Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap28…. Love is priceless but what about values? )

Swaragini at beach:

They get weary after walking and playing with water. So they come back to resort, after changing their clothes, now they are doing dinner and hanging out.
Ragini:(with deep thought)”may I ask you something?”
Swara(while eating):”oh my sweet sister! When do you become so formal, you can ask everything, without permission ”
Ragini:”you should move on your life now”
Swara:”I’ve already dear” Ragini:”you dont understand, what I mean?”
Swara(leave her meal and looks at her):”ok tell me what you mean??” Ragini:”I mean…(she hesitate but complete her sentence in one breath) I think you should give a chance to sanskar”
Swara looks her with shock:”are you in your senses naa? You forgot what he has done?”

Ragini(in serious mood now):”I know what he has done with you, but now, as you told me, I can clearly understand that ha falls for you, you also love him. And you both are best friends, as my point of view, if you’re best friend then you definitely become best couple also”
Swara still stares her with shock(hasn’t able to say something).

Ragini(leave her meal and comes to her):”I know you hurt because of him, im also not saying that you forgive him easily, but at least talk to him, tell him that you’re his wife, see his reaction, if he also agree, I think you should give a chance to him, I believe he loves you so much”
Swara(in anger):”only from my conversation, you get know that he falls in love with me!! Great if our marriage isn’t make him able to love me, then no one has ability to turns him back to me”
Ragini:”just think once with equanimity please! I know you never marry again to anyone or not love also, you never yourself to convince to live without him, you also considers our in law as our family, so if you want all things at right place, you’ve to give chance to Sanskar! You ve to tell him truth at least for your love”

Swara is thinking with ragini’s words. Ragini:”you’ve no stress, we just want to see your happiness and this is only a suggestion, I’m also not giving a chance to Sanskar, I’m saying that please give a chance to your marriage, you know….”
Swara:(raise her hands and cuts her words)”please enough ragini! Excuse me” She goes to washroom and washes het face.

She recalls all moments with sanskar, specially their last dance moments. She smiles from core and feels better, but suddenly she reminisces her wedding rituals, her dreams about sanskar and happy married life, her crying, her tears and her pain which she bears because of his betrayed. His lie about their marriage. She doesn’t understand what is suitable for her and her future life.
She comes out from washroom with empty expression. Ragini comes to her:”im sorry swara! I shouldn’t talked about this, please dont take a rest, lets go we’ll go outside” ragini gets worrying that if Swara would face panic attack again. Swara:”ragini! I’m ok, lets go outside” Ragini feels relief and both go to resort’s swimming pools and take a bench. This is afternoon time and there’s no any crowd of people. There’s heavy silent between both of them after some time swara turns to her and says:”ragini! you’re right! But I can’t forget all my pain at once, but maybe, if I feel some changing in sanskar, ill definitely think about it” Ragini gets happy to listen this and hugs her tight. “you’ll see, he loves you lot, and you’ll get all happiness in your life, what you want” Swara nodes and smiles with sadness. Ragini thinks that she should inform laksh about it.

Ragini calls laksh. Laksh tired from pillow fight with sanskar and watching his brother with concern. His mobile rings and he goes to side attend the call. Laksh(in slow voice);”what happened ragini?” Ragini(with excitement):” Swara says that she’ll think about to give a chance to Sanskar” Laksh(with extreme happiness):”wow!! That’s a really good news, do you have any plan to forward their relationship?” Ragini:”yes I’ve and this is easy plan, we both have believe that sanskar loves swara too! Then you switch on speaker of your phone and talk about swara, means Shona, then we’ll get know about his thought about Shona, maybe after listening this, she definitely take her decision in favor of Bhai” Ragini:ok boss! You go to sanskar and im going to swara. (both go to their siblings and turns speaker of their phones ) Laksh:”Bhai! Are you happy with this life? You were not missed us?” Ragini goes to swara and says:”uff maybe, laksh forget to cut his call! I should cut the call” she acted and tried to cut but as per her expectations. Swara stops her:”just a minute! I wanna listen sanskar’s answer” Ragini nodes and becomes happy in her heart but doesn’t show this.

Sanskar gets silent for a few seconds and says:”honestly say, from starting days, I wasn’t miss all of you because that time, I had a guilt about swara and kavita both and I blamed bade papa for this, but a girl come in my life, she made me realize that, I’m not anything just a person with self pity. She derived me from this situation” Swaragini smiles at this answer. Swara recalls all her memories with sanskar. Laksh:”who’s she? Is anyone special?” Ragini tease her with her expression without sound. Swara smiles and shows her eyes to her. Sanskar:”yes very special because she is also suffering in her life but makes understand me the meaning of life, meaning of happiness and meaning of lo…” Swara misses her heart beat after hearing This, she wishes from heart that sanskar really falls in love with her. Laksh:”meaning of love naa Bhai?” Sanskar:”dont know, maybe yes, maybe no” Laksh:”lets go outside” Ragini thinks in her mind:”why is this stupid brings him outside?” Sanskar:”not now please, im not in mood to go outside” swaragini get releif from his ans. Laksh:”then lets go to meet your girlfriend” Swara again missed her heartbeat and think:”I’m not his gf, I’m his wife budhu lucky” Sanskar:”she’s not my girlfriend, she’s only my friend and Haan she’s not there because she has gone to visit her sister” Both giggle to look each other and give hi’fi then they heard laksh’s serious voice

Laksh:”I don’t wanna spoil your mood Bhai! But you didn’t think that now you’re moving in your life, as I think, you should come back to home, if you don’t want this, at least get connection with us, meet us when you visit Kolkata, that’s not a way of your living.” Sisters pray in their heart that sanskar get agree. Sanskar:”I’ve also realized that im nothing without my family, but I dont know that how to face everyone” Laksh:”once you come home, ill handle everything I promise” Both hold their breath to listen Sanskar’s answer. Sanskar him with deep thought:”are you happy with your married life lucky?” Ragini:(in slow voice)”why is he change topic?”
Swara:”sssshhh!! I wanna listen lucky’s ans” Laksh:”not only happy Bhai, this is small word, ragini makes my life like heaven” Ragini gets blush and swara smiles. Sanskar:”it means you both love each others” Swara thinks that this is right question, sanskar asks to laksh. Laksh:”we didn’t confess this thing that we love each others, but we know each others from our core, our relationship isn’t pauper of words, one can hear what one person dont say from tongue but heart” Swara recalls recalls all moments with Sanskr, she realizes that this is same happened between both of them too.

There is deep silent between both brothers, ragini was going to cut the call but suddenly they heard sanskar’s voice and swara stops her. Sanskar:”I’m happy for you lucky! May god give all happiness to both of you, and ill come to meet a girl who changes you” Swara teases her and ragini gets blush and sign her for stop swara’s teasing. Laksh:”and what about a girl who married you Bhai?” Suddenly Swaragini’s smile get vanished, they look each others. Ragini wants to cut the call, but Swara takes mobile from her. And listen carefully.

Sanskar:”actually If I say truth, then honestly, from some days, I just forgot that I’m married with someone because I had never accepted this relationship from heart so mind didn’t get me signal about this, I know I’m culprit of her, I was being selfish and I’m still being selfish to say that….” Swara feels her breath will not come again, she hld her breathing and wants to listen his next words. Ragini prays in her heart that he wont say anything that hurt swara. He continues. “I don’t know how, but I want divorce at any cost” Swara feels that her her vein will burst to hear this. She hits mobile on the wall hardly, ragini gets scared and tried to console her. Ragini:”he doesn’t know that you’re Shona.you heard naa he loves you… Everything will be ok..” She doesn’t understand how to console her.

Swara feels extreme pain in her head, and this love words hurt her more. She shouts at ragini:”yeah!! Love is priceless but what about values? Value of our marriage??, when he doesn’t know about values of our relationship, then how he lo….” Swara gets fainted. And scene freeze at their faces. Swara is faint, Ragini gets worried to see her. Sanskar is in serious mood and laksh is in shock.

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  1. Wow saba its a great job and so emotional.. And now i am sure that u will not make swara forgive sanskar so easily.. Am i right?
    i hope u r studies going well dear
    By the way when is ur exams?

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  6. Thanks Mary, lucky, hayathi and liya! Lucky! I still dont know because date still come in college. So there’s still nightmare of exams on my head! Well I hope it will come soon and complete soon! Hayathi! You’re right! He makes joke, but after some time.n he realize his mistake soon. And lucky! Don’t worry swara will nor forgive him soon!
    Liya! I’ll try my best to update next part soon!

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    Best part is that there is no negative character.
    Thanks a lot. :))))

  14. Ha I have also same feel…27th part sanskar& laksh both conversation same repeated in 28th part .but nice part.

  15. Very terrific update
    Am a silent reader but 2day am nt able to stop myself to comment
    Swara is absolutely correct
    Sanskar is not easily to b forgiven
    Hope swara stay strong
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  21. Thanks Ibra, Krish and Kashish ! You all are right! It’s actually flash back of episode 27, because I wanna show that how swaragini react to listen their conversation and you’ll soon read next part.
    Swara, anu, surbhi, Akshitha reddy, amilu and sakshi thanks dears! Tani thanks and I dont like negative characters personally.
    Thanks sona! For commenting, I hope you’ll get in touch
    Thanks liya! I wanna give precap too but when I start reading my story, my thought will be changed from precap, that’s why I dont give precap because except some aspect I’ve not planed this story! By the way! I’ll try my best to give precap

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