Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap30….don’t be so late to allow destiny to make another plan)


Recap:”swara get panic attack, sanskar confess his love while raglak plan to unite swasan.
Kon kahta hai anmol hai chand
Rat k hath main kashkol hai chand
In my point of view, love isn’t complicated, because I haven’t seen it’s complication, I’ve seen its beauty, beauty of anger, beauty of quarreling, beauty of its light we feel in our heart , when we get close to our love once, beauty of glow, which makes someone more beautiful by getting the happiness of love once, for me love isn’t a matter of one person, it’s not limited, it’s for whole universe,

Next morning in sanskar’s apartment:
Sanlak get up and and take a bath. Sanskar reminds last night convo and gets embarrassed about his words.
Sanskar:”lucky! I wanna talk to you” he’s rubbing his wet hairs with towel, while laksh is making breakfast for them.
Laksh:”I know Bhai! What are you wanna ask, you talk about your last question naa, I thought about it last night and concluded that its not a bad thing, if you wanna get your love in your life”
Sanskar looks him with surprise:”then?” Laksh:”then I decided that ill help you” sanskar gets happy and hugs him:”oh lucky! I’m so happy”
Laksh separate him and says:”but I’ve a condition”
Sanskar:”what?, I’ll accept every condition for Shona” Laksh:”you forget about issue of divorce” Sanskar looks him with confusion. Laksh:”I mean to say my dear Bhai! First you confess your love with Shona, take your opinion about you, tell honestly your condition, then see what will she answer you? After that you bring Shona with home”

Sanskar:”but how I handled all this?” Laksh(comes to him):”oho Bhai! Don’t worry about it, ill handle ahead of it ok??” Sanskar:”ok I believe you, thanks alot my Bhai!” He hugs him again. Laksh pours coffee into cups, sanskar also helps him. Both take breakfast while laksh says:”Bhai! Now, you’ve to convince sw… Shona to believe on your love, then ill handle everything, then we’ll become happy family again” Sanskar:”this is not so easy as you’re saying, well I dont wanna spoil your mood, and dont worry about Shona! I’ll not be late to confess my love this time, and you know what why? ” Laksh(listen him with absent of mind, just concentrating on his breakfast):”why Bhai?” Sanskar:”because of kavita” Laksh stops and looks him. Sanskar:”you know, we were with each others with long time, she was so conscious about me so much, I was careless about our meetings and everything, maybe I said her many times I love you, but I love you isn’t enough, she always wanted from me something special, some special words for her and I always careless that, we’ve lots of time together, but after losing kavita, I many times repent, I collected many words which I wanted to say her. But this time, I dont wanna miss chance, now I think, if you love someone, don’t be late to convey your love, either destiny makes another plan”
Laksh suddenly realised something, he gets up and hugs him tightly.:”thank you Bhai!” Sanskar:”what happened lucky?”

Laksh nodes in no and says:”nothing Bhai! You just make me realize something and Haan I’ve to go after one hour, because I’ve important meeting in Delhi and Haan one thing more, please now keep in touch with me please!” Sanskar:”sure! I’m sorry lucky, I wasn’t contact with my family, ill talk to mom also” Laksh gets happy to listen this and prays that everything will be fine in their life. Laksh calls ragini that they’ve a meeting in Delhi tonight so they’ve to leave Mumbai immediately. He also calls his PA to do some arrangement in Delhi for their special meeting.

Swaragini at resort: Ragini:”swara! Your pagal Dewar told me that we’ve to leave for tonight’s meeting, sorry I didn’t spend much time with you” she collects her stuff while talking. Swara:”dont worry my sweetheart! You just take care yourself and our family too, by the way, my project at the end, maybe after 1 or 2 weeks, ill come Kolkata and I also dont wanna stay here more” Ragini in her heart:”oh! Sanskar has only 1 to 2 weeks” Swara:”do you day anything?” Ragini:”nothing” she hugs her and takes her luggage. “now lets go dear! We’ve to leave for airport” Raglak leave Mumbai for meeting while swara goes to her apartment. It’s coincidence that when swara opens her apartment, sanskar is also going for his office. He saw swara and freeze for two minutes. Sanskar:”hi!”

Swara recalls his words about divorce, she doesn’t wanna talk to him, even doesn’t want to see him, but when she sees him, she cant control her emotions. Her love doesn’t listen to her mind, her ego, her anger, her love is only want him with her. But she has to be strong. She sees him with cold look. And turns to him:”I’ve some urgent work Mr. Sanskar! I’ll talk to you later” she enters the apartment, and shuts the door hardly. Sanskar gets shock:”what happened to her?” Then he recalls their last moments together and he gets sad to recalls their closeness but now she’s behaving like stranger and that thing breaking sanskar.

In evening at Delhi: Raglak arrived at Delhi’s hotel and laksh tells her to get ready immediately, he also gives her a dress to wear on meeting but she gets shocked to watch that dress. That is white knee high strapless dress. At the bottom, dress has lots of flow, but it tighten from waist.:”laksh is completely mad, how can I wear this dress, specially on meeting” she calls laksh. Laksh:”what happened?” Ragini shows him a dress:”how can I wear this, is this able to wear on meeting” Laksh:”actually, ragini, meeting is tomorrow, my old friend invited us on his party which is held on his farmhouse, so I lied to you” Ragini fumes:”you’re such a stupid person! And listen to me, ill not come with you with to your cheap friend’s party, specially in this dress! No way” Laksh gets worry,:”ok Ragini, whatever you wear but please come with me, I’m not forcing you! But that’s a question of my commitment and we’ll not stay long please” Ragini recalls their last party so believe him that he’ll not force her if she feels uncomfortable. She changed and both move for farmhouse. Laksh:”you go inside, ill just coming” Ragini:”but…” Laksh:”dont worry naa! I’m with you just believe me” She nodes and arrives inside but wonder to find no one inside. She goes ahead and surprise to see the swimming pool with lots of small floating candles. :”wow! They arranged very well everything, but where is everyone and laksh isn’t come still” while she saw a girl come to her. Girl:”ma’am! You arrived there, im just leaving now, I hope you both enjoy and like this place” Ragini astonished to listen her. Girl went out and she gets inside. But there is deep darkness inside. :”laksh! Where are you? Is anybody there?” She feels bit scared in this situation. Suddenly she feels someone holding her, she screams and tries to push him. But his bind is so tight around her.:”leave me alone! Laksh where are?” Laksh:”shhhh ragini! I’m here, in your arm”

Ragini:”what type of joke is this laksh? And why is darkness there? Please switch on the light, I feel scared” Suddenly someone switch on the light, she finds laksh close to her. She pushes him with anger:”what’s wrong with….” Laksh is completely injuried, there’s bleeding in her hands and arms too. She gets shocked. Ragini screams:”what happened laksh? Are you all right?” She goes to him and rubs his hands and face. She doesn’t understand, who does this. She seeks her mobile but suddenly she reminisces that she forget her bag in car. She goes to gate but it is locked from outside. She starts knocking door loudly and shouts:”is anyone here? Please help us” tears rolled down from her eyes continuously and she doesn’t understand what to do. She comes to laksh and finds he’s taking breath heavily and slowly slowly close his eyes. Ragini:”laksh! You’re brave naa! Please get up laksh! Please get up! I’ll die without you” she cries vigorously.

Same time at swasan’s building:
Sanskar comes to his work and instead of going his apartment, he knocks swara’s apartment’s door. She opens the door. But doesn’t allow him to come. Sanskar:”swara! You told me that you’ll come after two days, but its good to see you” sanskar feels his heart is frighten from something, But what? He doesn’t understand. Swara:”hmm.. Now may I go?” Sanskar gets hurt to her attitude, but he actually doesn’t want to waste more time. Sanskar:”actually! I wanna talk to you something” Swara in her same cold look:”what?” Sanskar gets speechless, he doesn’t understand how to confess his feelings, standing at the door with her cold expression. Swara with anger:”tell me what’s your problem?” Sanskar also get angry to listen this.:”shona what’s your problem? Why are you behaving me like this?” He comes close to her and holds her arm. Swara looks him and then her arm with furious look. Swara:”leave my arm” Sanskar:”first tell me why are you avoiding me like this?” Swara:”because I don’t wanna talk to this type of person who…” Sanskar gets more close her:”what type of person Shona” Swara looks into his eyes:”that type of person, who has no value of relationship”

Sanskar:”and how do you assume that?” Swara:”how am I? You left your family, you betrayed me….” Suddenly she realized that what she says and stops. Sanskar:”I betrayed you?” Swara with strong look:”yes! You betrayed me because you promise me that you’ll always be with me as a friend but last time? What you did, you forgot about our relationship, you forgot about friendship, your promise, even you forgot about that I love someone else” Sanskar tries to say something but Swara stops him and says:”just getout from my sight” she jerks his hand and close her door and sanskar feels that he really get late.

Credit to: Saba

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    1. Sorry dear! Precap can spoil next episode! Next time

  1. wow super episode but what happened laksh?

    1. I think he is pretenting as if he is wounded… and he will confess to ragini i guess swara…

    2. Thanks dear! You’ll see in next episode

  2. it’s superb …..plz update nxt epi soon

    1. Thanks alot dear! I’ll try my best to upload next part soon

  3. Superb saba… Even though i can’t see san in pain but he deserves it… Now he ll realise hoe much it pain Wen we reject our loved one by shona rejection… I hope now he understand swara pain… I know …by giving the pain to those gave us same pain is not correct…it ll be name as revenge though its not….anyway but still i want san to feel that pain…

    1. Thanks bhuvi! I also cant see him in pain, but this is necessary to realize his mistake

  4. very fabulous episode… my mind and heart are in dilemma… mind wants before swara accepts sanskar , he must value relationship.. but heart keeps saying plz be together… can’t see them apart from one another… u nailed the episode…

    1. Thanks kashis! Happy to see your comment, well listen to your heart

  5. Awesome loved it

    1. Thanks dear!

  6. Saba after two days I’m feeling happy to see swasan scenes.I missed them so much in your story…super…rocking episode..&I’m confused about laksh..what happened to him..?may be u will reveal in next part..but upload it soon..?

    1. Thanks krish! You’ll read more swasan scenes dont worry

  7. its really very nice… Sans deserve this bcz he did wrong with swara but feel also bad for him bcz i can’t even imagine him sad.. swara must be strong..
    What happen to laksh.. if he is acting or not?

    1. Thanks lucky! I dont know why but I feel connected with you, well laksh is acted or not, you can see in next episode and I also feel sad to write about his painful condition

  8. Oh raglak awesome

    1. Thanks Hayathi! I often find your comment

  9. good yaar..
    but make swasan one.. jaldi..
    u don’t know how I addicted to ur ff…

    1. Thanks akku and they’ll unite soon deae

  10. hi saba…
    i m a silent reader of ur story….i really love ur story… i agree wid u love is not complicated bcz of our feeling every thing become complicated….
    hum kuch kehna chahte h…
    actually sanskar ne swara k sath jo kiya wo bahot galat tha…aur usko saja milni bhi jaruri hai….par usne bhi apna pyar khoya hai wo bhi uske khud k gharwalon ki wajah se….kavita is dead in his arms…. uska dard bhi to bada tha….
    swara sanskar k jindgi me shona ban k wapas aayi aur sanskar ko usse pyar ho gaya….
    saba tumhe yaad hai tumne ek scene likha tha jisme sanskar swara se kehta h tumhari aankhe sab kuch baya karti hai to shona kehti hai tumhari aankhe sab kuch chupti hai….
    us wakt hme aisa laga ki sanskar shona ko samjhne laga hai par swara sanskar ko samjne k bajay janti h….
    sorry shayad yeh humri galat fehmi bhi hogi….
    swara sanskar k jindgi me wapas aayi h naam badlakar…..
    sanskar ko rishton ki value hai isliye wo swara ko talak dena chahta h qki wo nahi chahta ki swara aise rishte me bandhe jisme uska pati use pyar nahi karta….yeh sahi to h…..
    yeh kahani sirf swara ka dard baya kar rahi hai sanskar ka nhi….
    uske liye swara aur shona dono alag h uske dono k liye opinion bhi alag honge…usse dono k liye ek hi opinion hum kaise expect kar sakte h….
    yeh to kareena jaise body guard me salman aur shahruk jaise anushka ko emotions k confusion me fasate h wahi situation ho gayi…..
    usne kavita k dur hone k baad pyar ko khone ka dard mehsoos kiya h….ab fir dubara………????
    sorry hume aisa lag raha yeh story sirf swara k perspective se likhi ja rahi hai…..
    fir bhi i love it……..

    1. Thanks joya for commenting and liking my ff.
      This comment is specially for you and commonly for my all readers.
      Main janti hun k ap ko yeh lag raha hai k swara ka dard zayada dikhaya ja raha hai to uski ek waja hai k swara ka dard abhi new hai woh us se used to nahi hai aur woh itni mature bhi nahi is liye bar bar toot jati hai
      Iske muqable main sanskar do saalo se suffer kar raha hai woh ek practical or mature banda hai woh ahista ahsta is dard k sath normal ho gea hai.
      Rahi kahani k swara k perspective se dikhane Ki to I’m sorry dear agar tumhe aisa laga to! Mujhe personally sanskar ka character bohat passand hai isi liye agar main us se kuch ghalat karwati hun k to iske next episode main justify karti hun jaise yeh bat main ne justify Ki k woh swara ko is liye divorce daina chahta hai k woh usko Aise khoklay rishta main bandh k nahi rakhna xhahta agar main aisa na Karun to sanskar ka charct negative chala Jae. Us ne bohat pain saha hai I know, but woh apni waja se selfish Hua naa ab yahi chiz swara kar rahi hai, woh bachi nahi hai jo iski feelings samjg na pae? Woh sub janti hai mgr sanskar ne usko divorce ka kah k uski feelings hurt Ki hai jis Ki waja se woh ego main AA gai hai ab woh ego usko badla Laine par majbur kar rahi hai rahi bat sanskar Ki to mere khayalse us ne jo kiya hai uaki thodi saza to milni chahiye naa! Aur waise bhi use marriage Ki value batane k liye yeh zaruri hai

      1. thank u saba…..thnx for explaining every thing…..ab koi confusion nahi h….
        wo kya hai na hume love story padhne ka shauk nahi hai…jitni bhi padhi usme sabhi leads mano jaise bhagwan ho….koi ego nhi koi selfish nhi….
        isiliye thoda confusion ho gaya tha….
        thanksssss…….i hope tumhe bura na laga ho…..

    2. I agree with u.. I know that sanskar ko swara se shadi nahi karni chahiye thi, Wo bhi sirf apne bade papa ko galat sabit krne ke liye.
      Sanskar ne apna pyaar pehle bhi khoya hai, but I don’t want it to happen this time also.
      But I think that the story in on right track, because sanskar ne jo swara ke saath kiya wo galat tha..usko kisi ki jindagi se khelne ka koi haq nahi hai, ab usne chahe jis bhi wajah se kiya ho. But atlast swara ne to bina kisi galti ke suffer kiya.
      That’s why I think sanskar should get punishment for his deeds. But at the same time he should also get love otherwise he will breakdown.
      Love u Saba:)

  11. Hi.,, Saba….
    I’m a silent reader of ur story… It’s superb… U r awesome writer. Swara should’nt forgive sanskar easily… I wnt 2 c san reaction aftr knwing shona is only his wife swara…
    Can’t wait for next episode… Update soon… Afterall,, Swasan forever….

    1. Thanks Nita! I’ll try my best to update soon

  12. Nice yaar again superb but I can’t see sanskar in pain because usne pehle v bahut dukh saha hai . But I love ❤ your ff very much. Plz update next part soon

    1. Thanks surbhi! I’ve always seen your comment! And dont forget pain make us strong! So he should be bear little pain to learn from his mistakes

  13. As usual,but swara strong attitude superb…badly waiting for next update…

    1. Thanks leku! And swara is strong enough dear!

  14. sabaaa plzzz tell me dr hw to write an ff plz drrrr
    plz help me drrrr

    1. Dear! You find upside a tab “submit your article” you’ve to click this and you’ll find a page, where you’ve to submit your article with title, your name, email address etc. It will just posting like fb status. After few hours, if admin find your ff suitable, they upload it on page

  15. Why always swsan has more importance than raglak ….

    1. Ridhima! Raglak has equal importance as swasan in my ff, but there’s tragedy between swasan so people noticed them most! And Haan my next episode is specially for raglak fans, you must read! I hope you’ll like it

    2. Ridhima if you saw before saba ff episodes..you will understand..she given importance to both pairs.&..I started like to read raglak scenes bcoz of this story.if story good everyone like pair.if story not interested they cant give importance to pair.if we saw in real swaragini serial..their characters are showing negative and also not started love track.that’s wh

    3. Sorry ridhima automatically pressed half comment….after continuation..that’s why they are not connected with raglak.I’m just given explanation for importance of pair…nothing else.

  16. Awesome yaar. sanskar ll hv the same pain bt cant c him in pain. wtng for next episode

  17. it was really superb… watevr san did for swara is wrong but cant see him pain…

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    Plz make it fast; can’t wait.

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  20. cool buddy..loved it

  21. Hi Saba,actually I m a silent reader of your ff… but hatssoff dear u r amazing… u should be the writer of the show.. i am kind of pissed of by the current track… but thanks for the updates… I loved it…

  22. Hi Saba,actually I m a silent reader of your ff… but hatssoff dear u r amazing… u should be the writer of the show.. i am kind of pissed of by the current track of the show…… but thanks for the updates… I loved it…

  23. Wonderful episode saba…loved it…☺☺

  24. Thanks gopu, janvi, xyz, shanaya, nive and Sri! Specially thanks tani and krish for supporting me! I’ve posted my next update, it’s a bit long, I hope it’ll not bother you! You read soon! And once again thanks guys all of you for your support and thanks joya! I hope now you’re clear about my story, I wanna read stories of common people, instead of some devta or devi type peoples.

  25. excellent dr…on apartment ,i like swara’s reaction on sanskar wen she see him at door step..good narration

  26. Thnk u for u reply… we are waiting eagerly for yr next chapter…. sabba

  27. thank u drrr
    am very happyyy
    plz read my ff alsooo

  28. thanks alot dear for ur reply…. n all the best for ur exams….

  29. thanks alot dear for ur reply…. n all the best for ur exams….I am really excited for the nxt epi….

  30. upload next chapter soon…

  31. Very nice n liked it a lot. Saba ,I was not knowing that u r also writing ff.

    1. Thanks Nik! Yes I started from many days!

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