Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap31….my heartbeat dances with moonlight)


Hey guys! Thanks for reading and not only reading also loving my ff. I carry my ff with yours love and support, otherwise I leave this as my other stories. Yesterday, I was checking my old fb status, so I decided to share my words with you, at the beginning of every episode which relevant to that episode. This maybe poetry, quotations or my own words explanation. I hope you’ll like this changing. This episode is specially for raglak fans. I hope you’ll like this.
Recap:raglak went to party where ragini found laksh with bad injury. Swasan got a fight.
Is shart par khaloom gi piya pyar Ki bazi!!

Jeetu to tujhe paun, haarun to piya teri
When someone falls in love, it isn’t easy to accept it, because sometimes, we don’t want to ruled by someone, who becomes owner of our heartbeat, our breathing and ourselves, but this is opposite case with a girl. In love, girl always happy to entrust herself to her beloved. And by this act, she makes her love as lord and become her lady. I don’t think so that it’s a bad deal, isn’t it???
Raglak at farmhouse:

Suddenly laksh get up and stares at left wall. Ragini gets relief:”what happened laksh? Why did you make joke like this?” But laksh doesn’t ans her and just starring the wall like zombie.
Ragini gets bit scared but says in string voice:”laksh! Stop this drama and look at me” but laksh doesn’t look her just starring the wall without eyes winking. Suddenly all lights get off and she heard that some bats are flying over her head. She gets scared and started screaming. :”laksh! Please stop it… I know this is your game, but please stop it naa”

But she doesn’t listen his voice. Suddenly lights gets on but at the next moment it has gone.
This lights off and on’s game is going on continuously. She stands up and come in front of laksh who’s in still same position. Ragini shakes his shoulder:”laksh! Enough this drama naa! I feel scared already by watched you bleeding, but please lets go home”

Suddenly she heard a scary voice, someone is calling her.
Voice:”hahahaha!!! Your husband is under the trance of us and now its your turn.. Hahaha! How you dare to come in haunted place?” Ragini gets scared and now believe that maybe there’s any other creature than human. But she also doubted that this maybe a prank.

Ragini:”I don’t believe you, you and laksh are playing a trick with me” she goes to door to find any option to go outside. But suddenly she sees that laksh is hitting his head continuously on wall. She goes to him:”laksh! Don’t do that? Why are you doing this?” She wants to stop him but he continuously does his activity untill he starts bleeding.

Ragini in loud voice:”who are you? And what do you want from us? Please leave my husband, we’ll not come again there” she says with folded hand like begging.
Voice come:”we’re spirit of this house and because of someone’s curse, we stuck here, now you’ve to release us from this curse”

Ragini:”I’ll do everything but please leave my husband” Scary voice:”for this, you’ve to wear white dress and go to a church, and take white flowers from there, then we’ll tell you some ritual to perform to release our soul”
Ragini:(with crying and misery situation):”I’ll bring white flower for you, but please leave my husband”

Voice:”we’ll leave your husband, first you wear white dress and go to bring white flower from church, you’ve only half hour to bring out flower, if you’ll not come after it, we’ll not kill your husband, and your dress and flowers should be remain pure white, any color will not touch both things” Ragini:(screams)”nooooo…. Please dont do this, ill must come back in half hour but please first make my husband normal. At least stop him to hitting his head” she looks at her hands which is getting red with blood of laksh. Voice:”we’ll not do that because what’s the guarantee, you’ll come again here” Ragini:”ill must come again here. I love my husband so much, how can I leave him here” Voice:”ok! Stop laksh (laksh stops hitting his head but still in same position)now your time start now” Ragini looks at herself, she’s wearing pink saree:”I’ve no time to go home to wear white saree”suddenly recalls the dress which was bought by laksh. (fb shows that when they’re arriving at party, laksh kept that dress in his car by talking her that if she’ll feel comfortable there, she can wear it) Door opened suddenly and she goes outside and bring white dress. She washes her hands carefully first then She does not take time to wear it. And takes car’s key from laksh’s pocket and drives out from there. She finds Christian orphanage near by farmhouse, she decided to get inside, they’ve a church and beautiful garden. Where she easily finds a bunch of white flowers and bring it to farmhouse.
Same time at swasan’s building:

Swara feels so much bad, her heart is convincing her to forgive Sanskar while she’s listening to her mind which is telling her that sanskar isn’t able to be loved. She brings her guitar and goes to terrace for just forgetting the conflict between heart and mind. She starts playing”my hearts will go on by titanic”. (I know this is violin’s song. But we can give favour to swara to sing it at guitar tone)

Sanskar feels suffocation, so he takes out his cigarette and goes to terrace for smoking and aspire easily.

During smoking, he recalls first his and kavita’s moment but suddenly Shona takes place of kavita. He missed her like hell. Suddenly he heard a guitar voice, someone is singing with melodious voice, and he can recognize that voice. He looks left side where’s swara’s terrace has. She’s playing guitar and singing a song.
Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on.
Tonight is full on swing, moon is on its completion. He can heard her and see her from his terrace easily.

Far across the distance and spaces between us
You have come to show you go on.

She’s wearing simple loose trouser and shirt with open loose curls.
Her hairs are teasing to her face and give smile to her beloved face. He forgets about smoking and starts looking her.
Far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Full moon is smiling to look these two bodies who has one heart, one feelings and one emotions.
Once more, you opened the door And you’re here in my heart, and my heart will go on and on. Cold breeze is going on and both hearts are replete with emotions and love. Both recalls their all moments. Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime And never let go till we’re gone. Love was when I loved you,

swara is singing with her core, two tears rolled down from swasan’s eyes, one from swara and one from sanskar.
Both unware of it.
One true time to hold on to In my life we’ll always go on.
Winds gets a message from swara’s heart and whispers it in sanskar’s ears:”i’m yours”. but he didn’t hear because he losts in shona’s thoughts
In my life we’ll always go on.
Fireflies of sanskar’s eyes giggling with Swara’s hears but she didn’t notice because she thinks about her pain.

Near, far, wherever you are,
Moonlight dances around both of them, their feelings playing hide and seek with each others and whispering in each others ears to keep a secret of love. But still both unaware of this emotional hide and seek.

At farmhouse: Ragini as enters the farmhouse, she finds decorated farm house, brighten with lots of lantern. She doesn’t understand what is going on. Suddenly some beautiful children comes from inside, all are girls and wearing same fairytale pink frock. They all hold ragini’s hand and bring her to inside. Ragini in her mind:”maybe spirits get released from curse, so this is triumph of it” When she gets inside, many of little girls showering flowers on her and signing a sweet song. She likes all this but still confuse about it. She’s also worried about laksh. Some of girl move in front of her, and showing a large card with one alphabets. Every girl shows her card into sequence and that card shows three magical words:”I love you” She suddenly got everything…. A voice come behind from her… “may I tell you ragini! Your melody of my heart is beaten in my heart” this is laksh and coming from upstairs with clean and handsome look. She gets a smile and immediately runs towards her. But she suddenly stops and recalls that how he teased her. She hits him hard and laksh acted “ouchhh”. He whisper in her ears:”may I tell you ragini that how much I love you” Her eyes start blinking, bunch of white flowers is still in her hand and their fragrance encircles them. Laksh still in whispering:”may I tell you ragini! How is fragrance of your hairs making me crazy for you” he comes close to her and hold her hand. She’s listening him without taking breath. He holds her hand and brings her to outside where he does amazing arrangement. There’s small candles everywhere in pool, and around the pool many flowers are scattered here and there. There are beautiful swing rope decorated with flowers. She wanna ask to laksh about everything, but sweet silence of night, full moon, soft breeze, sweet sound of giggling of little girl are stopping him to break this spell.

Two girls come to her with a platter which has beautiful ornaments of real flowers. Both girl make sit her on swing and make wear all ornaments. She looks at laksh, he’s also looking her with all concern and smile. At the last, they make crown of flowers on her head. After doing this, they leave and laksh comes to her. He slowly slowly push her swing. All the lantern glows like firefly. Moon turn to raglak and its light showering flowers on both. Laksh:”may I tell you ragini, how stars shines in my eyes, when I see you” he comes in front of her, she stands up. Ragini:”laksh….” But laksh put his fingr on her lips:”let me say, what I want to do” Ragini feels flying on the sky without the wings but wings of love. Laksh:” May I tell you ragini! The thousands way of loving you” he sits on his knees and holds her hands. Suddenly some girls come to them, they’re playing violin. Theirs sweet melody entangles with their heartbeat. Ragini feels like a dream, she feels herself as a princess and can’t control her emotions, she’s smiling with heart. Laksh:” May you give me permission to tell you everything in my heart? May you give me permission to touch your soul with my soul, may you give me permission to honor your name with my name” Ragini starts crying, tears of extremely happiness rolled down from her eyes. Laksh:”will you be my wife Ragini?, will you give me permission to love you at the last breath of my life” Ragini(deep voice with emotions):”yes laksh! Yes!!!…

” He stands and wipes her tears. She hugs and all girls are clapping to see them together. A girl come and says:”when will you get marry Bhai and di?” Laksh goes to her and says:”thank you for supporting me, but we’ve already married” All girls get sad and another says:”we thought, you’ll marry and we’ll enjoy your marriage, we didn’t see any marriage” Ragini comes to her and kisses her on her cheek:”but why dear?” Girl:”because we are orphans naa” Laksh:”actually ragini their sisters talked to me to sponsor their plays to collect money for the development of orphanage. Then I told them to practise all this and ill bear all the expense of the development of school of orphanage. This girl shuruti gave me idea to give you a shock before giving a surprise” Shuruti:”I read stories naa! So I made one” ragini hugs her and says:”thank you” Shuruti:”oh! We didn’t watch any marriage” Ragini:”we get marry naa!” Another girl with excitement:”ohhh!! Really when?” Ragini:”now” Laksh comes to her:”ragini, you can wait dear! We’ll again marry, because you dont look like bride, there’s no mandup, how they watch real marriage” Another girl come:”this is perfect look of bride, she wears white color of bride, we all become witness of your marriage” Girl:”You just need to make promise with each others” Laksh:”how is this possible?”
Ragini:”they mean christian style wedding”

A lady come from inside and greet ragini. Laksh:”she’s sister Mary ragini! Their teachers” Sister Mary greets ragini and says to girls:”girls! It’s time to move, we already get late” These are total 8 girls almost of same ages. Younger girl comes and says:”Bhai and di are getting marry, we want to see their wedding” Laksh:”yeah I also ordered dinner for us, you’ve to wait” Sister Mary:”but how do you do wedding?” Ragini:”white dress is also symbol of bride naa! And that’s not a matter of religion and ritual, marriage is a matter of make promise, and we’ve no problem to make promise again” All girls are clapping and both holds hands of each others. Ragini:”I will love and cherish you, will you laksh?” Laksh:”yes I do, ragini! . I will stick by your side For Better or For Worse, will you?” Ragini:”I do! I support you in every good and bad time. I’ll be here for you in sickness and in health, will you?” Laksh:”I do! My commitment to you means I’m Forsaking all others.” ragini:”I’ll be by your side For Richer or For Poorer.” Laksh:”. I’ll be by your side Til’ death do us part.”

Ragini:.” I’ll be by your side Til’ death do us part.” Both say:”I do” smiles to see in each others eyes. Girls:”kiss kiss…” Laksh smiles and cups her face, ragini blushes and close her eyes, he kisses on her forehead and she hugs her. After making promise, all have dinner and ragini serves alll the girls. After leaving of girls laksh comes to her and takes her to terrace. Terrace has beautiful mattress with flowers everywhere. Laksh and ragini burns the lantern. Lantern’s light is reflecting at ragini’s closing face. She’s look stunning, and he mesmerised by her beauty. Laksh:”ragini! May I tell you something?” Ragini ups her eyes and looks him. Laksh closes to her says:”you’re goddess of love” ragini’s heart filled with happiness and emotions after listening him. She hugs him tight, he binds her in his arm to start their new relationship of promises. Moonlight dances with their heartbeats and smiles on four of them. Moon is witness of two hearts mingled as well as two broken hearts. But it’s unaware what destiny write about them.

Preca:”raglak went Kolkata and swasan make friends again”

Guys (these rituals are not related
To any religion or christians, I just want to make promise of them, so please dont make object on it)

Credit to: Saba

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