Swaragini “I’m your” (chap3 first impression is not last)


Hey guys! I don’t want to disappoint swalak and ragsan fans. But you’ll never get bored after reading this continuously because you’ll find every type of drama there. Because I believe in love and it will begets from heart. So lets join and feel this love.

Swara wrote email for Sanskar and just sent it.
She don’t understand that how she control her extreme feelings towards Sanskar.
At the evening, Maheshwari family come to Shekhar’s house and greet each others.
AP and Sumi met pleasantly. Sumi asked about Sanskar AP replied her that he’s arranging his business in London. That’s why can’t come. Sumi nodes.
Both families has taken dinner and remind the memories of their childhood.
Laksh and swaragini go to their room and decided to play something. But Laksh asked to swara he wants to listen his music and watching Ragini’s art work first.
First Swara plays guitar and sings “my heart will go on”. Ragini and Laksh drowned into her music and words.
Both have an eye lock. Laksh smiles at her and Ragini blushed.
Laksh offered her to dance, Ragini said she don’t know dance but he said, he’ll teach her.

Both dancing, after watching their chemistry, Swara missed Sanskar much and wants to dance with him. A tear rolled down from her eyes but she controlled.
On the lounge, all elders Shekhar, dp, Sumi, AP and dada, Dadi dida all are sitting on lounge and talking something important.
Dp: “I know it’s so early but I want to fulfill my promise, because after watching your house’s colors which made by daughters, I can’t wait. And want to fill this color in my house too” ap also agreed with him.
All’s agreed with them except sumi. She Said that she doesn’t have any objections if both of their daughters are agreed.
Dp agreed to her and asked her first they should asked to their children and then decide for marriage. All agreed.
In Ragini’s room Ragini shows her painting and sculpture to Laksh and he mesmerized to see her authentic sense.

Laksh:”wow! I didn’t expect this type of art work from the girl like you” Ragini:”what do you mean? Girl like me?”
Laksh:”means.,you’re looking so simple I didn’t think you’re so brilliant student and artist, at first glance you’re looking like a girl who just want to marry and born babies in her life”. After listening this, she get angry:”oh shut up!!”
Laksh:”oh! I’m sorry, it was just first impression, but now I’m really impressed by you”. He holds his ears towards her.
Ragini understands and forgive him.

Ragini:”ok! Actually you’re also right, I’m also one of them, who wants a lovely husband and children in her life, but that doesn’t means, I don’t want to pursue my career. My family is my powers and my career is my passion, I am nothing without both of them”.,
Laksh will impress so much and just to examine to her asked”if you’re at the when you have to choose between your career and your family, what would you choose?”
Ragini doesn’t like her question but reply calmly:”I’ll always choose my family first, but I cant live without my career too, so if any step will come in my life, I choose my family first then make an environment with my family which support my career too”.
Laksh drowned in her words and light attitude, he flirts with many girls and he never meet any girl like this.
Laksh:”it means you’re optimist”
Ragini:”yeah! I’m!” She said proudly and smiles.
Laksh can’t control her heart beat after seeing this.

Credit to: Saba

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  9. Hey guys! I want one suggestion from you, please do comments all my readers because I need your suggestion and your suggestion is much important for me. After that as you know sanskar leave s swara but they don’t see each others till..now I’ve two options to carry my story. 1) swara decided to go in the search of sanskar, she met him and know him by seeing his photo, but dont inform him anything and they’ll fall love. 2) .swasan meet each others without knowing that they’re spouse. And fall in love Reply me must, which option is suitable for my story!!

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