Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap32….when November falls)


Hum Nazuk Buht hain Pani K BulBulay Ki Tarha
Zara Sa Thukra0 Gy T0 Dh0ndty Reh Ja0 Gy!!!!!!
I ran in blessed drizzle,
I walked across the silver desserts.
I dived under golden sun gleams,
and I passed thousand of seas;…

Raglak at farmhouse:
Ragini wakes up and find herself in laksh’s arm. She recalls all their lovely moments and thanks to god in her heart who gives her a husband like this.
She wanna wake up him but she stops and saw him with all her concern. Ragini:”I dont know when and how, you become my beloved, my dearest, my heart and…”
She stops and caresses his hairs and combs his hairs with her fingers.
Laksh gets and looks her very close:”good morning my sweetheart!” He tightens his grip around her.
Ragini kisses his forehead and says:”good morning” Laksh:”how bold you are? Look at you, dont you feel shy?” Ragini:”shyness is natural thing, yeah I feel but I don’t think so that there’s any shame to kiss my husband, you’re my husband, I also owe you as well as you” Laksh smiles and looks her with deep eyes:”you know Ragini! I wont tell you lie, I slept with many girls, but this feelings is more above than, this is not a matter of flesh, this is something spiritual and holly, maybe this is just because our sacred relationship” Ragini smiles and says:”now get up my husband! We’ve to go for a meeting” Laksh:”you’re not angry with me?” Ragini with calm smile:”no laksh! It was your past, but you’ve changed for me, I’m your present and future, and we made promises yesterday naa? I believe that you’ll never ever break any of them” Laksh kisses her hand and says:”Thanks ragini for believing me! I’m very lucky to have you” Ragini(in teasing mood):”yeah you’re lucky” Laksh smiles and hugs her tight, they both shares beautiful eye lock and sun rays greets them new good morning of their life.

At sanskar’s apartment: It’s lovely morning! But sanskar’s room is filled with mess, he smoked all night. He’s standing ahead of window, sun is rising from east, there is dim light outside. She’s still smoking and thinking from his marriage to meeting with Shona. Shona’s awkward behaviour, their last closeness moments, swara and his childhood, his family and specially kavita. He couldn’t sleep last night, shona’s sweet voice echoed in his mind all night. He recalls all their moments and last incident that and concluded that she’s angry with him because she thinks that he wants her and snatches from her love. Sanskar to himself:”I did many mistakes. We were such a happy family” he recalls all their family moments. “but after kavita’s death, everything became worst, and I did wrong with swara” he leave the smoke in the airs and recalls their meeting in park where Shona told him the side effects of smoking. He smiles but continues. “I did everything wrong, i know bade papa did wrong with me, but i didn’t punish swara for it, i know I’m bad fellow but from now, I’ll correct my all mistakes, ill not force Shona to love me back, ill do what she wants. I apologise with swara too, i hope she’ll understand my situation… Now i need to free her from this unwanted relationship…” He sighs and throws his cigarette in ash trey.
His emotions are also combined with the smock and now turn into ashes which crying in the ash tray for their misery. “i lost kavita, but after her, i lost everything, even I lost my goodness, but now its time to correct everything, correct my every mistake, my every wrong decision and give little bit happiness on the face of my all dearest, as possible, I can”. He goes to washroom and freshen up. He doesn’t want to eat anything. He just cleans up his room and come in front of mirror:”now Mr Sanskar Maheshwari! You’ve to do everything right, this is new morning of your life, where you’ve chance to correct everything” he smiles and moves for the office. The new day is waiting for him, which shower blessing to his kind heart which throws his all evils into a hell and bloom a flower of virtue.

Raglak scene: Raglak attend meeting successfully and get a project. They’re so happy and move for Kolkata. When they arrive home, it was evening outside, sun is just about to set and its rays lost its shine. Laksh:”helllooooo!! My sweet mother” he hugs AP, ragini also takes blessing from her. Laksh:”where is papa?” AP:”he’s still in office, just about to arrive, (she hugs ragini) thanks god! You’ve come ragini! I was lonely at home, now you both go and fresh up, ill arrange dinner, till you papa also come” both node and go to their room and AP notices that both are happy. She smiles and thanks to god who gives happiness to them. Raglak at room: Laksh comes close to her:”ragini! Thank you” Ragini who is drying her hairs in front of mirror, sees his reflection behind her and smiles:”why?”

Laksh:”to come in my life” Ragini:”thank you my love! To gave me that’s happiness” laksh holds her hand and sits on dressing table. :”that wasn’t enough, I’m not so good guy, I’ve flaws and lacks also and minimum qualities, I become sometimes, rude, sometimes I feel extreme anger but with all this, im not promise that ill always give you happiness, but I promise that, if anything will be going wrong, ill be there with you, in every thick and thin” ragini smiles and says:”I’m not so good to express my feelings in words but laksh I read one poem once, I dont remember complete poem, but its one line “When November falls and your dream’s blood will freeze, ill with you to warm all your dreams with my emotions” Laksh rubs her hands with softness:”November is falling and that’s time I wanna become your shawl and give you….” He downs to her but she pushes him and both laugh and falling November smile with them.

At swasan’s building: Swara was working at her apartment, nowadays she’s working day at night because she wants to move from Mumbai as soon as possible. She doesn’t want to face sanskar again and again. She’s melting after closing to him, and she wants to freeze her emotions. Door bell rings, she stands up and opens the door. It’s sanskar. Sanskar:”I thought, I should fulfill the responsibility of good neighbour” he drags her and comes inside. Swara:”what happened to you? I don’t need anything, please don’t come in front of me again and again” but he didn’t listen to her. He keeps dining tray at table and gives her chocolate box with cards. Sanskar:”I thought, you must be hungry, so I made biryani for you, and special chicken biryani” he uncovers the dish and brings plates and spoons.

Swara:”you made non veg for me?” Sanskar:”I know Shona! You’re angry with me, actually whenever kavita got angry with me, I always made non veg for her, actually there is many common things between you and kavita, maybe that’s a reason last time, I was lost my control, I’m sorry for that! Shona! (He goes to her) im sorry for everything, what I’ve done with you, but I promise, ill not do anything wrong again” she observes the truthfulness in his eyes. She doesn’t want to be weak in front of him, she wants to listen his mind but her heart is beating loudly and conquer to her mind. She smiles and hugs him:”I don’t wanna lose you please don’t leave me” suddenly she control herself and separate from him.

Swara:”im sorry, means please don’t leave me again, because you’re my best friend, I don’t wanna loose my friend” He smiles and serves her dinner. Both emotions are playing hide and seek again. But this time November is also with them. “why they are hiding in their heart?” Someone whispers in the ears of their emotions. But November stops them:”sssshhhhh!!! Don’t say anything, just listening their silence” Both are smiling and their hearts are beating for each others, their eyes are talking to each others but only theirs tongue is silent. Theirs hearts are burning in the winter of November with emotions.

At night swara’s apartment:
Swara opens the card and reading: “How did you arrive in the single moment That
I looked away Your life waits for you In every second And every word you say
For all the memories remaining I need to let you know From the hardest times to the hills you climb I’ll be your warmest summer
When your dreams run dry, I am on your side To pull you out from under
When all of your leaves are golden
Everyone’s arms are open, but I’ll be there
When November falls I am with you when I hear you
When November falls”
She kisses the card and smiles. A tear rolled down from her eye on the hand of falling November.

Precap:”raglak prove themselves as a real life partner while swasan helps each others in their project.”

Credit to: Saba

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