Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap27…. Blood color is deeper than water )


In sanskar’s apartment: He was shocked to see laksh in front of him. Laksh:”Bhai!!” He says and hugs him while sanskar is still in shock. After few seconds, he comes to his sense and says:”lucky! You’re here? …. How?… I mean..” He doesn’t understand what to say. Laksh:”don’t say anything Bhai! I’ll tell you everything but please let me come inside first” Sanskar realizes that they are still on the gate, he allows laksh to come inside and closes the door. Laksh:”your apartment is nicely set” Sanskar goes to kitchen:”hmm.. Lucky! Do you want coffee or cold drink?” He avoids eye contact with laksh because of his guilty in his heart. Laksh notices that and goes to him:”Bhai I’m not come here to ask questions about your act what you’ve done, I’m here just for meeting you because you’re my brother, no matter you did bad or good, you’re my blood and you’ll remain my brother, nothing can change this fact in this world, I love you whatever you’re…..”
Sanskar(in moist voice):”lucky! I’m sorry” he suddenly hugs her, laksh hugs him back and smile with teary eyes.
Laksh:”ill not only drink coffee or cold drink, I’ll also take meal but we’ll prepare that meal together like our university’s days, when we were in hostel and make very delicious food”
Sanskar:”yeah and you always mess up everything, and many times you eat and cook non veg and I’m always feels dirty, when you did this” They both goes to sofa, sanskar takes out two drinks and throws one to lucky.
Laksh opens the can and says:”yeah you feel dirty when i eat non-veg but you were watching kavita with smile when she was….” He suddenly stops and realized his words.
Sanskar gets hurt little bit, but not like past days. At the name of non-veg he reminds Shona and starts missing her so much.
Sanskar:”it’s ok Lucky! you can talk about her, now i dont feel much pain to think about her” laksh gets happy to listen this. (in his mind):”means swara is doing her work very well”.
Both sit on the sofa and have a drink with each others. Laksh doesn’t want to despair him, so he doesn’t ask question about his act or swara. Sanskar:”how’s maa and papa at home?”
Laksh in low tune:”they’re set But not happy without you” Sanskar(in bitter tone):”they should be happy, because finally they got what they want, they shouldn’t worry about me, im happy”
Laksh:”I can see” he taunts him and point out his finger on liquor empty bottle. Sanskar:”oh!! I flush out all this because I didn’t want to drink it”
Laksh:” I believe you Bhai! Because you dont lie” a guilty appears in sanskar’s throat.

At resort swaragini: Ragini:”finally we are together and alone, after a long time” Both sisters lay down easily on bed and looking at ceiling. Swara turns to her:”yeah ragini! Really I was missing you so much” Ragini(in anger tone)”that’s why you call me only two or three times” Swara(with shame):”sorry yara! I had lots of work, office and house work and specially of san…” She suddenly stops. Ragini notices this and asks her to complete her sentence, but Swara tries to change topic. Ragini:”you’re ok naa” Swara:”I’m absolutely fine my sweet sister” Ragini gets up and holds her hands:”do you still have panic attacks?” Swara:”no ragini! There’s a long time, when I got it” Ragini:”when?” Swara:”when sanskar accept my friendship” she suddenly stops and ragini smirks with success.
Ragini:”it means you become happy with him”
Swara:”I’m not come here to my happiness, I’m just here to unit my family that’s all” Ragini:”not yours, sanskar’s family swara” Swara looks her with pain:”they are belong with me only because of sanskar” ragini doesn’t wanna hurt her but she says to herself:”if you don’t realise her to her mistake, hows your sister happiness come?” Ragini:”its bitter but truth is that you really have no relationship with them without sanskar” swara gets shocked and leave. Ragini follows her and apologizes her for her bitter words. Swara nodes and hugs her. Ragini:”you accept it or not, but you feel happiness with sanskar and I can feel it, maybe you fall in love with him”
Swara (with jerk):”what a nonsense!! I already told you that I love him, so what about fallen in love” Ragini:”look! You loved him, I know, but now you fall for him, because that time you didn’t know about him anything but now you know him very well and very closely, so you’re falling for him” Swara(in deep thinking):”maybe you’re right ragini! I stayed happy with him, I can’t my emotions when he was with me,(she stands up and turned to glass wall, ragini is also follow her) sometimes, I feel my heart will broke my cage of chest and come outside just for him” Ragini(looking her with concern)”it means you’re fallen for him” Swara:”I don’t wanna lie, yes! I’m! But really now, I’m with my sister and I dont want to stress myself to think about a person who loved by me but haven’t any emotions for me, (she holds her hand and drags her towards outside) let’s go to have some fun, don’t know when laksh will come, I m not in mood of waiting for him” Ragini:”ok baba!! At least, let me take my bag”
Swara(in hurry and happy mood):”I don’t remember, you paid the bill” and suddenly she stops and recalls sanskar’s word. But she jerks his thought from head and gets outside with Ragini. Both sisters go to beach and start giggling with the waves of sea. Swara:”(in a loud voice)”ragini!” Ragini:”hmm..” Both are wearing hats and walking along the shore with holding hands of each others. Swara:”are you happy with lucky?” Ragini looks her and nodes swara notices the star-spangled in her eyes at the name of lucky. Swara changes her question:”do you love lucky?” Ragini looks her with wonder, then stops and stares her. Two minutes heavy silent pass between them with the soft breeze of shore which entangled with their hairs. Ragini(ups her head and looks her):”actually, yes I love him, that’s not a matter of first sight or anyone meeting, but as we passed time together, I know him closely, I know his goodness behind his naughtiness, his love behind his flirt nature, you know what, I dont know I like him or not, maybe if we didn’t get marry I would never like that type of person, (she shows her mangalsutr) but this is the strength of our marriage, we fallen for each others and care and respect this marriage” Swara hugs her tight with replete of happiness. :”I’m so happy for you rags, but tell me when thing(she separate from her and wipes her tears) is he love you or not” Ragini(starts walking and answers her with shy tone):”he didn’t confess but I can feel his love in his eyes and act when he cares about me and protect me” Both smile and walk along with shore.

In sanskar’s apartment: Both brothers are prepared food and now they’re racing to eat food, who can eat all noodles first. And laksh becomes winner. Laksh:”kya Bhai! You become boring” Sanskar:”I’m boring(he point out to himself) I’ll tell you im not boring at all” he takes a cushion and throws it on laksh. Both brothers have a pillow… Uppps cushion fight, when they mess up whole lounge and sweat out. Then they both gasp and look each other and then burst a laugh. Laksh looks him with concern.:”Bhai! Are you happy with this life? You were not missed us?” Sanskar gets silent for a few seconds and says:”honestly say, from starting days, I wasn’t miss all of you because that time, I had a guilt about swara and kavita both and I blamed bade papa for this, but a girl come in my life ( he reminds the moment with Shona and smiles) she made me realize that, I’m not anything just a person with self pity. She derived me from this situation” Laksh:”who’s she? Is anyone special?” Sanskar smiles:”yes very special because she is also suffering in her life but makes understand me the meaning of life, meaning of happiness and meaning of lo…” He stops and turns back from laksh to hides his feelings which comes in his sight. Laksh:”meaning of love naa Bhai?” Sanskar:”dont know, maybe yes, maybe no” Laksh nodes and says:”lets go outside” Sanskar:”not now please, im not in mood to go outside” Laksh:”then lets go to meet your girlfriend” Sanskar blushes:”she’s not my girlfriend, she’s only my friend and Haan she’s not there because she has gone to visit her sister” Laksh:(in his heart)”yeah I know” Laksh with deep thinking:”I don’t wanna spoil your mood Bhai! But you didn’t think that now you’re moving in your life, as I think, you should come back to home, if you don’t want this, at least get connection with us, meet us when you visit Kolkata, that’s not a way of your living.” Sanskar (also come in serious mood):”I’ve also realized that im nothing without my family, but I dont know that how to face everyone” Laksh:”once you come home, ill handle everything I promise” Sanskar looks him with deep thought:”are you happy with your married life lucky?” Laksh:”not only happy Bhai, this is small word, ragini makes my life like heaven” sanskar feels his truthiness of words in his eyes. Sanskar:”it means you both love each others” Laksh turns to him and looks into his eyes:”we didn’t confess this thing that we love each others, but we know each others from our core, our relationship isn’t pauper of words, one can hear what one person dont say from tongue but heart” sanskar recalls Shona from his words, he realizes that this is same happened between both of them too. Sanskar hugs him:”I’m happy for you lucky! May god give all happiness to both of you, and ill come to meet a girl who changes you” Laksh:”and what about a girl who married you Bhai?” Sanskar gets silent to listen this and sinks a deep thought. Sanskar:”actually If I say truth, then honestly, from some days, I just forgot that I’m married with someone because I had never accepted this relationship from heart so mind didn’t get me signal about this, I know I’m culprit of her, I was being selfish and I’m still being selfish to say that….”
He stops, his guilt appeared in his throat and he continues. “I don’t know how, but I want divorce at any cost”

Credit to: Saba

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  1. Will you please give a brief of your story..I just loved it but missed the previous episodes…like whom did sanskar marry..what did he do with his family etc please saba

    1. Thanks lucky! You can write swaragini ff im yours at googles, and you got all episodes at tellyupdates, if you wont find it, then tell me, ill give you details about history of my story and thanks

    2. Hi we share same name Lucky 😉
      Sanskar married to swara. He married her without his wish (but he left her just the same day after their marriage) and sanskar never see swara bcz he still loved his first love kavitha. Kavitha did suicide bcz Dp (father of laksh) didn’t accept her (bcz Dp already promised to swara’s father about swara and sanskar marriage). And swara loved sanskar without even see him thats why she is here to unite sanskar with his family.

    3. @lucky …Sanskar married swara

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    Divorce ??? Will laksh will say the truth now about swara/shona ?

  5. Thanks harani

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  7. Nice to see Swaragini n sanlak bond
    Sanskar sholud know truth that shona n swara are same .. Sanskar started feelings for shona nice.. Bt he need divorce without seeing swara how can he divorce her…
    Pls update nxt part soon … want to see sanskar reaction after meeting shona n knowing truth she is swara..

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  16. Saba can u tell me what r the dimensions of the pic which u are choosing in submit your article?
    Tq in advance

    1. I don’t know dear! I’ve just taken this pic from google

  17. Saba I jst love ur ff. Bt there’s one thing. Let sanskar know that shona is swara. N make him love her..plzzz saba

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    Krish, his purpose of divorce will clear in next episode and thanks for liking story!
    Thanks Leku! I like your name! And dont feel bad about swara because after some time, you’ll bad about sanskar!
    Anaya! After exams I try my best to read your ff, but personally I dont like ekta’s soap full of crap
    Thanks surbhi!
    Thanks manu! But you’ve to wait for some time.
    Thanks kashish! I also excited to write that episode when sanskar will get know everything, but if I go fast, it’ll be boring, so you’ve to wait dear!

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  23. kilikutty, bhuvi, Ahana! Thanks alot guys! And dont worry all of you! Swara will give him tough time, you cant imagine and thanks for commenting and connecting with me!

  24. Thanks Rajan! I also have regret this, about veena story,
    Thanks appu! And Kritika! First of all thanks! I also want to make him know about swara! But for this I’ve planned something, if I go sooner with my story, it will break tempo, I hope you all understand!!

  25. Hey guys!! Thanks all of you for supporting me! And dont worry, jald hi ap sub sanskar k liye bad feel karain ge kuk isko itna tough tme mile ga! Agar sanskar ko tough time daine ka koi suggestion hai to mujhe zaryr batana! Again thanks and lve you all of you!!

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