Swaragini “I’m yours” (chap25…. Unawareness of emotions )

Hey guys! My exams are about to start, and I’ve sooo short time for preparation, so maybe you’ve to wait bit long for next update. But I’ll try my best to update next part soon. And thanks all of you for love my ff and support me.

Raglak in Delhi’s hotel. Laksh feels much tired, so ragini allowed him to sleep, next morning they go for shopping. Laksh:”what happened ragini? We’re here for business meeting and you bring me for shopping, you becomes so typical woman” Ragini who is looking for suitable suit, get angry on his taunt. Ragini:”hey mister! I came here because I’ve many heavy sarees and dress in my stuff, this meeting arranged in haste, so I bring you for purchasing some suitable formal dress for meeting” Laksh nodes and says:”why are you so matured sweetie? I’ve wish, you become naughty with me” ragini blushes and says:”please laksh! We’ve little time to seek my dress and I told you that dont be romantic on public place” she notices that some people are starring them with suspicious eyes, maybe they’re understanding that they’re on date. Laksh:”we’re not on date my sweet wife! And you forgot, you’ve sandoor and mangalsutr which proves that you’re mine” Ragini stares him with amazed that how he picks her words from which she’s thinking. Laksh:”don’t be shocked! I live in your heart, so I know what’s in your heart” Ragini missed her heart beat but composed herself and said:”yeah maybe in your dream, now lets go on the next shop” she drags him to next shop. They do shopping, take a lunch and go to hotel.

Laksh opens his mouth after looking ragini. She’s wearing long formal plain royal blue gown with brown scarf. Her makeup is so light and she ties her hair in formal dough, but some of her hairs are touching her face from front side.

Laksh comes to him:”you look gorgeous”
Ragini:”I don’t understand why are you flirting always”
Laksh hugs her and says:”I’ve a beautiful and talented wife like, I dont think so that its bad thing to flirt with own wife”
Ragini:”ok lets go for meeting ”

Both go for meeting and laksh surprise to see her confident and talent, although she’s not designer or business person but she convinces clients very well about her ideas and designs. She has good business mind and specially she can trance next person easily. Laksh notices that client get very impress to her performance and at the end, they got positive result. Both become so happy.

Laksh:”ragini! I’m so happy, you’re such a wonderful woman and I’m proud to have wife like you”.
Ragini starts crying and hugs laksh. Laksh gets worried and separate her and asks:”what happened dear?, why are you crying?”
Ragini with smile on face and tears in eyes:”these are tears of happiness, you said that I make you feel proud and this day is best day of my life” she hugs her and he coughs.
Laksh:”you told me that don’t do romance in public places and now you’re doing it…”
Ragini hits her and holds her hand.:”lets go to hotel, I feel so tired” Laksh:”me too my love” ragini looks laksh with surprise. Laksh:”what??? I’m flirting with my wife”
Ragini says nothing just they go ahead with equal footsteps as a life partners.

Swasan scene:
Swasan don’t understand how to face each others after that dance incident. Swara scolds herself many times that why was she sink in emotions during dance and sanskar is still unable to understand what happen to him at that time? They’re not meeting each others after that incident, if they face each others, then just give a formal smile to each others. They both don’t understand that how to face each others, both avoid eye contact with each others for hiding the thief in their heart. When swara comes from work, she saw, sanskar is also opening his apartment. Swara:”how are you?” Sanskar:”fine! And u?” Swara:”I’m also fine”
Sanskar:”hmmm” There’s embarrassing silent between them and they don’t understand what should say. Swara:”ok! Talk to you later” Sanskar:”ok!” Both go to their apartment.

In swara’s apartment: Swara to herself:”what happened to you Swara? Please concentrate on your mission and move from there?”
In sanskar’s apartment : He’s confuse and recalls moment of their closeness.
Sanskar:”what happened to me? I’m only love kavita? Why am I thinking about Shona? She’s only my good friend and she’s also love someone”
he feels sad to think about that she’s love someone else

swara’s apartment:
Swara is taking dinner and can’t concentrate on it, so she leaves her dinner in half and look at her full plate. :”when sanskar get know that I leave my dinner, he tease me so much! Why he thinks that I’m so pettu type thing” In sanskar’s apartment: Sanskar takes out his night dress from cupboard and recalls that his dresses this time washed by Shona. He recalls his birthday moment and a smile come on his face. He unintentionally hugs his dress which washed by her.

In swara’s apartment:
Swara tries to sleep but stays restless, he caresses his empty side of bed.:”if you accept me, then this time you are with me sanskar and didn’t feel any guilt on our closeness, why you did with me?”

Sanskar goes to his bed and thinks about Shona. :”what’s she doing now? She maybe feels sleepy, because she gets tired too early, maybe I think I should greets her goodnight” he takes his mobile for messaging her, she writes a message”goodnight dear! I hope you’re sleeping peacefully” but he suddenly removes message and keeps his mobile on his side table. In swara’s room:
She’s starring at ceiling as usual:”maybe I should move from there as soon as possible, however my project is also at the end, maybe I will move from there after a month, but before it I should realize sanskar for his mistake” she suddenly feels that sanskar comes to her. Swara:”please sanskar don’t come to me, I’ll not bear the pain of your separation again” sanskar hugs her and she feels much relaxation.

The goddess of sleep is now giving some blessing on her.

In sanskar’s apartment: He gets up from bed:”why am I feeling so restless, maybe I should talk to her, but no, maybe I should stop myself, how am I forget that I’m….” Suddenly he stops and realized that what he has done.
Sanskar:”I should sleep now, please don’t think about anything else” he opens draw, take out sleeping pills and eat it without any water. He goes to sleep, because of pills he gets down in the valleys of sleep but can’t feel peaceful. His all horrible nightmare comes to him to frighten him. Specially that nightmare in which he got separate from his love. And his love face is changed now, from kavita to Shona.

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