Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap29…. Love is complicated )


Recap :swara listen the conversation of sanlak,and she heard Sanskar’s convo about divorce and get fainted.
Sanlak in sanskar’s apartment:, Laksh is in shock:”how Bhai? You first leave her and now you wanna divorce her, without any reason” laksh gets worried that either swara listen their convo about divorce or not.
Sanskar:”I’ve a reason! Damn I’ve a reason”
Laksh:”what’s the reason? As usual taking revenge from papa or that girl who doesn’t do any mistake”
Sanskar;”to correct my mistake, I didn’t want to get marry! I shouldn’t did but just for let down bade papa, I did this. I knew, my heart is empty to give any chance to our marriage so I didn’t want to do this marriage. But when bade papa said that he didn’t want to listen no then I ws decided to teach lesson him that hows his yes make trouble for him. But I was wrong that time! Now I wanna end this unwanted relationship, not only for me but also for swara! How long she can carry this relationship where her husband doesn’t give love nd care to her?”
Laksh:”I also love ragini now, but before marriage I also think the same”
Sanskar turns to him:”lucky! Your case is different! You didn’t love someone, that’s why ragini makes home in this, my heart is like graveyard and who does make house in graveyard?” A tear rolled down from sanskar’s eyes. Laksh also gets sad and hugs him.

Laksh:”I also understand your pain but I also understand that there’s anyone who cultivated this graveyard and turning it into a beautiful land which is suitable for making house”
Sanskar looks him in wonder nd recalls again Shona.:”do you mean Shona? My friend?”
Laksh:”yes I mean, Shona your love Bhai”
Sanskar suddenly stands up and says.:”I made promise to kavita that ill not give her place to anyone, even I didn’t give her place to swara then how to give Shona? No… Never!!”
Laksh:”you said naa! There’s graveyard in your heart means kavita is dead now in your heart. So no one can make home on graveyard”
Sanskar jerks and becomes speechless because he agrees his words in his heart but doesn’t want to accept it.
Suddenly laksh reminds his cell and he silently check his cell and gets relief to see that call is disconnect.(in his heart):”thanks god swaragini didn’t listen about divorce, how stupid we re to plan this type of thing, now I should brain wash Bhai that he loves Swara, I mean Shona and ragini convinces swara to give second Chance to Bhai! Wow then everything gonna be ok in our family” he gets happy to think about everything but doesn’t know the real fact.
Sanskar:”lets go outside”
Laksh nodes and smiles.(in heart)”I understand your condition Bhai! But this is just a beginning”
Both go to bar and order a drink.
Laksh gets an idea:”ok Bhai! Lets play a game, at every drink, we ask one question to each others and one has to give true answer of it, otherwise he charge penalty, done?”
Sanskar takes a drink and tackles it to laksh’s drink:”ok done!” Laksh:”first turn mine” sanskar nodes.
Laksh:”do you missed maa?” Sanskar drinks full glass at a galp and says:”aaaaaloooooootttt….(he wides his arms for measurement) I missed her, whenever I feels alone I miss maa that how she cares about me etc etc, my turn…” Laksh:”carry on”
Sanskar:”do you think bade papa did justice with me?”
Laksh(with deep thought):”as neutral person, I’ll say no. as your brother, ill also say no but as his son, ill not say yes but justify his act that how he break his promise with his best friend” Sanskar orders more drink and says:”ok your turn” both takes another drink. Laksh:”do you justify your act, what you did with swara?”
Sanskar drinks again and says:”I can’t, because I know I did wrong with her, that’s a reason, I wanna leave her because I don’t want to bind her in this unwanted relationship, till im not able to give her rights also”
Laksh takes a drink and signs him to ask question.
Sanskar:”when you fall in love with your wife?” Laksh smiles and drinks:”I don’t know exact timing, but I started feeling for her after I know her inner goodness” Sanskar:”is goodness is only a reason to fall in love?” Laksh:”this is cheating, that’s my turn” sanskar raises his hand:”ok sorry baba” Laksh:”you asked me that goodness is reason to fall in love? Then tell me how you fall in love with kavita?”
Sanskar takes a drink and thinks:”I was teenager that time, maybe that was the effect of the age, in starting i liked her, then slowly slowly fell for her, love is so complicated, I dont think so, we can explain it” Laksh nodes and asks him to ask next question, they’re taking a drink also with every question. Sanskar:”ok now tell me goodness is only reason to fall in love?”
Laksh:”I dont know Bhai! I’m also agree with you that love is so complicated, it isn’t easy task to explain it, but I think if anyone has goodness anyone can fall for him or her” Sanskar recalls Shona and miss her from core.
Laksh:”do you think to come back home?”
Sanskar:”not yet(he avoids eye contact), my turn lucky” Sanskar looks him and gives him a drink:”are you forgive me?” Laksh:”i already forgive you Bhai! I said you’re my brother, i feel bad and show anger if you do something wrong, but i cant stop myself to love, heart isn’t listen the flaws and lacks of your love once, it just love someone, so love someone, without any condition” Sanskar smiles and takes their next drink, now they’re becoming intoxicated. Sanskar:”again love is complicated, now your turn mere Bhai” Laksh:”do you love swara?” Suddenly he gets know what he says…(in heart):”uppss idiot! Shona” Sanskar takes a drink:”how I love her, even I don’t know about her, even I didn’t see her face and one more thing, my heart is beaten for someone else” Laksh:”for whose?” Sanskar:”that’s my turn, will you help me to get divorce?” Laksh in serious tone(although both deep in intoxicant):”no Bhai! You’re not doing good with innocent girl….(his voice become heavy)I’ll not help you for this” Sanskar:”your turn mere Bhai” Laksh:”do you love Shona?”
Sanskar stops his hand to drink for a while but he drinks at a gulp and says:”yes! I love her” his voice become so heavy because of drinking. Laksh suddenly jumps and shouts with happiness:”hurrah!! My Bhai finally fall in love…” But suddenly notices that everyone watching him, so he puts his finger on his mouth like a cute baby and sits down. “now your turn Bhai! But this is last drink otherwise, we’ll not able to go home” Sanskar:”done! I want to divorce swara to get Shona in my life, do you help me now?” Laksh gets shock and he suddenly comes to his sense. Laksh:”what Bhai? Are you in your senses?” He realizes that he’s not in senses. Because sanskar doesn’t drink so much as laksh, so he gets drunken soon. He goes to washroom to wash his(his own) face and comes to sense. Laksh:”lets go home Bhai” he supports him and carries him to the car. Sanskar sits in a car but asks him like a child:”lucky! You didn’t answer me, will you help me yar? Help me naa! I don’t know when I falls for her, but after kavita, I dont wanna loose her” Laksh completely comes to his sense and he usually hang over with friends, so this dose of intoxicant, is minor for him. But he realizes that sanskar hangs over totally. He remembers that he commonly hangs over after 2 to 3 drinks. Sanskar is continuously talking about Shona but laksh gets worried about his feelings toward swara. He feels happy as well as worry because he still doesn’t know that swara will forgive him or not. He only wants to see his brother’s happiness.
They arrive at home, laksh makes sanskar sleep while he’s also talking in a low voice about his Shona. Laksh gets outside from room and calls Ragini.
Swaragini at resort: Ragini carried her to bedroom with help of staff. She splashed water on her, she faced her panic attacks before, so she knows very well what to do. Ragini:”swara!! Are you ok? Swara! Gets up” she rubs her face and hands. Swara gets conscious and hugs her and burst a tears. Swara:”ragini! He again degraded our marriage, how he could do this with me” Ragini tries to console her but also starts crying after watch her condition. Both sisters cry properly while hugging. After few minutes, swara feels relax after crying. Swara:”I’ll not cry again for any betrayer again, my tears aren’t has low worth to get waste for any other person, who doesn’t want me in his life, I promise you ragini! Your sister will not cry again” Ragini wipes her tears and smiles. :”yes it would be! You’ll be most happiest person in the world, you’ll see” Swara smiles with courage. Both sisters go outside for walking. Ragini talks about silly things to make her laugh but she only smiles. But its also enough for ragini. Both go to their room and ragini orders dinner for them and makes her eat. After dinner ragini makes her sleep, because of her condition and crying, swara falls asleep early, but Ragini still awakes. She is thinking about swara that hows happiness come in her life. Suddenly she heard voice from her mobile. She receives a call. It’s laksh.
She gets a phone and gets outside from room with silent. Ragini:”laksh! There’s big problem” Laksh:”there is too! But what’s your problem? Is everything ok?” Ragini:”yes now everything ok” she tells him everything about swara. Laksh gets worried:”oh god!! Bhai ruin everything, now Swara will never forgive him” Ragini:”she shouldn’t be! Because of your bhai’s act” Laksh:”but Bhai is fall in love with her” Ragini:”what???” Laksh tells her everything from his side. Both start thinking about swasan. Ragini:”swara isn’t all right! We cant force her more” Laksh:”you’re right Ragini! But what can we do? We’ve only one day, after it we’ve to leave Mumbai, we can’t tell this problem to papa, otherwise he calls Swara to Kolkata and swara still isn’t want to forgive him, second chance is far from it. My Bhai will become alone again” Ragini in anger:”you think about only your Bhai? What about swara?” Laksh:”stupid! I’m also think about her, I also can’t tell Bhai that Shona is swara, until swara will give permission me for this”
Ragini:”now we won’t do anything, your Bhai will correct everything” Laksh:”what do you mean?” Ragini:”I know, we cant tell sanskar about swara! But sanskar loves Shona, and Shona is swara naa?” Laksh:”I dont understand, what are you trying to say” Ragini:”you tell sanskar that you’ll help him to get his love in his life, currently he leave divorce topic and convince Shona for her love, once Shona will say yes to him, he comes home with her to home, remaining things we’ll handle after it” Laksh:”but Swara is Shona naa then how will she come with him, I don’t understand” Ragini jerks:”budhu! If sanskar agrees swara and convinces swara… Sorry Shona to his love, if swara’s heart will melted by sanskar’s love, she ll automatically forgive him and if she forgive him and accept him, then automatically everyone accept him” Laksh gets understand and happy with her plan:”wowww my sweetheart! You’re such a genius” Ragini with pride:”I know I’m! Now you’ve to brain wash his mind, because we can’t force swara to anything, now its up to Sanskar that how will he convey his love to her and how will he make agree her” Laksh:”once Bhai will do his work properly, there will be no problem in our life” he says with excitement. Both gets happy with their plan and smirks without knowing that love is much complicated above their plans and thoughts.
Prec: Raglak goes to Delhi and swasan have a fight.

Credit to: Saba

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