Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap33….Life Moves Way Too Fast)

Mohabat hath main pahni Hui choori Ki manand hai
Chanakti hai, khanakti hai,khanak k toot jati hai
You’re the reason I get up to face each hectic day
How did our lives get so consumed with nonsense on the way
We used to take the time to laugh and play a game or two
But now it seems we fight a lot and cry way too much too
So when you go to sleep at night
I’ll slip in by your side

I’ll hold you close and squeeze you tight and feel amazing pride
You’re the one that I love best, it’s very clear to see
With every day I know I’m blessed that you’re a part of me
Now let’s just try to slow it down and savor all that’s past
For that’s what molds our future, and life moves way too fast
Next morning swasan at swara apartment:

Swara gets amazed to see sanskar at her door because it was early morning.
Swara:”are you ok sanskar? You here this time?” Sanskar:”yeah I’m going for a jog, will you join me?” He’s wearing track suit and joggers. Swara:”where is your misanthropy with your surrounding?” She sees here and there. Sanskar smiles and looks in her eyes:”you changed me Shona! And now you’ll find me better person” she noticed that his eyes are also telling her the story of his heart. But she ignores because if she doesn’t ignore, her heart again conquer her. Swara:”lets go” she wears her joggers and locks the apartment. Sanskar:”today I keep my cash also, if you feel hungry and wanna go for breakfast. Now we can” Swara smiles and just walking towards park. Sanskar:”I need your help Shona”

Swara stops and he says:”actually last time we got a big project in my company, my staff is so nice and cooperated with me lots, now we successfully submit this project (both enters the park) so I’m thinking that do something for them, to give not lots but little bit of happiness” Swara is listening carefully, both are walking instead of jogging. Sanskar:”so I thought, I arranged Grande party, only for my staff and their families to spend some quality time” Swara:”hmm..” Sanskar:”but I’m not so good to do this, before it was all arranged by lucky, I can say this to my manager also, but i wanna do something with my own effort, so I need your help Shona to arrange this party, party theme to everything”

Swara thinks a bit and smiles:”ok if you get rid of your that tyrant type person, and this sanskar is coming out from the ashes, then I’ll definitely help you, but I’ve a condition”
Both walking along the trees and sun rays are playing hide and seek in the leaves. Light san rays are also reflecting their face which glow to see each others. Sanskar:”what?” Swara:”you’ve to make meal for me daily”

Sanskar bow downs to her and says:”as my lady says” both laugh and their laughing sound’s waking up the day. (guys there days are passing, so i just described their feelings into song instead of so much dialogues).

Dil Ki hai tamana plays BG from force. Both are walking along the greenery and their emotions are looking out of the window of their eyes.

Na tu bataye na main kahoon jo, tere-mere dil ki hai tamanna
Both keep walking and say nothing. In evening, swara reaches his apartment and both start planning about party. Swara takes notebook and pen:”first we’ve to decide the theme of party” Sanskar:”im not so good about theme, but something suitable for family” Swara ups her eye lashes and her sight tackle with his eyes.

Meri hai tamanna teru bannu mujhko bhi hai bas tera banana
Swara composes herself:”I thought about beach party, but that isn’t suitable for family” Sanskar:”I got great idea about family theme, we can arrange this party at ship, we can hire a ship”
Swara:”hiring a ship isn’t so expensive sanskar?” Sanskar:”I can afford easily this..(he stops for few seconds) actually Shona, I wanna give them great pleasure, many of person from my staff cant afford holidays alone, with family, it’ll be dream, so I wanna give them a big surprise where they enjoy something special and big naa! And one more thing, you know naa my lifestyle? I’m not eating my all company’s profit yar”

Swara looks him with all concern, she think that she’s unaware of this shade of sanskar.
Jaan ke hum anjaan hain kaisi hai yeh kahani

She composes herself and teases him:”yeah i know you’re such a miser who washes his clothes with his own hands” Sanskar:”yeah! But now I find muft Ki kam wali bai” Swara:”ohh!! That was I’ve done only for your birthday, you clever boy, you want to make me kam wali bai” she hits him and he runs away. Both are playing just like their emotions. Arey..! ho naa kyun hairani Jo pyaas hai kyun peete nahin paani hmmm… But next day(its a Sunday) she comes to his apartment. Sanskar feels sleepy but she enters with duplicate key (both give duplicate key to their respective apartments to each others) Sanskar:”ohh!! Kam wali bai has come” Swara laughs:”yeah I was thinking to wash my clothes, so I thought I can bless you also, now get up because you’re my free of cost cook” Sanskar throws pillow on her and both laughs. Their emotions are living in their heart, running in their blood, and looking from their eyes.

Hum jab mil gaye hain, phir kyun yeh faasle Paas aake bhi hum kuch door se hain
Kyun jijke se hain dono
Kyun pitke se hain dono Kya jaane
hum kyun yun majboor se hain

Laksh is at the office, when he saw that ragini is arriving there. She’s wearing pink color kurti with formal pent. She sets her hairs very well but her mangalsutr is only her ornament And her sandoor is only her makeup. Laksh is mesmerized by her simple eastern beauty. He signs her that she’s looking beautiful. She blushes and indicates her that there’s staff members. Mere aankhon mein sitaare hain Sharmeelay se ishaare hain Laksh signs that im your husband but dp coughs. Laksh embarrassed while ragini makes face to him. Both eyes are shinning with the happiness of their love. Inko zara tto dekho tum, inko tto samjho Kyun ho gayi ho sharmeeli, jo hai baat dil ki rangeeli After work, ragini serves him lunch and both make eat each others. After lunch she wanna go but laksh holds her wrist Both didn’t say anything but their eyes are talking to each others:”don’t go”

Ragini:”I dont want, but I’ve to go, please try to understand” Laksh leaves her hand and she goes. At night when Ragini is going to sleep laksh comes behind her and covers her eyes with his hand. Ragini:”what happened?” Laksh:”I’ve a surprise for you, just two minutes wait” Ragini:”again surprise” Laksh:”talking isn’t allow, just do what I say” He drags her slowly and ragini smiles and also her heartbeat is increasing with suspense that now what laksh arranges for her. He brings her to upside room and remove his hands from her eyes. She gets very happy to see it. That’s a art studio, many of beautiful paintings and quality art works of well known artists are there.

There’s one side music players with the cd’s of all classical singers. She’s checking everything and getting happy more and more while laksh is looking her happy face and feeling her happiness in his heart. Her canvas, painting stuff, sculptures, everything is there. Wall is also painted with the theme of night where some stars are shining. She opens the terrace where she finds pots of many beautiful flowers. Everything is giving inspiration her. She hugs him tight:”thank you” Her hairs are flying with the wind and sweet melody of windchime playing in bg. He removes her hairs from her face softly.

Yeh sharm-warm tum chhodo, hum se tto keh do
Jo dhadkan mein, saanson mein ik raaz hai chhupa
Aa duniya se keh de hum, mere
Sathiya ooo..

Swasan go to visit the sight, where they want to arrange party, they meet with owner of ship and discuss about party. Shona is so much happy and excited and running here and there in the ship. She’s wearing long flowy skirt with simple sleeveless white shirt and her hairs are flying with the cold breeze of sea and suddenly she feels cold. Sanskar forgot about to talk with manager and goes to her and gives her to his blazer. Breeze is dancing around them and their eyes are tackling with the emotions. Na tu bataye na main kahoon jo, tere-mere dil ki hai tamanna Meri hai tamanna meri bann tu, mujhko bhi hai bas Tera banana Both walking slowly along the shore, they don’t understand what to say, tumult of emotions are spreading in theirs heart.
Jaan ke hum anjaan hain kaisi hai yeh kahani

Aray..! ho naa kyun hairani Jo pyaas hai kyun peete nahin paani
Ragini makes wear the blazer to laksh and give him a kiss on forehead. Both comes down and dp and AP discussing that how they’re helping each others to dragging each others career. Ap:”Although they two belong to totally opposite felid of life and they’re also have opposite nature. Laksh is completely careless and spoil brat and likes modernity. Ragini is conservative, shy traditional but mature girl” Dp:”yes! This is called the real combination of opposites elements, they’re playing perfect role of life partner in each others life” ap and dp look them with smile. Raglak shares beautiful eye lock. Laksh’s eyes:”come soon to office, ill wait for you” Ragini’s eyes:”and you take care yourself, ill come soon” Jab do dilon ka kehna hai, ab saath humko rehna hai Jab dono dil dhadkte hain, to kya hai mushqil

Swasan go to toy shop because swara gives him idea that they should give gift to kids at the end of party. This is like a showroom of toys. There is portion in every type of toys. Swara loves this shop and very happy to see toys, sanskar is smiling to see her while swara is non-stop talking about her toys and childhood. She noticed that he’s not saying anything, so she looks him who is just looks her with sweet smile. Bas itni si shikaayat hai, chup rehne ki jo aadat hai Chhodo kabhi tto tum keh do, jo kehta hai dil Both emotions are playing again in between in shop:”why aren’t they say about their emotions” winds are blowing gently and many people in this shop are thinking that they’re newly couple who comes for their would be chld shopping. Their ultimate chemistry screaming in the hall that how deep they’re involved in each others but they’re only not understand this thing.

Jo dhadkan mein, saanson mein ik raaz hai chhupa Aa duniya se keh de hum, mere saathiya… Both goes to playground of younger children. There are lots of soft balls everywhere. Sanskar kiss one chid and give her a toy, swara is smiling to look new shade of his personality. Her heart become witness of his evil one as well as his goodness. Na tu bataye na main kahoon jo, tere-mere dil ki hai tamanna Meri hai tamanna meri bann tu, mujhko bhi hai bas tera ban.na Swara slips on the balls, sanskar rushes to her, he urges his hand to her, she hold his hand but because of spreading balls, she slips again and that time Sanskar is also falls. Both falls on balls and tries to stands up bur again slip.

They’re lying on the balls and looks at each others and suddenly both burst a laugh. Jaan ke hum anjaan hain kaisi hai yeh kahani Arey..! ho naa kyun hairaniJo pyaas hai kyun peete nahin paani ho Both looks into each others eyes, their bodies are freeze at their place but their souls are flying with their laughing. Hum jab mil gaye hain, phir kyun faasle hainPaas aake bhi hum kuchh door se hain Both slowly stand up and avoid eye contact because both are scared the revelation of their emotions through their eyes. Kyun jhijhke se hain donoKyun bidke se hain donoKya jaane hum kyun yun majboor se hain

Precap:”swasan arranged party very well while ragini gives surprise to laksh”

Credit to: Saba


  1. swinley

    I’m sorry to say this but plz give equal preference to raglak and swasan…… coz I’m a big fan of both the couples…….

  2. Ananya

    Too lovely….best part about ur ff are your titles?? they go too well with the episode…i m just amazed at how do u find such breathtaking and best suited words…???? eagerly w8ng for next..?

    • Saba

      Thanks dear! I’m glad you like titles! I’m trying my best to give suitable sub title! And I’ll upload next part soon

  3. Akalya

    Mind blowing episode Rockstar.
    In recent episode I noticed many ppl commenting on sanskar’s character tat nt to make hm bad.But nw u made ppl accept tat he’s repenting fa his mistake.Tat’s wat the writer do thy name ppl travel along the story n accept fa wat thy are.You juz did it u made us travel alng the story n ua a Perfect writer n thy juz luv sanskar nw.
    Rocking as always.
    Saba The Rockstar.

  4. Today story is just amazing.. so good to read.. no evilness.. nice moments btwn swasan and raglak… thnk ur story btwn ur xamz… nice epi sabba… credit to ur creativity..

  5. Anu

    It’s Gud yr but don’t write so mch lyrics nd poems,lines…..plz yr write the conversation between them….sometimes I get irritated Dr……u write so nicely but it is difficult for me to understand nd many times I get confused plz Dr
    Sry if I hurt your feelings but I seriously I don’t have that intention…..I just say this because its my favorite ff nd update nxt part fast

    • krish

      Ha Anu..my favourite too…and don’t get irritate please..she only not giving importance to dialogs..she trying to give character feel to everyone..cool dear.starting I’m silent reader.n I can’t stop my self to comment on this.

      • krish

        Sorry when i typed.its submitted mistakly…Starting im silent reader..Now I can’t myself to comment on this ff daily.I love her story much..

    • Saba

      Thanks Anu for liking my ff, actually dear sometimes, we dont have lots of words to talk each others, so that’s time I used lyrics or poems to express their emotions! Yeah I know because of copy paste from word’s documents, it isn’t has right Sequence of paragraph, this is also a matter of my own carelessness! So ill try my best to give proper sequence! My ff is also lengthy so it takes so much time! I hope you understand I’ve a time issue and I also give you sufficient ff, not only one or two paragraphs

  6. kashis

    so nicely described the emotions and with each passing day the couples bonds are getting stronger… it is actually called the trueness and bliss of love..

  7. amazing episode saba…. u totally rocked…. n ur idea of using a song for conveying emotions is commendable…. raglak n swasan were mesmerizing…. u r a true angle saba… u knw exactly how to convey d emotions… n how u mold them…. grt epi.. i really luved the idea of giving a different name to every epi… thanks for d update… exciting precap… n all d best for ur exams… keep writing… stay blessed

  8. i think some of u guys r overeacting…. the 31 epi was completely based on raglak… n they r given equal importance to them to… sorry if i offended anyone…

  9. krish

    Saba swasan scenes was super but I didn’t recognize this song.so I escaped song lines.don’t worry.. story was superb I enjoyed it.

    • Saba

      Hey krish! Thanks dear! Thanks a lot for always supprting me. When I read that comment, I wasn’t have so much time to reply her, but I was sure in my heart, you’ll must reply her! Thanks dear for it! And whenever I read your comment. It’ll make my blood, sometimes its not a matter of praise , sometimes I need critics also. But please guys do criticise with positive point of view! I’ll must try my best to give sufficient reply! And thanks again krish! I think im getting used to of your comments on my post

  10. Saba

    Thanks Janvi, Krish and swara for supporting me, I’ve tried my best to give equal importance to both couple, but tragedy is with swasan so mostly people think that im giving importance to them only! swinley you maybe right! But my point of view about raglak and swasan is totally changed! Swasan falls in love with each others, as they’re and without the terms of marriage! While raglak’s love is different from them! They need to understand each others! They’ll get fight, they’ll feel bad about each others and main thing is that they’ll repent and correct their mistakes and tries to understand each others.. And diya! In my ff, ragini isn’t only a traditional girl but also a career woman, a strong woman with greats wits and strong character and maturity! I don’t think so that this is a weakness of girl, so why you think like that ragini isn’t important? Is her character in original track is like That? Sorry if you feel bad, I just want to clear my point of view! Raglak love each others. That’s not an end of their story, they’re completely opposite to each others! They’ve lots of things to understand each others.

    • krish

      Ha saba..when they ask give importance to raglak….that time you uploaded full episode of raglak scenes for their wish.but this time also.. I don’t know..why they again ask same question about importance of character..may be they didn’t read previous episodes..&thank you saba…you didn’t commit r accepted like before….i felt may be u will do same like before.. that’s why i didn’t respond on this.take care

      • Saba

        Hey dear! I didn’t understand, what I did before? And that episode was preplanned for raglak already actually! It was just coincident that they ask to give importance to raglak also and im at that episode in which laksh confess his love to rag! Well ill try my best to not the change my story track! Well once again thanks Krish!

  11. Saba

    Thanks lucky, nitu, ridhi and Hayathi! I’m happy to see your name in comments portion! Well hayathi! He’ll know soon about the reality of Shona! But first he has conquer himself for to achieve his goodness again

  12. Saba

    Thanks sethooty and krish! This song is from John Abraham’s movie force! It’s not hit movie, but I like its songs and this song is also suitable for their situation so I added it

  13. Saba

    Thanks appu, trishika and leku! And kashis! Thanks dear! Yeah both couple’s bond is getting stronger day by day! But yet there’s many things they’ve to learn from life!

  14. krish

    Ha I mean saba before when they asked about raglak importance..that time you given reply to them.. in reply.. tomorrow episode is full of raglak episode…so I thinked…. that’s why(i feeled you accepted) you uploaded full episode of raglak scenes before for their wish..but now after your explain.. I understand.. it’s coincidence.

  15. Saba

    Thanks radika! And ok krish! I got you, but that was only coincident! It’s also co incident that ppl are saying about ragla, and in my next scene they’ll again gain importance (not like previous one and they’ll not take swasan scenes also)

  16. Ahana

    Pls update nxt part soon…
    I also think u give importance to both swasan n raglak scenes ..
    I know As swasan suffering u concentrating on them…
    Gud going …

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