizes his mistake to said bad about ragini in rages. He thinks that she’ll be angry with him, so he bought flowers for her to cheer her up. But he’s get surprise to see her in normal mood. She’s as usual doing his work and talking to maa papa. He wanna talk to her about his misbehaving, but she’s busy with ap in kitchen. So he waits for her arrival at home. She changes her dress and takes flower from him. They both are in night dress and just about to sleep. Ragini:”thank you laksh for bringing this flowrs” she puts flowrs in vase. Laksh hesitates to say her sorry but he collects courage and says:”im sorry Ragini, I misbehaved with you” Ragini turns to him and smiles:”its ok laksh! Just forget about it” Laksh looks her with surprise:”you dont feel bad after it”

Ragini looks down and says:”honestly say, I felt bad when you said that but that time, I put myself on your place and realized that you’re not wrong, im also not wrong just we’re different from each others, if you don’t understand my point of view, then at least I should. If I’m also spoil balance of our relationship then we’ll not carry it” Laksh hugs her and says:”I love you ragini! Sometimes I wondered that how I get a mature and wise girl like you, I’m just fool and careless, but you….(he looks into her eyes) you make me perfect” She smiles and holds his hands:”dont take me wrong laksh! But you told me hypocrite, you know I’m just talking about those girls who wanna carry modeling profession under their limits, we can give chance to those type of girls, you know naa! Every person is suitable of his own work, and im suitable in art field…” Laksh puts his fingers on her lips:”shhhh… Dont say anything, im sorry I was wrong, I shouldn’t misbehaved with you like this” Ragini:”im not angry with you but please promise me that you’ll never say anything bad while anger” Laksh:”It’s difficult to me to control my rage but for you, I promise that ill never say anything bad while anger”

Ragini smiles and hugs him and says in her mind:”thanks mom! For giving me such a nice tips” Fb shows that when Sumi gives her tips to make house in the heart of laksh, she also said:”you know ragini beta! As I know laksh, he’s emotional guy and this type of person is just like a child, so always treat him like a child when he’s passing with emotions, like anger, repentance, happiness or sorrow, any type of emotional… Just calm yourself and dont say anything to realized his mistake otherwise he’ll not admit it, let him realized him through your minor actions” fb ends. Laksh separates her and both go to bed. Laksh:”ragini! I remember something” Ragini:”what’s that?” She covers herself in blanket and lay down. Laksh:” I got call from Bhai, he wanna talk to maa and wants help from me” Ragini:”that’s not a problem” Laksh:”I know this is not a problem but he also wants to talk to swara”

Ragini gets up with amazed:”what really?? But why?” Fb shows that when laksh is in hospital, he got a call from sanskar and sanskar said him that now he wanna correct everything and for this purpose, he wanna talk to swara, he also says that convince maa to talk to me because he’s missing her so much and realized that she didn’t do any mistake. Fb ends. Laksh:”I dont know the purpose of him, he didn’t tell me but problem is there we cant tell him that swara is in Mumbai, if mom talks to him. Maybe she’ll tell him and we’re not in position to take a risk, finally everything gonna be ok” Ragini in deep thought:”ok!! Make any excuse from maa now, and for swara im thinking that we’ll not tell anything to swara, I talk to him as Swara” Laksh:”are you sure?” Ragini:”you don’t trust me?” Laksh:”no.. I mean yes I trust you” Ragini:”ok!! I’ll handle everything but you’ve to convince sanskar that he confess his love to swara and convince her soon, because she told me that after one week. She’ll come here” Laksh:”okk bosss!!”

Swasan scene:
Swasan went for shopping and both are still avoiding eye contact with each others. Swara collides with someone in ladies boutique. She’s piya(a girl who meet her in restaurant). She’s in new attire with sindoor and mangalsutr. Swara is happily meet to her, both introduce to each others. Sanskar and amrat also come to them. Amrat:”piya! They’re that couple naa! Who was just lost in each others during dance” swasan blushes and again avoids eye contacts. Sanskar and amrat also meet to each others. Swara to amrat and piya:”im happy both of you that you got marry” Both looks each others and burst a laugh. Amrat:”actually we’re already married, and our marriage was arrange” swasan get shocked to listen this. Both are also walking in a shop and looking for suitable dress. Sanskar:”I think we should sit somewhere” Amrat:”yes lets go to cafeteria” all four go to cafe and just orders coffee.

Swara:”so! Tell me your story hurry up” Piya looks amrat lovingly:”actually this is a long story, we got marry 1 year ago, we both are different from each others and dont want to marry, but you know naa typical indian parents, they pressurize us” Sanskar recalls his marriage and closes his eyes with pain. Swara:”then? What did you do?” Amrat:”I explain in short, we are just different from each others, in starting, we often fight with each others, but as time passing we know about each others, each others qualities and goodness as well as flaws and because of our marriage, we feel bond in our heart, just we’re closing to each others but didn’t admit our love just like both of you” Swasan again avoid eye contact and says in unison:”there’s nothing like that we’re just friends” Piya:”our love is also start with friendship, we take lots of time to admit it, but that time I enjoyed every moment with amrat, as an enemy, as a friend, best friend, gf and lover to wife… I think our relationship is strong we can find every relationship in our marriage” Swasan are listening them carefully and feelings truthfulness of their words in their heart but still don’t want to admit it, specially

sanskar because he deny his marriage. Amrat:”and main thing is that after it I said to my every friend, its most pure and sacred thing to love after marriage rather than before marriage, so you both should get marry soon and dont deny your feelings because we understand this feelings in both your eyes” he pints out them and piya smiles. While swasan feel uncomfortable and put theyr coffee. Sanskar:”we should leave now, otherwise our watchman close the apartment’s main door” Amrat and piya handshake to each others and swasan went to their car. Swara feels heavy silent in the car, she wants that sanskar say something. Swara:”they’re just perfect naa?” Sanskar:”hmmm..” Sanskar recalls their words and feels lots if guilt in his heart. He thinks that it was better that if he give a chance to his marriage. He regret about his decision, when he makes joke to his marriage. He looks at Shona and think s that he’s also hide his truth to her. Winter is come and there’s bit mist outside and he also feels mist in his heart. Where he doesn’t understand what to do and what don’t. He repents what he done with swara but he also doesn’t want to leave his love. But on the other side, he doesn’t want to lose Shona to say that he’s married and he wants her in his life after knowing that she’s love someone.

Swara is watching outside the window, sanskar looks her helplessly:”how do I tell you everything… Every pain of my heart, you already in pain because of your love then how I propose you to share my pain… No… Shona… No… I’ll neither give you pain nor to swara, ill free both of you from this pain” Swara:”where you lost?” Sanskar:”nothing, just thinking about amrat and Shona! They’re introduced me the meaning of sacred love” Swara feels the truthfulness in his eyes, she’s feeling that nowadays his eyes are not hide anything from her.

Swara:”ahmm ahmm.. You know about sacred love naa? Then why should you move in your life., give a chance to your life with this sacred love”. Sanskar feels bitterness of her words:”what do you mean Shona?” Swara:”why dont you Marry sanskar?” Sanskar looks her with guilt, takes deep breath and avoid eye contact. He looks straight to the path. Everything is in mist and his love also deform in mist which neither satisfy his thirst nor allow him to move on. Sanskar takes a deep breath and still looks ahead and said at once:”I don’t need to marry Shona” Swara with bitterness:”why sanskar?” Sanskar:”because I’m already married”

Credit to: Saba

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