Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap26…. Conflict of emotions )

Next morning in sanskar’s apartment:
Because of sleeping pills, he wakes up late next day. He looks clock and thanks to god that today is Sunday.

Yesterday’s sadness remains in his heart. He goes to his kitchen’s special cabinet. He get rid of this special thing from the time when Shona came into his life.
He wonders that how hadn’t he survived without it. That intoxicant isn’t stayed in his life because he taste the first dose of shona’s love. He used to drink “bitter truth”, which he is supplied by his “special friend”. This isn’t easy for him but he wants to forget about Shona.
Sanskar makes first glass:”kavita! I’m only yours my sweetheart! How do you think that I can betray you, I betray swara I know but I cant betray you, I will never ever give your place to anyone, Shona is only my friend, please forgive me, I don’t understand what happened to me” he talks to kavita in his imagination but actually he console and reminds himself that she’s only his friend. He wants to drink liquor but he cant, Shona comes to him in his imagination and stop him to do this dirty deed. He throws his glass and flash out all liquor. He feels much better to do it.

Sanskar to Shona now:”I dont understand but there’s something enchanted in you, which surrounded me from all sides. What to do Shona? I don’t wanna hurt you but I couldn’t help to stop myself….”

He seeks cigarette’s packet everywhere in his apartment but after Shona, he get rid of smoking too, now its hard for himself to aspire easily. He goes to window and saw a park and reminds shona’s meeting in a park and recalls her advice to him. Breath in…. Breath out…..
He tries this and feels much better but still he wants to meet Shona, but he doesn’t want to face her and hurt her. :”what to do?” He’s walking in his room while thinking some solution of his problem. :”maybe I should make any reason to meet her, hmmm… I should invite her for dinner….” Then he reminds their last meeting:”no! Dinner isn’t a good idea, I will tell her that I need a help of her, yeah this is good idea” He goes to bathroom for take a bath, he doesn’t understand, why he feels so much excitement to meet her, as he’s going for a date. Without taking breakfast, he goes at the gate of her apartment. He knocks down but didn’t find any answer from inside, door is also locked, he gets worry that either she’s ok or not.
He gonna call her then suddenly he saw a sticky notes on his door. He reads this notes :”I’m going to meet my sister for two days”. He punches the door hardly without the realization of pain:”oh shit!!! When she will come? I think I should call her” he’s going to call her but feels ashamed because of last incident. :”ok! I’ll meet her after she’ll come but he feels restless that he has to spend two days without her.

Raglak at airport:
Raglak arrive at Mumbai airport and now they’re seeking swara.
Swara:”hey guys! I’m here” she raises her hands and shouts. Both go to her swalak greets each others happily.
Ragini:”hey! I’m also here”

Swara:”who’s she lucky? Do you know her? ” laksh smirks and answers her in no. Ragini:”what happened to you? I’m ragini” Swara in amazed:”oho! You’re ragini? Yeah you look like ragini but I wont believe you that you’re my Dumbo sister”. Ragini is wearing now long skirt with tank top and funky jewellery. She opens her hair but twisted them from front. She looks so different that’s why swara is teasing her. They all go to swara’s car. Swara:”you guys are such a ridiculous, why dont you inform me before that you’re coming Mumbai” . Fb shows that Swara was sleeping in her apartment and her phone bell rang. It was ragini who informed her that they’re on Mumbai airport and she has to pick them. They won’t come to her apartment because of sanskar. Swara wrote a note for Sanskar which she pasted at her door and got out for airport. Ragini:”actually we have a meeting after tomorrow on Delhi, so we’ve two free days for, so we decided to visit you” swara nodes and starts driving. Ragini is sitting with swara while Laksh in back seat. Raglak share eye lock and smile. Fb shows that when they’re in Delhi, ragini became so sad for swara and her love towards sanskar then laksh decided to visit them, for analysing the situation between them and he also missed his brother too.

Laksh in a sad tone:” How’s Bhai swara?” Swara become silent after listening his question and recalls last incident between them. :”he’s ok” she doesn’t understand what to say. Laksh wants to ask another question but ragini turns to him and gives him signal to stop asking quotations for now. She understands her sister’s emotions through her face very easily. Swara understands the heavy silent in the car, so she starts taking with them to cheer them up. Swara:”how’s going yours love life?” She notices that both get blush at the love life word. Swara:”ohhhhhh!!! Means you both are going well!.. I’m happy for both of you guys! I wish to god that you both stay happy as now” swara says from her core. Both smiles and prays in their heart for swara the same. Swara:”okkkk!! Now we’ve reached at beautiful cottage” they comes outside from the car. “I rent it for two days, we can stay here with comforts and finally I dont need to cook food and do any work” Ragini:”you’re still so lazy, but I’m happy to see you in happy mood” both hugs each others. Laksh:”ahemmm ahmmm!! I’m also here”
Swara:”oh come on” three hug to each others and laugh.

In sanskar’s apartment:
He gets very tense after knowing the absence of Shona but still doesn’t understand his feelings.
He tries to escape from this feelings, his tyrant mood isn’t allow himself to move outside. :”if Shona was here, we’ll enjoy alot, she thanks to Sunday that it comes, but she’s not here” He tries to do some office work but unable to concentrate on work. He shuts down his laptop angrily and says:”what happened to you sanskar?”

He finds better to escape from his feelings and emotions, so he takes out the sleeping pill, and about to take this but suddenly he heard the bell ring of door. His heart begets the hope that maybe Shona at the door. He happily goes to door but shocked to find someone else.

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